Pictured above in 1999:
Jamey, Me, Sean
Joel, Ben
Laura, Todd, Chad
Ben, Craig
Chelsea, Britany, Bradley
Dylan, Lukas

So all of these Culvers spawned and there's us.
Me, Jamey, Joel, Laura, Ben, Todd, Chad, Craig, Chelsea, Ben W., Bradley, Brittany, Dylan, and Lukas. I'm the oldest; the next grandchild wasn't until Jamey, nine years later. Susan and I used to pretend to throw his toys out the back of the station wagon, just to get him to cry. He never would.
There's a big batch of them finishing college, all the same age. I love watching them all hang out together at my grandparents lakehouse. Grandma feeds us junk food and we take the station wagon (she still drives a station wagon) for joyrides into Elkhart or Cassopolis. If you know these "cities" you know how funny that is.
They are all brilliant.

Summer 2001
Jamey, Chelsea, Ben, Chad, Me, Craig, Sean

Summer 1998

Joel, Chad, Laura
(Joel is a pilot, Chad and Laura are now in college)

Update: We lost Chad October 2002

Florida, New Years 2002/2003

Florida, New Years 2003/2004
(Bradley, Craig, Me, Todd, Ben W)