This is where we all stay on Estero Beach in Ft. Myers, Florida (those of you who received postcards from me will be confused... the big pink building on the right wasn't on the postcard because the postcard picture was old). We keep our doors open (we have screen doors) because we're always walking into other people's condos all day and night.

We keep a chalkboard outside by the stairs with all of the agendas. We would be lost without it.

( I got a photo CD from Karyn of everyone kayaking - and I don't think I was supposed to take this CD [sorry Karyn]. But since I have it, I thought I'd post it. These pictures were taken before Sean & I got there.)

Steve, Lukas, Laura

Ben, Joel

Karyn & Herb

Laura, Lukas, Steve

Ben, Dylan, Wes

Brad, Joel, Ben, Jamey, Ben W.

Karyn & Herb

Jamey etc.

Steve & Ben

Laura, Lukas, Steve
And introducing the newest member of our family: Liviyah-Grace, who comes to us via Karyn's daughter, Chamisa.

And a dorky picture of Todd