When he walked towards the door on my first day working at Major Video, I knew that every plan I had made for my life would be thrown out the window.  It was September 1988.
I had just turned 18.

We went to UNLV together and lived together, and then moved to Sean's hometown of London, Ontario where we were married.
We then moved numerous times until settling in Seattle.
He loves to cook and can talk to anybody. He makes me laugh (till my stomach hurts) every day.
He makes up words and changes lyrics to songs and he impersonates our cat Dominique swearing like a french whore.

He has a maple leaf tattoo and wears Canadian flag boxer shorts. He cleans house to Cole Porter songs, and drives to gangsta rap. He hates mushrooms and can't comprehend cheese balls. He worked at Kozmo.com and loved it, but they went out of business.

(October 2001)
Sean's Dad, his wife, and their daughter live in the northern boonies of Toronto, his Mom is remarried as well with two more sons and a daughter in Palm Desert, CA.His grandparents on both sides are in Lambeth and London, Ontario. He has a copious amount of cousins that are around our age; all are extremely talented in some creative way.
He planned on going back to Toronto after our first year together (his life's plans were messed up because of me, too), but the night of my Grandma Lee's wedding (it was May 21, 1989) near Baltimore, at very very late o'clock, he told me he would be coming back to Vegas at the end of that summer. We'd only been dating for 9 months.
He asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve, 1992 at my Mom's in Indiana. My family was sitting in a circle in Mom's living room watching us open the gifts from my Dad (which we brought with us) when Sean informed me there was one more to open, and it was a ring. Awwwwwwwww. It just happened to be videotaped.
He's a great dancer and can shake it to Wham without looking like a dork. Now that's sexy.
Update: January 2005
Sean's now working in management at Kinko's - he can take it or leave it.
We are moving to Vancouver sometime by spring or summer of this year, once our immigration paperwork is approved (even though Sean is Canadian, he still has to "sponsor" me so I can live there legally).
We love the house we live in now in Seattle - we've been in it since Christmas 1998 and we've made many changes to it. It will break my heart to leave it.

Halloween 1996

2000 With his sister, Stevie Lee

Sean 2003
Sean & I at Sigfried & Roy, my 21st birthday (1991)
Sean in 1996, when we first moved to Seattle, with his hair in a bun (ha!)

With his cousin Michael in 1977