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Hangin' in Tacoma

Clark Humphrey, Me, Mustard

Dogs at the Red Apple

So who wants to help me clean my office tomorrow? No, really. It'll be fun! We're closed, but I want to get some more stuff organized, rearranged, and cleaned up for the big "wall-breaking" on Tuesday. Plus I bought this stuff and it actually has me all a-twitter. Method products make my world go round. Oh! And while I was at Target getting the Method stuff, I also got this stuff called Booth's Walnut Shell Body Scrub & Cleanser and I gotta tell ya, I wanted to stay in the shower all day. It smells like toasty nutty ice cream. I'm also appalled that there is no sign of this product anywhere online. And there was a whole line of this Booth's products at Target. The mind boggles.
Yesterday evening was the Tupperware/Housewarming party for John and Tyd. I bought a butter hugger (damn Flash sites - look it up on Ebay). Not only am I excited about this product, but it gave me the chance to say "butter hugger" about seven times yesterday. With a southern accent. Because that's just the way it comes out.
I found this site today - she's in Seattle. I can't believe I've never met her. Also check out her fabulous line of embroidered kitchen towels (Ferra - trust me - go). I already sent her an e-mail stating that we are friends starting now.
Okay - tomorrow. Who's in?
P.S. Heather I miss you!
P. P. S. Heather say puppy.

Yep. We saw Day After Tomorrow last night with Kolja. Yes, the plot was completely lame and unbelievable. But the effects? Oh man. I'm glad we saw it in the theater. Although the theater management confiscated Kolja's messenger bag because he had a bag of chips, then we got a bit nervous after the movie because none of the employees could find the bag (they eventually did).
That picture to the left is the scene where the southern 2/3 of the US is trying to get across the border to Mexico. (Not the best picture, but it was a covert operation)

Day After Tomorrow

Seattle Central Library


Mechanized book return

Jon & I at the elevators

Part of the wood floor above
I went to the seminar at the Central Library tonight, but I hardly had a chance to look around before we took our seats. The book return above is really nifty - it collects the books from the drop outside, then lifts them across the ceiling, where they are deposited behind that desk. And that whole wood floor is covered with the first lines from the books in their foreign language section. Also note in the picture of our reflection, I have a hoof on my right hand and talons on my left hand.
The library totally rules, and the presentation was great - they talked about structural stuff mostly, with slides. It airs on Seattle TV this Sunday. And of course I was in an auditorium full of architects so I was downright staticky.
I rushed right home after Six Arms tonight to make cupcakes for tomorrow, because tomorrow is Ray's birthday. And I'm a team player. And I love cupcakes.

You ever do a Google search for someone, and it brings zero results? I've done that quite a few times now, and it makes me wonder if these people are dead. Seriously. How could you not be on Google - anywhere? I would love to hear from Luana DeCoursey, and Raquel Dexter, and Jeff Dunford. If you're alive, please let me know.
Luana was my babysitter as soon as we moved to Vegas when I was nine. She was/is hawaiian and was a fan of the Clash and Adam & the Ants, and she got me hooked on punk music right away. She would draw black eyeliner on my eyes all long and pointy, and she would light the eyeliner tip with a match so it would be soft and smooth and wouldn't poke my eye. We were challenged to come up with munchies whenever she babysat, but we could only use what was in our kitchen, so we usually ended up with pudding with added pecans or chocolate chips or coconut or something. Only one of those times, we were mixing the pudding (she was mixing, I was sitting on the counter) and her hand got stuck in the beaters. While the mixer was on. Keep in mind this was a hand held mixer, not a Kitchenaid stand mixer, so she got to keep her arm. But still. Do you know how devastating that is for an 11 year old? The mixer stopped and made this crude buzzing noise while her twisted hand was still in it.
I'm telling you this because A. I miss Luana, and B. I never had a hand held mixer because of that, so I stirred my batter for the next 21 years, and C. I worked all day again and I'm reverting into Vegas memories for something to give you.
Tonight I watched the movie The Safety of Objects. I thought it was great, very moving. Then I went here, and it turns out I had been navel-gazing. Hmpf.
Kitchen Appliance Disasters? Discuss.


Mathew's Prom Night
(and from what Margeret tells us, they danced and danced)

Mathew in 1988

Dominique this morning
(she tried to keep her eyes open but the sun was too bright)
Sean's little brother Mathew went to the prom! When Sean and I started dating, Mathew was three, and I had such a blast with him. He was one of my first experiences of spending time with little kids - prior to that, I had (too) brief encounters with my little cousins while on vacations. (Mathew was full-time love and attention. He probably still is!)
Today we moved a bunch of furniture in our office to prepare for a wall to be knocked out. You wouldn't believe the noise. And I've been so busy at work, I can't imagine I wouldn't be full-time full time even after this month. Everyone cross your fingers for me.
And since I'm now working every day, I have little to write about. So I will leave you with this: when Dad and I lived in apartments in Las Vegas while I was in jr. high (back at Hyde Park!), Gilligan lived in the building behind us. I always seemed to be at the mailboxes the same time as him, and it was incredibly uncomfortable. I mean, I would say "Hello Mr. Denver" and he would say hello and grin just like Gilligan while looking at me, then I would go "uh... huh" and walk away. My Dad was better at talking to him. I was 14 and my social skills were not what they are now (if it were now, I'd be whipping my digital camera out and taking pictures of us for my blog, then inviting him over for dinner). He was doing a show at the Union Plaza. He moved after about a year or so. So if any of you were wondering where Bob Denver was in 1984, there ya go.
(I know you weren't wondering where Gilligan was, but it's ten pm and my brain is empty.)


Actually, that really doesn't look very good
Three blog entries that made me laugh out loud recently.
Sean made this beefy onion risotto with gruyere and parmesan and topped it with grilled asparagus and it was salty fabulousness. Then I got right up from the table and microwaved two s'mores and stuffed them into my face until I was full to my esophagus and realized how stupid that was. As I was realizing this, I was grabbing a glass to pour a giant grape & cherry Kool-Aid and I thought "Perhaps I need intervention" so I drank water instead, which made my teeth hurt, because the ph was so off compared to my salt-and-sugar coated teeth. These are my struggles people.
So I want your opinion on something. I saw a poster about a "show" where the winners receive their first home. It didn't give many details, just a website. I posted the website to the Seattle Live Journal, and sure enough, it looks like a bit of a scam. What do you think?

Weekend Montage

Marc, Sarah, Ryan, Jon

Reality Picture
Six Thumbs softball lost after the mercy killing rule at 14-0. So I had a whole 20 minutes of hanging out with Sarah & Ryan until the game was over.
I saw this car in the parking lot at Central Market, and I was curious if any of you could tell me how this would happen to a car. So I may avoid it.
Special thanks to Rebecca at Central Market who helped me track down Hershey's bars for microwave s'mores, and Kool-Aid. She rocked.


That's right. Now that I'm eating meat again, it took Sean and I only ten months to completely revert to our diets circa 1988-1993. Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Helper, and grape and cherry Kool-Aid (mixed. imperative.) Microwave s'mores for dessert. Mmmm... gelatin.
I saw a Suzuki x-90 on the road the other day, and I thought it was so atrocious I had to look it up, if only to discover why. Turns out they made them in the 90's, and I had managed to miss them, all of them, until last week.
Which was okay.
Here's the Montage Part:
• I think this is a great idea. But I need American celebrities like Jessica Simpson (She of the Retardedly White Teeth) and anyone from any reality show.
• I love you Toby. Mostly Orange Toby, but Baby Pink and Blue and B&W Tobies too.
• Sean and I rented SNL's Best of Will Ferrell (read the comments) last night, and I gotta tell ya, it opened with a bang - that Behind the Music spoof of Blue Oyster Cult ("I need more cowbell") and plummeted from there. The slowest and worst cheerleading skit out of all of them (at the Chess Tournament), a too-long Actor's Studio spoof with Alec Baldwin as Charles Nelson Reilly (yes, fabulous, for the first three minutes), those stupid clubbing cokeheads that were funny maybe once, and a scene with Drew Barrymore (who, as Cyndi points out, can only talk out of the side of her mouth [and any scene with her will annoy me, including Donnie Darko]), the worst Celebrity Jeopardy they did, and some other lame, slow, long skits. A shame, really. I know he did some good stuff. Where is it? Is SNL saving it for when he dies so they can make more money off of it?
• KIRO did a super-duper job with their coverage with the Seattle Central Library opening today. Excellent journalism. There's a lot of work on-scene for that one. And online double-spacing is always nice.
• I've said this nine times in the past week, and I'll say it again. Thomas Jane is Todd Parker. He will always be Todd Parker. He didn't need to act in another single movie again, because doing so has slowly ruined Todd, with each stupid, sappy, fluffy characters he's done. (By the way? I just search about 90 Google Images pages? And I only found this one of Todd Parker. So maybe it's just me. Oh, and Thomas? Your website sucks.)
• I would make the same plea to Luis Guzman to forever play Maurice, but I don't need to. (Also note how many characters he's played who are actually named Luis Guzman. The guy's a genius.)
• Apparently Hamburger Helper and grape and cherry Kool-Aid gives me gas. I always thought it was just college.

Todd, Scotty, Dirk
P.S. Grape and cherry Kool-Aid and vodka? Yes.

Friends & Family


Joe's last night here

Six Arms Thursday

Heather's Mac n' cheese for the road
Jesse & Aubrey are getting married! Jesse is my second cousin (he's the second person from the left in that link).
I doubt I will be able to attend, since the wedding is in Clearwater, Florida. But I love their Save the Date card!
While at Six Arms Thursday night, Matt and Fernanda showed their beautiful pictures of their 4th wedding celebration (this time in Brazil). Osama & Cathy were able to join them, and Osama was telling me about this trip to go snorkeling with this Belgian couple, and they were underwater feeding the fish, and it was like feeding pigeons - all of a sudden they were surrounded by a gang of fish. And the Belgian guy got bit by a fish.

Like, the fish took a small chunk of his arm! Yikes!
For those of you not in Seattle, the new Seattle Central Library opens tomorrow morning. This is a Very Big Deal. It's been under construction for 2 1/2 years. It was designed by Rem Koolhaas (click the essay and scroll through the pictures at the bottom left) and it's crazy. I am avoiding downtown all weekend because of this. Jon and I are attending an interiors seminar there Thursday, so I'll see it then. Here's a spoof from our local weekly The Stranger.
Oh! And my Mom is on the Design Committee for the new Kendallville Indiana Library! I'm so proud! (She's the Special Education Director for that school district, by the way.)
So Joe is gone and the house is quiet again. He drove away last night around 8, so he should be in Sacramento by now.
Oh, and for those of you who dig Hot Hot Heat, Steve sent me an e-mail this morning informing me that they are still recording their new album and won't be doing any touring until this fall. I'm practically pacing back and forth for them to finish this album! (And why do I still insist on calling it an album!?)
PJ Harvey's new CD is out soon and that will just have to hold me over. Don't let me down, Polly Jean....


Nope - not gonna fit

Sean takes a breather
Well, I'm happy to see some space open up in our garage, so our garage residents can have some more breathing room. And by garage residents I mean Sean's sad VW Corrado, two refrigerators, a dishwasher, an oven, a clothes dryer, a giant set of homemade bunk beds (which Joe made for us - it served as a double-decker couch in our high-ceilinged homes years ago), an entire set of shelves with stuff that the house came with (i.e. cans of varnish from the 60's, extra pool tiles for the pool that we filled with dirt three years ago, other unknown substances in cans and jars), and piles and piles of computer parts scattered about all willy-nilly.
I'm sad, though, to see Joe packing up his stuff.
After the boys backed the truck into the driveway, Joe asked "Will your neighbors think you're moving?" and I said "No, most of our neighbors see you or Shane or Jason dropping of stuff or vehicles for months, so they won't be surprised.

Boys Are So Cute [installment 2]:
Remote control boat, rice cooker, fishing rod from the Indiana days, Ouija board, guitar, Scrabble...
Not two minutes later I saw Sylvia making a 5 point U-turn to park in front of our house - and she stepped in front of our living room window and looked in. She pointed at the truck and had this heartbroken look on her face. I shook my head no, pointed at Joe, and she looked relieved and got back into her car.
So I guess I totally ate my words.
Six Arms; see ya.

Girlie Movie Night =
Killer mac and cheese, a beautiful raspberry salad, old people broccoli (don't ask), and a picture-perfect pineapple upside-down cake, all eaten while watching The Sweetest Thing.
I ran around like crazy at work today, but I got a lot of things done that I'm happy with. We are doubling the size of our office, and we have hired three new employees in the past few weeks, and are hiring another two (that I know of) next month. In the middle of ordering furniture and setting up computers and getting business cards and phones set up, the walls next door are literally falling down. It's all very exciting but also exhausting and I look forward to our new office this summer (including my "front desk" actually being a DESK with things like shelves and storage and work space)!
Sean's off tomorrow to help Joe load up the U-Haul. I plan to go straight to sleep after work for a nap but I also have about four things to do tomorrow evening so I doubt that it'll actually happen. I miss caffeine.

My social life crashed this evening. This full-time working shit is for the birds. I finally strained from the pressure. I came straight home from work and peeled off my kneesocks and fell asleep for an hour. When I woke up, I started cleaning up the kitchen for the next batch of visitors. Mike (tonight's visitor) called at this time and apologetically told me that they couldn't make it over tonight. He must've thought I was on X or something because my response was all "Really?! Okay! No problem! You bet! See you next time! Bye!"
I also called Justin, because he sent me this earlier today, and although it's hilarious, it's really no surprise. This is a guy who graduated early, started a business at 18, was a CPA at 20, owned a house by 22, etc. It was only a matter of time.
One time when we were in high school we were at some bar (???) and he hopped up on stage and took the mic and did some stand-up comedy. And I couldn't even begin to tell you all of our tales from our pizza delivery days at Pizza Hut through college.
He was what you'd call the class brain and the class clown.

Joe took me to Zao today!
Tomorrow is lunch with Valerie, then Girlie Movie Night at Heather's after work.
Have you all received multiple "Don't Buy Gas on May 19th" e-mails this week? How many years do Urban Legends cycle before they finally die? I just saw the "Neiman Marcus $250 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe" one posted on a blog today. And they thought it was true. Blows my mind.
Aging Octopus Finds Love.
P.S. I thought I was going to the Blogger Meetup tomorrow, but now my schedule is too busy. But I will see some of you at Tyd & John's Housewarming!


He repositioned his hand for us
This is pretty much how my whole day went. I watched In America (highly recommended) and went to Book Club and helped make tacos. Joe's here until Saturday to keep us entertained and I think I'm booked every night this week. In some cases, double booked.
(I'm so not ready to work full time! My social life can't adjust!)
So far Andy is the first person to answer and post my interview questions.
Okay so I have a story.
Remember when Napster was killer? And in that beautiful moment in time, you couldn't believe the amount of songs out there? Well the night I downloaded Napster, I was on it for 10 hours. I'm totally serious. Our friend Lee was over and it became this challenge to come up with songs that nobody would have, then I'd search for them, and somebody would have it. And I would download it, of course. I downloaded hundreds of songs that first day. And this was before the whole illegal scare and it was just free-flowing free music and I was thrilled. (Speaking of which, the one song I never found was "You Hurt Me" by Shark Vegas. I found one version but it was this weird dance-mix seven-minute ordeal. We had the 4-track of it at KUNV* and I haven't seen it anywhere else.
(*Aaaaagh! It's now jazz? What happened?!? Is it even affiliated with UNLV anymore??)
Okay so I download a few songs by Romeo Void but I can't find the track "Say No" which came out on another album separate from the album that had "Never Say Never" [by the way, some of these kids had Never Say Never listed by the Go-go's, and Berlin, and so many other bands. And tons of kids had the song listed as "I Might Like You Better If We Slept Together. Ah, those cute, clueless kids.]
Digression! I saw Romeo Void at Magic Mountain in 7th grade on our band trip for my jr. high school. It was a great show and I went by myself and sat next to a very nice punk couple and I was in heaven. Deborah Iyall, the lead singer, wore a big baggy sweatshirt and black tights and nothing else. When the show was over Magic Mountain was empty because the show went late. When I got to the front gate, there were two? three? school busses waiting for me. JUST ME. And they had been there a LONG TIME. I got written up for that. But hey it wasn't my fault. It was Romeo Void's.
I hated that school anyway (they don't have a website but the school is named after that dude). I was only there until eighth grade and then I was written up for having a blue tail. Seriously. They said I couldn't come back until I cut it off. And it was blue because they had already told me that I had to cut it off*, and Mom was kinda frustrated with that, so she had her hairdresser dye it blue. Then my Mom had a parent conference with Donna Dixon, the counselor, and Mom said "I'll just get a tranfer-zone-variance-blah-blah" (whatever it was called) and Donna Dixon laughed and said "It's not that easy" and Mom said "Actually, I work at Hyde Park Jr. High. Have a nice day." Then I went to Hyde Park Jr. High, the most punk rock ghetto school in Vegas, and there was much rejoicing.
(*Actually, Alina Wyatt was sitting behind me in class one day and she said "Can I play with your tail?" and she was braiding and brushing or whatever, and it got caught in the brush, and about 1/3 of it was ripped out. She apologized for the next week. I'll bet she still feels bad for that. Alina, if you're reading this: It's okay. I never hated you.) End digression!
OKAY SO ANYWAY I can't find this song called "Say No" by Romeo Void and I do some massive internet research to try to find Deborah Iyall, and the whole point of this story is what I found in my Outlook Inbox Archive tonight. And it reminded me of this whole story.
Let me repeat to you that "Say No" is a non-hit song on a non-hit album by a retired one-hit-wonder band from 1982.
Got it? Here goes:

Sent: 9/2/00 5:18 PM Daymented:
> I've been looking for the single "say no" for years. I know it was vinyl,
> but do you know if it is anywhere else? A compilation? Burned to CD or
> digital anywhere? It isn't even on Napster! I don't have a record
> player....
> I saw Romeo Void at Magic Mountain in seventh grade (82? 83?). The show ran
> late and I was written up, because I was on a trip for school, and two
> busses were waiting for me. It was worth it.
> Stace Dayment

Sent: Sat 9/2/2000 10:42 PM
As far as I know it's only a vinyl release. The RV compilation is the only
cd released. If you e mail Wade at 1,ooo Shadows, the fan RV site, (can't
seem to locate the URL offhand because I just changed computers) he may be
able to help you. BTW, it is theft of my intellectual property to download
music from sites which don't pay royalties...
Sometimes getting written up for doing what you gotta do is the way you know
you're livin' right. I'm glad you know it was worth it!

Thanks for the contact, I remember it was exciting to get the energy up for
a day show, after riding some rides, as we played so much in clubs late at
(*the show got over around 11 or 12 so ???)
Check out my article on lyric writing at (scroll
down main page) and let them know if you like it.

Take care, Dee

Scolded for trying to download one of her non-hits from 1982. Classic.
I'm glad you know it was worth it!
P.S. Eventually someone on Napster had the song and I downloaded it. Duh.
P.P.S. If you want the song, just let me know and I'll mail it to you. For promotional purposes, you see.

I went to Central Market and found these firefighters in full gear on stairmasters, to raise money. I gave them a dollar. They deserve more.
Then Sean and I made a cheesecake and watched The Cooler.
Congratulations to Shelley of Shelleyness, who is expecting her first baby on my birthday.
In other exciting news, I repotted a bunch of plants today. Oh! and it rained.


Rita, laughing
I'm here, I'm just suddenly incredibly busy with work. (And I'm not complaining!)
Tonight I was busy with dinner and the season finale of ER. The party never stops.
Joe comes home this weekend, but only stays for one week... about long enough to pack his stuff here and leave again. He has secured a home and his job in Sacramento, and visited with friends and family in Vegas, and had a big family reunion at Laguna Beach (which Jean flew down for). It's like watching an old friend catapult away from me.
I am so sad to see him go. I am so happy to see him go home. (I wrote that) It will be a new life for him.
Okay enough with the sap.
The background noise, presently, is Sleater-Kinney on our stereo mixed with Sean laughing like crazy because he's watching "TV's Most Outrageous Game Show Moments". Sometimes it's the simple things, ya know?
That and chocolate pudding and my day is complete.

Peaches at Neumo's, etc.
(*Peaches link not work-safe)

Some fans

Bruised Peaches

Peaches on the balcony

Chicks with beards and.... stuff

Iggy (on a movie screen) sings with Peaches

Fans help her sing onstage

Sally & I watching, alarmed
First I would like to say that I've reached a very difficult conclusion, one that I've been denying for quite some time now, but alas...
I need a better digital camera.
The one I have (thanks, Jon and Amy) has supplied all of you, gentle readers, with a ton of pictures here on this site. But the pictures I take from far away, especially in the dark, just don't turn out. Meanwhile, there's people with super-duper digital cameras standing next to me, and I can see the screens on their cameras, and holy cow are they getting some beautiful shots, while I look at the blob in the middle of my dark screen.
I mean, I bring you Peaches, and I couldn't capture what I saw. I must've gone through 50 images and the ones you see here are the only ones that turned out. Yes, I could have stood against the stage to get some decent shots, but no, it was Peaches, and She Spits.
Let me just say that a Peaches show is like no other, and since we're a family site here at Daymented, I really can't tell you much more about it. Go see Shampoo's Review.

Jon & I with the cats Monday night

Cyndi & I in 8th grade
Also, if you ever go to Neumo's, I insist that you also go to Frites next door, for some wonderful (and cheap!) Belgian Fries.
As far as the responses from yesterday's post, those who will be interviewed by me:
Andrea, Andy, Styro, Meredith, and Ferra.
Thank you! We have our winners. Keep in mind, though, that I may not have questions available until this weekend, as Ray has officially asked me to work full-time. "THROUGH THE END OF MAY".

The Interview Game
From Dylan at

1. Many of your favorite movies (Natural Born Killers, Seven, Casino) have very graphic scenes of violence. What do you think that says about you?
Yikes - I'm not sure what it says about me, except I know I love angry music, too. I remember telling my Mom a long time ago that I love angry music so much because I can be in a really bad mood, and then listen to Nine Inch Nails or Deftones or Marilyn Manson and think "See? I'm not that mad."
If the scene is just horribly graphically gross, it makes me laugh. I mean, it's a movie. There's a line there, I guess - depends on how emotionally involved I am in the movie. But I just can't get enough of those movies (that you asked about). I can't explain it.
Also, I can't stand make-you-jump-in-your-seat horror movies. Or, any horror movies, really, except for the classics like Psycho, or Dawn of the Dead. Oh and Evil Dead, which gives me warm fuzzy memories because my second cousin Mike made me watch it when I was in jr. high school and I watched google-eyed and mouth-open through the whole thing. The pencil in the ankle? Makes me want to high-five the air.

2. If given a choice, would you rather be forced to give up mustard, mayonnaise, or ketchup?
Easy bro. Ketchup. Gack. When I worked at Applebee's? And my side job for the night was to do ketchups? I would ask the cute little hostesses "Who wants to do my ketchups for five bucks?" The smell? Oh the horror. When Sean and I go to a diner and he puts ketchup on his plate, he has to rotate the plate so the ketchup is farthest away from me. Wanna see me quiver like four times in a row? See me accidentally dunk a finger into a blob of ketchup uuuughuuuughuugh :shakes:
Mustard can be useful when used in nanoblobs. Like a grilled sandwich of Como bread, Port Salut cheese, onions, tomato, and ground pepper, with said nanoblob of mustard. Or, a nanoblob of mustard added to tomato soup gives it a nice kick. Especially with beer. Oh! Yeah, beer and mustard added to cheese fondue is like required. I wouldn't cry if it was removed from my life though.
Mayonnaise? Huh. I use it for Tara's taco dip and tuna salad and.... hold on.... I must use it somewhere else? Sean? Do I use mayo for anything else?
I've always been a non-condiment rather-eat-it-dry kinda gal. Don't know why.

3. What are the lessons you've learned from blogging your life?
Lessons. I'm surprised at how many honest, real, tangible friends I've made, that's for sure. I've learned that trust still exists in the world, and you can still trust strangers. (Maybe not all of them - heh, but the ones I've met have been wonderful so far.) I now feel like I have 100 more friends then I had before 2000 (when I started this baby) and it's a very supportive feeling. And those aren't just online friends. These are people that I receive packages from and phone calls from, as well as people who live in Seattle that I'm now hanging out with. I had no idea this would happen - I started this site to keep my family (and a handful of friends) informed about my life. You know, like I thought my brother and cousins would be here every day leaving comments, but I don't think they even visit the site (if they do, it's rare). I have a whole new world that I communicate with daily.
As far as lessons from bad things?
(a) Don't Feed the Trolls.
(b) If someone asks you to take their picture off your site, just take it off.
(c) Don't talk about what you cooked/baked unless you have the recipe posted (or it already exists online).

4. If your life was a movie, what artists would contribute songs to the soundtrack? Who would compose the score?
HAHA! Marilyn Manson, because he's from Canton Ohio and a year older than me, Interpol because I love them, Hot Hot Heat because I am their first American fan (and their Auntie Dayment), wait, my LIFE is a movie?
Ho-kay. Back up.
Then it starts with Captain & Tenille, then Kenny Loggins and Chicago (the good 70's Chicago with Terry Kath) oh! and the Doobie Brothers, plus everything that was on the radio 1970-1982, then everything that was on MTV 1982-1987 (especially Adam & the Ants), and DOA and Fear for the Bloomington era, and "Tinsel Town is in the Rain" by Blue Nile and "Queen of Las Vegas" by B-52's for the Vegas scenes (then I'd assign Greg with the job of picking out about ten more Vegas songs), then the 90's we'll just skip (and we'll skip the 90's in the movie about my life, too), then jump to what I mentioned first, plus a bunch of Seattle bands (natch), Queens of the Stone Age for the sex scenes, and some music by Pray for Rain (they did some stuff for the movie Sid and Nancy which was just haunting), and the rest of the musical score should be done by Jason Lajeunesse, Michael Marsh, and Shane Phillipson, because they are all Sean's cousins, and musicians, so we'll save on the music bill that way. And maybe an original ditty by Trent Reznor if he feels so inclined. Jay-Z during the credits. "Straight to Hell" by the Clash and some goth have got to fit in there somewhere. "Dance With Me" by Lords of the New Church and "Erotic City" for some jr. high school scenes and the Purple and Downward Spiral and Dirt CDs for the summer we got married (I'll allow 1994) and I've just got to stop now. We could be here for days.
And... man, does it have to be just one movie? How `bout a mini-series?

5. Would you recommend that people move to Seattle or not?
Of course I'd recommend that people to move to Seattle. (Everybody! Move to Seattle! We'll throw a party!)
Just make sure you have a decent enough career to be able to stay in Seattle. Man, it's so expensive here. The weather alone makes it worth it to be here. And some outdoorsy friends of mine say the outdoors ain't to shabby around here, either. So they say.
And the music!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want me to interview you, just leave me a comment.

1. Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3. You'll update your website with my five questions, and your five answers.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.
P.S. More links on the links page. Not enough hours in the day....

The Muse Show at Neumo's

The crowd on the floor

Jason perched above

Front balcony

Back balcony
So Sally and I head down to the show after I am stuffed with Hamburger Helper and feeling goooood, and I'm a bit nervous because I don't know if Jason remembered to put me on the guest list. (This has happened quite a lot.)
Once we get to the front door, there's a crowd of people asking for tickets in front of the club, and we are not on the guest list. Not only that, but it says "NO MORE" in a fat marker at the bottom of the guest list.
I call Jason on his cell, and he says he'll meet us by the front door.
He somehow manages to get us in (I heard him repeatedly say "she's my cousin" so maybe I'll just start wearing a t-shirt that says "I'm Jason's cousin")
It's SO PACKED. Not only that, but it's so smoky I can hardly see across the room. We managed to sit down for a few minutes before the band started, and then we weaseled our way onto the main floor.
So here's the thing.
At one point in the show (early on, actually), the lead singer stepped away from the microphone, but there was singing. The backup singer was not near a mic either. Hilarity ensued. And today's debate was whether or not Muse sang at all, or was it all recorded?
I got the low-down from Jason, who not only worked with the show but had an eagle-eyed view of the set, and he assures me that they sang. Mostly. They used a vocoder, which can be used to enhance your voice, or replace your voice. Hmmm.... kinda fishy.
I also found out, while e-mailing with John Richards much later this afternoon, that the show was one of those segregationist The

So much stuff!
End "exclusive" shows, where they take ALL of the venue's tickets, then make their listeners win all the tickets. Horrendous. They did the same thing for the Queens of the Stone Age show and all of their fans in Seattle went to the band's website and complained. (And I had to drive to Vancouver to see them. Arrrgh.)
This would also explain why the guest list was so overloaded - nobody wanted to go through The End to see the show!
So there's your scandal for the day.
Jon's coming over for dinner tonight, today was rainy, and Ray asked me to work tomorrow. That's all you get.
P.S. Thanks to Meredith for the heads up!

05-09-04 Part II
I hurt.
And I don't mean that in an Everybody Hurts a la REM type hurt, because frankly, I've been in an undeservingly good mood lately, but because I was stupid stupid stupid this weekend and did some gardening. It starts with one set of weeds, then increases to de-weeding in an OCD type fashion, then I'm grabbing my keys and speeding to Lowe's to get some baby tomato plants, and some jalapeno plants, and some wire and eyelet screws to re-wire the honeysuckle shed wall, then oh while I'm here I should get some seeds for cilantro and hey look I can grow onions and green onions and have a salsa garden but wait! hosta roots half off! and 2-year old asparagus plants! and before I even catch my breath I'm out the door and $28 poorer and it starts to rain on the way home.
No problem, I'll just plant everything Sunday.
Except Sunday I wake up thinking "why can't I move my legs? How the hell was I sleeping?" until I realize, duh, it's because I was actually bending over and squatting while pulling weeds yesterday, which I only do once a year, obviously, and now I'm paying the price. And Hobbes meows and I go to pat his head and I'm almost shrieking. I even emit a small squeaking noise (from my mouth, gutterbrains) every time I attempt to sit on the toilet, which lemme tell you, I'm an avid peeer (pee'er? pee'ist? pee'e?) so this is quite often. I keep shuddering to think of the stairs I have to go up tomorrow morning for work.

Hello, Mr. Wormy friend!
So yeah I planted everything, made some friends with a bright green worm and a few spiders, watched the stellar jays do the dirty in my back yard (oh! the noise they make!), and I ripped apart my ghe-he-hetto trellis system for the new and stupid! Dayment system which requires me to pull actual muscles in my hand and swear a lot.
A lot.
But the honeysuckle should be happy, and I know the stellar jays sure are.
I had a headache for most of Sunday too, and I blamed it on my diet of eating Healthy Things and Not Much Stuff I Like for all of the last week. After three hours of clutching my head, asking Sean to pull my bangs, and general malaise, I hopped in the shower and ordered
Sean to go to the store and buy us some Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Helper. My Bad Food levels are low! That's the problem!

Before (way before)

New wire system attached to shed


Hobbes, while I was working on the new trellis

My lap (on a break)
Stay tuned tomorrow for my review of the Muse show tonight.
P.S. The Hamburger Helper totally helped!

"When I have a kid? Every time we drive by a McDonald's, I'm gonna punch him in the face."
Last night a few of us went to see Super Size Me, and I gotta tell ya, I enjoyed it MUCH more than I thought I would.
If you don't know about the movie, Morgan Spurlock (left), who is really heathy, decides to see if the human body can handle eating McDonald's three times a day for a month. He has his body thoroughly checked, blood work done, then eats McDonald's any time he eats. If the employee asks "Would you like that Super Sized?" he has to say yes (it happened nine times). He continues to visit numerous doctors throughout the month, and in the end, the results are astounding.
This is a story, as well as a very interesting documentary into the fast food culture, looking at commercialism, school lunches, McDonald's fanatics (I swear the Big Mac guy is/was amish), etc. Oh, and Morgan's girlfriend is a vegan chef.
Because Morgan is so cute and witty, he really does carry the film. He interviews tons of people to get his message across. He also horrifies his doctors, because
the results are much, much worse than even they had predicted. I really highly recommend this film.
P.S. A few people sent me some beautiful memorial sites, and I got some good ideas. Thanks, you guys!


Last month Chad would have turned 21.
It's hard for all of us.
Wes and Val have asked me to create a memorial site for Chad. One example is this site that Val sent to me.
Have any of you been to a decent memorial site that's not dreadfully sad? But not too cheesy as well? I need some more examples. The site she sent me is good, but a bit female, you know. Val will be sending me pictures soon, and you can be sure that I'll have you all here with me when I get to work on it.
(I love you guys.)
I tell ya, nothing fixes a bad day like chocolate pudding with bananas. And a LOAD of television. (Or video games, in Sean's case.) So that's my/our plan for the evening.
Let us be grateful to people who make us happy: They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
Marcel Proust (1871 - 1922)

1986: Joel, Jamey
Laura, Chad, Me

Fan Mail
From: paige julia [paigejulia @ hotmail . com]
To: dayment @ daymented . com
Subject: your stupid site


Check out the coupons and bargains on MSN Offers!



Clockwise: Liz, Josh, Emily, Me, Sean, Stacy
Kolja, Amy, Bill, Curtis, and a new rug

Getting ready to throw down
(Get it? It's a Rug Party!)

Sunday night was Jon & Amy's Rug Party, where wine and lasagna were served with trust. I thought the Muse show was that night, but it's actually this-coming-up Sunday. Which is good, because I was tired.
Today is Maple Leafs Hockey, and I need all of you to cross your fingers for us. If the Leafs lose tonight, it's over for the season, and our household will be in a bad mood.
For those of you who don't watch Hockey Night in Canada on CBC, I want you to see what you're missing. On the right is Don Cherry, and I could tell you all about him, but I think his outfit takes care of that just fine on its own. His commentary takes place after the first period of each game. I find that he's growing on me, like a weird Uncle in Canada.

Last night Sean was talking to his little brother Ryan, and he shouted "Hey what's the Latin Buyer Beware? And it was another one of those moments that I was thinking so hard, my brain was dragging up bizarre brain cells from the strain. As I'm thinking "Gaaaaah! I know this!" My brain was thinking "Cave chookum!" "C'est la vie!" "That freaky Jell-o island you made in 6th grade!" "E Pluribus Unum!" "That skirt you designed in your head this morning!" "Rigor Mortis!" "I want chocolate!" "Carpe Diem!" and then, finally, after about two full minutes of this painful brain dredging, I yelled "Caveat Emptor!" and collapsed from the exhaustion, and Sean said into the phone "oh yeah caveat emptor so anyway..."

Subject: Goofy

Just thought you'd want to know that Goofy passed away Saturday morning around 3:00 a.m. We believe she had a stroke. She was outside laying in the grass and did not come in when it started to rain. We went to check on her and she could not get up. Russ and our friend Leif (friends visiting from Kansas City) carried her in and put her on her bed. Your dad stayed with her and came and got me around 1:30 and told me to come down, that she was really struggling. It has been difficult, but I guess it had to be expected since she was 17. Hurts all the same, no matter the age.
Talk to you soon.

When my Dad worked at the Mirage, "the girls" took an ad in the paper to him - this golden retriever was a present to a wife - but this puppy had too much energy for their other dog, and they were worried about her scratching their grand piano. They were selling her for $100.

Lacey, Todd, and Goofy
(in Vegas - 2000?)
When Dad went to see her, he found this lonely dog sitting in the back yard. He said she was crazy for attention - within minutes he had her sitting and doing other tricks, and she even fetched rocks for him. That's when he named her Goofy (although her official name is still Katie). The owner was so impressed he told Dad he just couldn't charge him any money (not that Dad wouldn't have paid it), and Dad took her home.
By the time Dad, Kay, and Todd moved from Vegas to Indiana, Goofy was much older - she had hip dysplasia and was on many medications. Still, from living on a wide-open farm since 2001, she managed to lose about 40 pounds, which Dad credits for her many years of life in the end.
Goofy did not live at the shelter, of course. Dad and Kay have two others dogs, as well as some house cats (it varies with the cats - like if some of them are sick/weak then they live in the house), who live in the lap of luxury with them.
Goofy will be missed. She is being cremated, and Todd can choose where to put the ashes.
(I'm so sorry, Toddy.)

I keep waiting for someone to send me an e-mail saying "I'm not coming to your site any more. All you do is show pictures of people and cats in your living room, and frankly I find that sad and boring." But no one has sent me that e-mail yet, so here's Jon to the left, and me with Jalen on the right.
Yesterday I hit Value Village for a little something to wear to Todd & Julie's wedding. Value Village is a "thrift store" although I think they are a profit retail company. Their employees are still special, only special on purpose.
$17.99 - 19.99 for used dresses. And I do mean used. I thought "I could buy a new dress for that" and then I headed to Target.
I love Target. Target loves me.
Remember I said I was making something for Todd & Julie that Heather made me last Christmas?
While at Target I purchased a red and clear binder; quite nice, really. And I bought those clear sheet protectors and 5 binder tabs. Then I slipped our favorite recipes into the sheet protectors, divided by Breakfast, Appetizer, Main, Sides, and Dessert. (Many empty sheet protectors as well for recipes into the future.)
The clear cover now says "Todd & Julie's Recipes" and the binder is covered with a gi-nor-mous bow with a set of stainless steel tongs threaded into the bow. I'm totally bummed I didn't take a picture of it.
Oh and I bought a dress too for $19.99.
Wanna hear something amazing? Todd & Julie made the wedding dress themselves. Todd is one of those dudes that'll look at something and figure out how it's made, and then he'll make it. So, they made her dress - Todd did the sewing. Yesiree.

Bridesmaid's Area: flowers & an empty bottle of wine
The wedding and reception was held at the Rainier Chapter Daughters of the Revolution.... house. Place. Mansion. (Can someone tell me who/what the Daughters of the Revolution are? Cait?)
The house is beautiful, and the weather was perfectly sunny with a slight breeze.
We even found a great parking space that only required moving one orange road cone out of the way!
The Official was a college friend of Todd & Julie's who knew them when they got together, while living at the UW dorms. It was a very personal service, and their vows were awesome.
I'm so glad we were there.

Taken from far away so it's blurry - sorry

Marc & Sarah during the ceremony

"This Table is Moving After Dinner
for Cutting Rugs"

William's Family:
Izaac, William, and Stacey

Me & Alison

Sarah & Marc

Stephanie & Chris (j'adore Stephanie!)


Ryan! and Me!

Jeff & Lauren
I mentioned the whole "what if I moved to Middlebury" thing to Cyndi, and she suggested that she and her family would move there too:
"We would be 1000 lb. and quoting the good book and watching Superman on VHS because that is the only recent movie the Middlebury video store has. We would also drink quarts and quarts of moonshine that was made in someone's basement because we are trying to forget that we have back fat."
Doesn't that sound like a good time?
Oh, and I added it to my links page, but I haven't officially announced it: Cyndi now has a blog. Go give her blog love.
Today I'm watching a Six Thumbs softball game, and then heading to Jon & Amy's dinner to celebrate their new rug (only clear food & drinks served), then going to see Muse at Neumo's. LOVE weekends.

This picture makes my ovaries hurt

Blogging in the Future!

I know it isn't May yet, but only half the world sees the last entry of each month (because I find it so important to make my site in Dreamweaver with tables with the full month on one page. I know.) And besides, whaddya gonna do about it? Tell on me?

Office was listening to a reggae CD today. I kept thinking PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.
I tried to like reggae - I know if you're cool then you have to like reggae so when I cared about being cool (hahaha like that ever stopped) I really tried. But I can't deal. Maybe this has something to do with my extreme annoyance with dope. Or my exhaustion from the hot sun. Or being annoyed by happy people.
Or maybe I just really honestly hate reggae music.

Webloggers are getting married and I NEED MORE WEDDINGS AROUND ME DAMMIT. And I don't mean weddings to attend, I mean helping the bride stress over ribbon colors on the bouquets and which pins to wear in her up-do and fixing her make-up after she cries when I hug her and telling her honestly that her lipstick is the wrong shade and telling her dishonestly that the wedding dress does not make her look fat and telling her honestly that she looks so. beautiful.
Some of you just need to move here and get married. Or fly me out there. I'm easy.

At some point last month I acquired a fat roll just above my waistline ON MY BACK. I'm so glad I never told any of my friends "If I ever get backfat take me to the pasture and SHOOT ME" because I'd be dead sometime last month. Unless it was sooner than that? Would my friends really not tell me that I had a new tire?
I only noticed after putting on a skirt that used to fall off of me and now makes me go "oomph" when I zip it up, plus I was wearing nylons which will create a roll on most everyone, but I looked in the mirror and BACKFAT said "Hi!"
I went into the bedroom, where Sean was sleeping (this is always his flaw - to be in so vulnerable a state while I am getting ready in the morning - when I'm most apt to wake him with whatever complaint I chose for that day), and woke him with "I HAVE BACKFAT NOW." Sean did his usual reaction to this by looking at me, blinking twice, and laying back down, knowing there's NO proper response to your wife mentioning ANY vanity issues before 7:30 a.m.

And don't mention Donut Bread Pudding, because I KNOW.

Susan is moving back to Middlebury.
As in Amishville, Indiana.
She and I were friends since we were... three? So across the street from my grandparent's farmhouse (at Culver Duck) there was Susan & Andy up the lane, then me in the long house, then Willie & Robbie next to my house. We all played at the pond or the forest behind our houses, or the clubhouse which we built on the farm, or played Statue Store (that was my favorite) in our front yards.
Willie lives with (and cares for) his Mom in the house he grew up in.
Susan is moving back into her parents' house (with her husband Ben and two sons after leaving Johns Hopkins). This is by choice. She will stay home and care for her boys and live on farmland. Her parents will build another home on the property (picture acreage - not a suburban residential neighborhoody street).
She suggested that Sean and I move into my old longhouse. (Which my grandparents own and rent out, btw.) Can you imagine?
Susan's a nurse, and she said "I'll take care of your babies all day!" And I said "But the snow" And she said "But your whole family!" and I said "But the music" and she said "But the cost of living" and I said "But the food" and she said "I know."
Man, I tell ya, for a nanosecond it was tempting. And I miss Mah Jongg.
(I totally typed nanosecond as nonosecond, which is kinda what it was.)

Yesterday was my cousin Jenny's birthday (remember, we are pretending that today is tomorrow).
We're five months apart. She used to be able to flip her eyelids inside out. Now she has a husband and two kids and lives in the suburbs of Atlanta . She was always taller than me and she skipped a grade, but I was the blonde one so nyaah-nyaah.