Established spring 2002

Jon's an architect at GGLO where I worked for 6 months in 2000. I made him a CD one day and just never left him alone, I guess. He's on the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council and put a bunch of streetlights on Broadway. He draws things and does math and figures out how to make things and doesn't have time to get a haircut. He has a tiny kitchen and still makes cakes. He goes to gigs with me. Many, many gigs with me. We lost a percentage of our hearing together at the Queens of the Stone Age show. It was worth it. We are taking a sign language class together so we can still communicate at loud clubs, and still communicate in general when we get older (ha ha).
Jon is known for being a quiet guy, and I guess I kinda honed in on that as a challenge when we became friends. Now I'm learning stupid baseball terms (a can of corn?) and creating concrete things and seeing how his projects are built and hearing him and Sean make stupid jokes and hanging out with his awesome group of friends, and I think, how lucky am I?

(Update Spring 2003)
I've been working at Starbucks since February 2001. And every day at 5:15 a.m. Diane and her daughter Amy would come in.
After a full year of scrutinizing Amy, I finally asked her if she was single. She was. So I suggested that she join us at Six Arms on Thursday night.
When she left, Soo (who worked at Starbucks with me) said "They're going to get married."
And I said "Who?"
And she said "Jon and Amy."
She saw right through me.
Jon and Amy have been together since then.
(Update September 2004)
Wedding date set for July 9, 2005
Wedding pics.

at Experience Music Project

In my car

Scott's Party, Summer 2001

with Jason, Christmas 2001

At my Uncle Steve's in Indiana

Our Seven Deadly Sins Christmas Cookies, 2000

Vancouver 2000