Tonight was Sean's night to make dinner for 32 (or however many it was). Grandma had a bunch of shrimp so he made shrimp alfredo. Consider, though, that he had only four stove burners and one oven, and a limited amount of space, large bowls, cooking utensils, etc. The cousins were all there to be errand runners (except for Jamey, Ben, and Laura who were busy bleaching their hair). Every time a cousin walked in the door I said "You! We need tomatoes!" and off they'd go. At one point we sent Craig over to 7-11 for more whipping cream, and he called from his cell and said "It's Reddi Whip, is that okay?" I'm so glad he called to ask. Can you imagine shrimp alfredo made with Reddi Whip?
Just as eveyone was showing up, I had the cousins sweating as they collected what we needed. "Craig! Serving bowls!" and off he'd run in and out of every condo. "Bradley! Silverware!" "Ben! Plates!" "Todd! Large sauce pans!" "Ben! Olive oil from Herbie's!" "Joel! Plastic cups!" We had everyone's dishes. Over the next two days, anyone missing anything from their kitchen just came to our place.
We had two big salads (with all the fixins on the side), 5 loaves of garlic bread, huge pans of shrimp alfredo, and leftovers that people kept bringing from other condos.

Todd, helping

Joel, Man of the 7-11 Slurpees

Sean rinses pasta in the shower

Garlic Bread assistants ("Todd! Stop eating the bread!")

I taught the boys how to make Hello Dollies

One of Todd's hard-boiled eggs exploded and it was GROSS

Jamey's bleach job

I think this is right before Sean slammed his head into the
corner of a cupboard door

Dinner rush

Me, Todd, Cinda, and Bart (sleeping)

Sean's cooking injuries:
bloody knot on his forehead and bruised finger

Dylan outside my window

Post movie cards

Post cards hot tub
After dinner many people stayed and we watched Donnie Darko.
Then we played cards.
Then we hung out in the hot tub.
You guessed it.
About 3:30.