Our party was to celebrate the birthdays of Alexandra, Caitlin and I, plus Bill's late birthday, Joe's divorce, Josh & Emily's anniversary, Marc & Sarah's anniversary, and any other excuse we could find.
MJ came down from Vancouver, and Caitlin & Darryl were here from Virginia, which is reason enough to throw a party. They are a party.
MJ & Kolja were in charge of creative lighting and went crazy with Christmas lights and red light bulbs, and Shane & David stopped by briefly to fix the front screen door, which broke just that morning.
I didn't do much. I had a drink that afternoon and couldn't muster the energy to do much of anything but bake a couple pies. But I directed well.
Everyone brought food and wine and beer. We'll be stocked for booze through Christmas. Plus Marc & Sarah just gave us a grill (yayy!) so Sean grilled hot dogs and whatever people brought.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE everyone who was here. Seriously.

Front yard

Back patio

The back patio just after sunset


Joe sees beer

Joe likes beer

Dawn & Marc

Patio People

Joe, Sean, Jason

Curtis, Bill, and MJ

Jay, Heather, John

Me & Jason (my new adopted little brother as of now)

The Birthday Girls
(Everyone sang Happy Birthday)

Our Ho Hos & Ding Dongs pyramid cake
(Thanks, MJ!)

Some celebrants blowing out the candle

Caitlin, Jason, me

Joe & Darryl

Josh, Joe, Sean

Emily & Julie

Sean & I by the garbage

Front yard follies

Marc, Julie, Matt, Fernanda

Sarah sambas

Marc, Sarah, Julie, Matt

Marc, Dawn, Matt, Emily

Sarah & Fernanda

Me & Chris

Joe & Sean (displaying something?)

Jon & Amy

BLOGGERS! Chris, Caitlin, Jason, Me, MJ

My awesome birthday gift from Jon & Amy

Jeff & Jason

Jon & Amy got Alexandra Girl Scout Sailing patches

She will wear them

She loves them

Post Party (not bad, really)