Good thing Greg got me some anti-virus software.
Also, you know it's time to get a new computer when you have 74,088 files.

P.S. Congratulations Mark & JenB!!

Continuing with my theme of "I got nothin' so I'll just scan an old photo" here's Adam Ant, me, and Cyndi, in 1992. Yes, 1992, ten years after his "prime" (I liked him better with the Ants). Cyndi and I met him, along with hundreds of others, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas after waiting outside for an hour? more? I don't remember.
He was short, he had a big zit on his neck, and he was sportin' fresh hair plugs.
The lesson is obvious: don't meet the man you had a crush on when you were eleven, when you are 22. It ruined everything.
(Even worse, at his show that night, he was in full Adam Ant garb, including the super skin-tight pants, gyrating all over the stage like he was the sexiest thing ever. It made us sad.)
P.S. The recipe for that Chocolate Peppermint Bundt Cake is here.

Would you believe they have bars in Antarctica? This bar is located in McMurdo, Antarctica, and this picture features Joe's Senior Chief, Matt, Joe and Travis.
Also, can you believe the moustache that's he's grown? I begged him to find some `Stache Wax on the ship and start curling the ends up.
I can't wait for him to come home this April, although it will only be until June. Then, he and Jean will move to Sacrament-o to meet their destiny together. *sigh*
I've done little this weekend except watch the first two seasons of Sex and the City (I had never seen it before - I know it's stupid, but I'm hooked), and bake a cake.

The other night, I had a dream that I was on a balcony in Florida, and my Aunt Nancy was with me, but she was behind me and talking to someone else. I was looking at the night sky over the beach, and I saw a shooting star go across the sky - I figured it would end any second, so I didn't say anything. Instead, it went and went and went all the way across the wide horizon. It was still going when the phone rang and I woke up.
This morning, I had a dream that I was in a field laying down (I think I was on the hood of a car), and again, I was with other people, but I'm not sure who. I was looking up at the sky and saw about 30 shooting stars in a cluster going all over the place at the same time. It was awesome. They just kept going and going. Then my alarm went off and I woke up.
I very rarely remember my dreams, so this is one of those few times that I'm interested in dream analysis, as I've dreamt about the same thing twice in the past couple days.
I looked it up on the web, and I only found two explanations:
"A dream of a shooting or falling star indicates assured success but not as soon as you had hoped."
"To see a shooting star in your dream, is a sign of self-fulfillment and advancement. A shooting star is also symbolic of a new birth* and changes in your life."
Jon? You have one of those Dream Analysis books, right? Maybe some help here? Or anyone else with one of those books?

* Don't get excited, I'm on my period right now.

Last Night's Blogger Meetup at Leilani Lanes

So many Bloggers, we needed a banquet room

Anita and Tyd Dance, Dance

John & Tara Dance, Dance

Hot Cocoa at my place later
I think I should have a new rule - where people having their pictures taken in my house must go... elsewhere. The hallway. The laundry room. The driveway.
I feel like there must be a hundred pictures with this red wall as the backdrop.
Pictured above are: Clark, Me, Joe, Jeff, Tara, Samantha, John, Manuel, and Sean. Photo taken by Tyd.
Just got these in the mail - little homemade magnets in a Las Vegas Altoids tin. She told me that she's been making these things like crazy - so now all of their magazines and books and anything printed have little circles cut out of them.
She also sent me a big jigsaw puzzle of Las Vegas and I'm totally stoked. I love jigsaw puzzles, and this is the first official puzzle I have ever owned! Who wants to put it together with me this weekend?

Hey Styro! Doesn't this dog not look like Rufus? Her name is Gilda - she was hanging out at the Coffee Crew Cafe by my work, and I asked Chris to take a picture of us, because I thought she looked like Rufus. But then I got home yesterday and saw this picture and realized I got her wrong side, or something.
So anyway, here's a picture of me and some dog.
Last night Jon came over and made dinner for a bunch of us - a big hunk o'halibut from Pike Place Market and fettuccine alfredo with broccoli, plus salad from the Germans, and lemon poppyseed cake from Marc & Dawn.
Then we watched Donnie Darko.
You may recall I just watched Donnie Darko, again, while in Florida two weeks ago. I feel like I have the movie memorized now. And look at our "audience" - don't they look thrilled? (The movie hadn't even started yet.)
At least we weren't watching the ceremonial applause-fest.
Tonight I am paying rent (finally! can you believe it?!) and then heading to the Blogger Meetup at Leilani Lanes. Please don't let me forget to tape West Wing.

Yes, I finally took down the Christmas tree. Can you believe it? On January 18th - not bad. At least it wasn't February.
Later that afternoon I dropped something directly on top of a box of ornaments and broke two. Thankfully they were a set and I broke two of six matching ornaments - so at least I still have some left. But I was still sad.
After the torture of taking down the tree, Sean and I got to work on my Book Club get-together. I made Cinda's Artichoke Dip and Sean made brie and apple baguette sandwiches. Oh, and leftover cheesecake with extra crater.
Our book club discussed The Brothers K, and I was thankful that they all liked it. It really, truly is an excellent book and I highly recommend it if you haven't read it yet.
I also read Little People - Learning to See the World Through My Daughter's Eyes by Dan Kennedy, who has a daughter who's a dwarf - it was well researched and well written, albeit a bit short (no pun intended). Also, maybe one-quarter of it was about his daughter, so the title is a bit much. Still, it was an interesting read.
The Bloggies Finalists are up. There are a few new blogs that I've never seen before (I love this Photoblog from Toronto!) - and some of the usuals, which are always up. Most of them bore me. (Sorry.) But MJ is one of the finalists for the Best Canadian Blog, so go vote for him!

I actually got some stuff done this weekend for the first time since we got back. We cleaned a bit, and I had a social life, which was nice.
Shane was here this week working on Graceland (a live music club here in Seattle - see previous post) and it was nice having him around again. He lived here for much of 2002 and it was a wild time.
Friday night I had some friends over for a potluck eat-and-gab get-together. Heather made a pasta dinner, we made garlic bread and cheesecake, Tara made her famous taco dip, and Samantha brought chips and salsa.
The cheesecake was a daunting task - the first cheesecake I've ever made. I followed my own instructions to a T and it still ended up with a giant crater running through it. (But it tasted gooooooood.)

Crater Cheesecake

Spike and Little Pleco

Little Pleco in action
Sean cleaned the fish tank, and in doing so, re-arranged the plants and driftwood. This wreaked havoc on the fish, as they need to re-situate themselves. It was a bonus for me, though, as I got to bond with "Little Pleco" who is usually a nocturnal creature, so during the day he's usually wedged into the driftwood.
While taking pictures of Little Pleco, I also got an extra shot of one of our Glass Catfish, which I love. They are see-through and they shake like poodles. We have two, and we just found out (from Heather) that if there's only two, and one dies, the other will die from loneliness. Isn't that so romantic in a fish tank sort of way?
Sean and I have decided to re-stock our tank with a few more fish (I'm so excited!) so next paycheck we will begin. If you have any favorite (small, non-combative, freshwater) fish tank fish, let me know.
I do believe that the Rice Crispy Treats should be done, so I'm done too.

So the conversation over on Heather's site started with those stupid snappy nail-drying things that were on a few blogs yesterday, and I posted a comment regarding my long-fake-nail-Las-Vegas days, which led Meredith to post something about imagining me with permed hooker hair and long nails (but said lovingly), and I thought of this picture.
This is me in 11th grade in 1987. I'm driving my Dad's Nissan 300ZX with the T-tops off. You can't see my nails, but trust me - they're super long and either hot pink or neon mango. My hair is so high it didn't even fit in the picture.
The summer previous, my best friend Kristy was killed by a drunk driver, so I spent all of 11th grade with boys. I think this look reflects that.
Oh! Side note for Seattleites: my cousin Shane just gutted the main lounge at Graceland - go check it out - it's totally different (see second-to-last paragraph). Also: cousin Jason is leaving Graceland to book for (what used to be) Moe's Mo' Rockin' Cafe - soon to be re-opened as Neumo's. Yayy! A show space for 800!

Jalen has an interesting meow. It's more like singing, I guess, with an Irish-Russian-Southern twang. To some cat owners, it sounds a bit like the "I'm gonna hurl" song, which goes "awwowwwoww" but Jalen adds different octaves, and now and then, these teeny, breathy outbursts that sound like a bird going "heh!" or "meep!" It's bizarre.
We now recognize that Jalen's singing occurs after he takes a dump. He will burst out of the bathroom, gallop to the middle of a room, and start singing ("Rejoice! I pooped!").
Usually it sounds something like "Arrowwworr. hee! Mraah? Owwwowwow. mip! Brrrrrrah? Brrrrrowww? heh!"
Last night we had the usual nightly routine - two people and three cats all pile into bed and snuggle and purr.
About half an hour later, Jalen jumps off the bed, and I figure it's his poop time (and it is). Only this time, he burst out of the litterbox, trotted to the middle of the hallway, and said "Pizza?"

This next paragraph is for my fellow bloggers, and not for anyone related to me:
Also last night - Sean is getting sick, I have been sick, so needless to say, our house has been quite... prudish... the past week+. So he's tightly spooned behind me and wiggling and getting comfy, and for some reason, I got fidgety.
So he says "Am I bothering you?"
"No..... just don't start gyrating or anything."
"How `bout dry-humping?"
"....................... how `bout wet-humping?"


Kolja, Alexandra, Gerald (said like Geh-rahd)
Sean left work early yesterday because he's getting sick. It's not the same sick as me, instead he's hacking and has chest congestion, whereas I puked all day, then had a head cold/headache for a week. Either way, it sucks.
I made it through work until 4:30 yesterday afternoon, which is the longest I've lasted since I've been back from Florida. I still had to take a nap for an hour when I got home.
Later last night we had the Germans over for dinner, with the addition of Alexandra's friend, Gerald, visiting from Hamburg. They brought over a great salad (they always make great salads) and Sean made Heather's Tortellini soup. Sean and I were probably pretty boring since we're both exhausted and sick. The Christmas tree was still up so they could show off their handiwork.
Today Sean left for work coughing, and returned home within two hours. He walked in the door, hung his work clothes back up, and crawled into bed. The cats live for days like this.
I can only assume that I will continue to get better, and hence, I have so many people that I want to see. Soon.
Job search is making me want to go to school again. Need to take full courses in Flash, HTML, javascript, CSS, etc. And I miss sign language. Either way, rent is due so something needs to change soon - I hate that the 15th is always stressful for us.


Shane's in town
Cranky today.
Went to bed annoyed, woke up grumpy.
Since I've been home I've seen no friends except for Jon for about ten minutes. I've hardly even talked to any of my friends on the phone. The flu lasted one very lonely week.
My house is a mess. I looked for an important receipt this weekend and almost cried because I was so angry that I couldn't find it (and I never did find it). The Christmas tree is still up, and I have this music CD I'm making for my cousins but I don't have CDs or CD cases. My office is destroyed. My nose is still stuffed up. I don't make enough money to have the right to complain about anything that happens in my house even if I think it's justified and I know promises were broken again. Happy Monday.

Horrible Office
P.S. Today is the last day to vote for the Weblog Awards.


Blair, Joe, Matt, and Travis
Still sick and feeling cranky, but I think the worst is passed.
I'm on the job hunt again - money sucks and part-time just isn't cutting it, so I've been looking at job openings. (Please don't send me links to administrative assistant jobs because I'm not going to continue to dig myself further into that hole. I'm busting out!
Where, I don't know.)
Joe called tonight! From Antarctica! And he and Sean talked about video games!
Joe sent us this image from New Years - it was taken near his ship, on the ice, at 11:45 pm - but look at how light it is!
I have nothing else for you as I've been in bed most of the day reading Brothers K.
I can't believe how sick I've been for the past week. It started with my yakking on the planes Saturday, then progressed into a flu of sorts - sore muscles, buckets of snot, sore throat, and exhaustion. Even my ears and eyes hurt.
I missed Six Arms last night, so now I haven't gone for three weeks (Christmas, Florida, then Flu). I feel so out of the loop!
Tried to work yesterday and gave up by 3:30. By the time I got home I couldn't change into my pajamas and crawl into bed fast enough. I was out, as soon as I hit the sack, for two hours.
And our Christmas tree is still up.
These pictures are from earlier this week. Above is my house, and to the left is our ditch that runs along the side of our house. At the end of the road is the Puget Sound, which you could barely see that day.
The snow is almost all gone now - now the roads are wet and the skies are dark - typical for Seattle in January.
I have no plans for this weekend and that's probably best. I'm reading The Brothers K by David James Duncan for my book club. I read it a few years ago, and I chose it as our book of the month. I highly recommend it - especially if you're a baseball fan (although not required).

Pack a lunch, take a pee break, pour yourself something to drink.... The Florida Vacation Pages are finally up! And it's going to take a while to get through them.
I am crawling back into bed now. The snow and rain and slush and lack of electricity from 3:30 am to 12:30 pm renders me useless and snivveling.

Last night was Matthew's Game Party at the Elysian. It was packed, so Sean and I went to another table and had mediocre food, then decided to go home and call it a night.
(That's Matthew waving in the far corner.)
I've now developed quite the cold; another great phase of Dayment's Coming Home Tour of 2004. This morning Todd and I tried to figure out how to send the pictures from his Mom's camera to my e-mail and so far we haven't figured it out.
We woke up to a blanket of snow and it's still snowing. It's supposed to rain on top of this by this afternoon.
Thankfully Sean's boss, Kraig, came over to drive Sean to work, since he has all-wheel drive.
As soon as I have all the Florida pictures in my possession, so will you.


I can't begin to tell you how awful I felt all day yesterday on the planes. It started when I woke up and progressively got worse. It could be a lack of sleep or sadness from the trip ending or nervousness from the flying. Whatever it was, it resulted in me puking about nine times all day yesterday (the total travel time was about 10 hours). When we finally got home around 8 pm Sean dropped me off and went to the store to buy Pedialite and bread and honey. I slept from 9 pm to 11 am. Yes, that's 14 hours.
Manuel was the greatest housesitter ever. He e-mailed us twice to tell us that everything was okay, and left a note saying the cats and fish were fed, the plants were watered, the litterboxes were changed, and the sheets were clean. It was a great homecoming.
I have a million bazillion things to put up tonight from the vacation. Sean has done laundry all day as I have been editing pictures. I'm still waiting for some pictures from Kay, but I can add those later.
Tomorrow I go back to work and I am SO not ready. I'm just thankful that I didn't plan the flight back for Sunday, or I would certainly be calling in sick for work.

There were some pictures from Florida last year, which I got just last week, so I'll put them here.

Top Left: Ben. Me, Todd

Top Right: All of us on the beach seating area that we had created all day

Left: Todd, Craig, Ben

Top Left: Herb and Tim fishing

Top Right: Sean on the fishing boat

Left: Chelsea, Val, Julie, Rosanna, Laura, Todd and Craig

The trip this year was amazing (and tiring). The weather was consistently gorgeous. I'm going to have Post Vacation Depression.

Plus I have about 200 images to sort through....