The Snyder Family

Grandpa Bob, Connie, Jeff and Louis, Jennifer, Linda, Conor and Lucky,
Mom, Sean, Uncle Steve, Me and Wizzard, [Christmas Day 1995]

Sean & Jen
The Snyders are my Mom's side of the family, including Mom's brother and sister - Steve and Linda. Steve, living in Indiana, has a wife Susan and two step-children: Lisa and Mike (who are both a hoot); and Linda, living in Georgia, is married to Tim and has two children - Jennifer, who is my age, and Conor, who is ten years younger than me. Jen is married to Doug (their wedding was in Athens, GA and I had such a great time there!) and they have a daughter named Ashlyn.
Mom's Dad (pictured above) is Grandpa Bob, and he is re-married with a step-daughter who is my age - Molly. Molly is married to Jeff and they have a boy named Zachary. Did you get all that?

The Snyders play fast-and-furious double solitaire and cook great food and love to read. They can wrap gifts so beautifully - it's a skill I never inherited from them. I wrap gifts using my teeth and my foot and sometimes a hand-saw.
Grandma Lee made awesome homemade ornaments which we all have. She died in 1993. She was ambidextrous and loved butterflies and had great legs.

Linda, Ashlyn, Conor, Jen, Tim, Doug
[Christmas 2001]

Susan, Steve, Sean, Me, Jeff, Mom
Lisa, Michael, and Keifer the Dog [Summer 2001]