Ivan, Tara, Josh, Emily, Matt, Me, Noah, Curtis (2000)

Alexandra, Kolja, Jon
Josh, Emily, Amy, Me, Sean (2003)
at Matt & Fernanda's Wedding Reception
Six Arms is a restaurant/bar on Capitol Hill in Seattle where we hang out on Thursday nights. This includes Jon's group of friends from college, which just sorta branched out over the years and includes a crapload of people now. We spend a lot of time with each other outside of Six Arms, but when I refer to everyone in the group, it's just 6rms.
This has been going on for about nine years now. Can you imagine? Every Thursday night for nine years.
Now when our parents or friends visit Seattle, we bring them to Six Arms. It just seems necessary. I even miss Thursday night television for it!
We started doing theme parties (actually, it started before me) and now there's always at least one party every few weeks. Compile that with birthdays and holidays and road trips and concerts, and well.... you can see how we spend so much time together. I have pictures from a few of those parties scattered about this website.

Matt, Julie, Scott, Kolja, Alexandra, Josh, Emily,
Amy, Jon, Me, Sean (2003)

Alexandra, Matt (2003)

(Clockwise) Brian, Josh, Jon, Fernanda, Matt, Emily, Scott, Shin (2001)

Josh, Bill, Curtis, Fernanda, Emily, Kristin (2001)

Julie & Scott

Winter 2003

Emily, Matt, Brian, Liz

At Julie & Scott's Wedding
Sean, Me, Fernanda, Osama

6rms Men


Bill & Curtis

6rms Women

Noah & Monica's wedding reception, October 2004