Later August Entries

We're Here
(Posted by Greg due to lack of internet connection)
We are alive and well in Vancouver - we need to get a phone! Is there anyway you can post that we made it, the cats made it, and the fish made it?

Okay. Here we go.
Today, I have to meet Amy for coffee so I can see the wedding pictures (!!!), buy a queen-size mattress and dispose of the king-size mattress and boxspring and frame (no way that would all fit in the new place), buy two large coolers for the fish, buy pumps for the coolers for the fish, buy Stress-Coat for the fish, and find about 8 people to help us load up the truck Sunday starting at 11:00. So far we have Manuel (6rmsers? Jen & Roth? Bloggers?).
I also have to pack all remaining "daily" items tonight.
Tomorrow morning we load up the truck, then the computers and houseplants, then set up the coolers with the fish, load them in my car, put the cats and a litterbox in my car, and take off to the Great White North.
Tomorrow night we will need Vancouver homies to assist with the unloading around, oh I dunno, six? Seven?
The trick will be the unpacking. I think we may only unpack about 1/4 of our belongings. I don't know where we'll store the other 3/4 yet. Unfortunately, I didn't plan this when I packed, so there will be a lot of partial unpacking and re-packing. Yuck.
I had four job interviews within 30 hours on that trip up. Three of the four were great, but one was temporary until December. Which is good for settling and having work right away, but bad for trying to get a job again in December when I could potentially be knocked up around that time. There is a medical diagnostic centre that would rock, and I was sure it would be The One For Me, but then I had another interview the next day and it's The Golden Child of jobs, which has my name SCREAMING all over it. You guys, I can't even begin to explain why it makes me giddy. The list is TOO LONG. Just know that it's perfect and cross your fingers for me. Light a candle. Rub the Buddha's belly. Do that hoodoo voodoo. Pray. ANYTHING. It was so good, they asked how much I was expecting and I said I DON'T CARE. I was so comfortable with them it's like I knew we'd be hanging out together. AND THEY HAVE AN OFFICE DOG.
More later - gotta call Mom.

Our new home.

08-07-05 again
It's official.
We're worth ten grand (Excel file)! Including my car! And the cats!
For the value of the cats, I wanted to put "NEGATIVE ABOUT A THOUSAND DOLLARS. AT LEAST." But really, when it comes to the love they give us, it evens out to about zero dollars. Welllllllllll, maybe about negative $230 but they don't need to know that.
I put a link to the Excel Goods to Follow spreadsheet for those who are interested, but also for those immigrating who may need this file to use themselves. Just remember to change the formula for the current exchange rate.

Mom & Sean

Estella & cheese
Mom is home safe and sound after being here for almost a week to help pack and throw a party. She even packed all day when I was at my last day of work. We had a TEAM working in this house to help us. And Manuel has already offered to help us load the truck.
Estella should also be home now. She was the perfect worker and friend and comic relief. I can't wait to see her again. For those of you who don't know, Estella and I only knew each other from our blogs, and we started talking on the phone a year (or so) ago. So this week was the first time we ever met - and she flew out here from Phoenix solely for the purpose of helping me with the August Everything party and to help pack.
Two years ago Styro came out for our 2003 August Everything from Richmond, Virginia.
Tomorrow? I land at the border. With the said Goods to Follow list. And try to find a job and a home since our current home is a garage full of boxes. I've been eating restaurant food for almost two weeks now and it ain't all it's cracked up to be.
Our neighbors will administer Jalen's INSULIN SHOT while we are away. Yep. He's diabetic. Tonight I taught Sean how to give Jalen his shot and he was too shaken up about it and couldn't do it. It's a teeny tiny needle and a teeny tiny drop of insulin, so it's not too bad. And with their new low-carb high-protein cat food he may self-regulate, so he gets more blood work in a week to check. Crazy.
You guys. My house. I feel a ball of crying in my throat just thinking about it. Estella and I took a break in the front yard last night and she said "Man, this house. It's just so perfect for you."
I know.

Picture of Estella!

It was a fun night.
All of the pictures are on Flickr in a Hot Hot Heat set.
Sean gets home today sometime. Things with Jalen pending (bad visit with the vet this morning). Application for a rental house on the extremely south side of Vancouver (on the river) pending. Car repairs pending.
(Hey! Sean just got home!)
I'd tell you more but I've got a party to throw in my driveway and front yard tomorrow night, as Sean and my Mom decided that the pool area is just too treacherous. Wimps.

And so it ends

Schedule looks like running, running, and running. Today is updating this here blog (yes, I have to put it on my To-Do list - that's the kind of week I'm having), Blue C Sushi with Valerie and possibly some JA homies, household errands (drug store, grocery store, bank, etc.), buying more pick-up sticks glasses while I still can, baking Sean's oatmeal cookies (he's coming home tonight!!), a haircut at 4:00, Hot Hot Heat show at 10:00, weed-whacking the pool if time, and a calling a possible web design lead.
So if you don't hear from me, I'm not ignoring you. It's starting to look.... blank around here.
Oh and hey if anyone wants to show up early Friday to help string up Christmas lights or whatever, you're more than welcome to.