Sean and I have known Joe since 1991. He delivered pizzas with us at Pizza Hut Delivery in Vegas. We invited him to my 21st birthday party and he and Sean talked all night.
In 1994 Sean and I planned to move to London, Ont. We also decided to take Joe with us.
Just before I graduated the boys went ahead without me. Sean, Joe, my cats, and all my stuff drove away. It was a difficult semester.
He continued to live with us after I got to London, and we headed down to Indiana (about 5 hours south) to see my family almost every other weekend. The end of that summer, he decided to move down to Indiana and stay with my Grandparents and get a factory job (he was illegal in Canada, and not working).
He got glasses that year; and his GED.
In 1995 we were reunited, so to speak - Sean and I also gave up on London and moved down to Indiana. We didn't live together anymore but we were together when we could be. As soon as we got there we started working on "where to go next."
Sean and I narrowed down many choices to Seattle, so we could be closer to the Londoners who recently moved to Vancouver, and I would be happy with the music and the weather.
Later that week, Joe informed me that he knew where he wanted to move next: Seattle.
I love when life does that.
The three of us moved to Seattle in 1996 - none of us had ever been here.
Since then Joe's been married and divorced, joined the Coast Guard, been to Antarctica, and reunited with his girlfriend Jean, who he dated his sophomore year in high school in Juneau, Alaska.
Joe got assigned a new job in Sacramento, so he'll be leaving us this summer. Jean will join him and they will start their new life together. He is currently on yet another Coast Guard trip around the world, returning this April.
And I'm still trying to adjust to Joe not being around.
*UPDATE: Joe and Jean are now in Sacramento and their wedding was August 14!
*UPDATE: Jean's pregnant! Due June 14, 2005.

Me, Sean, Joe, Cyndi
I'm thinking maybe Christmas 1991?
(one of the few white walls in our apartment in Vegas)

Sean, Me, Joe
Going to Shane's Crazy Hat party, 1994
(our apartment in London)


Moving into our second apartment
in Seattle

Joe playing chicken with my step-brother Todd
(Joe on drywall stilts, Todd on Sean)

1997 - my 27th birthday
Joe got me a license plate frame:
My Grandparents are Cuter than Yours

The August Everything Party 2003

Gordito's, 2001

See what the Coast Guard did for him?  2003

He caught the garter at our wedding

With Opie, 1996
To be continued, I'm sure....