Later June entries

In the midst of my denial of All Things Necessary To Do Now, I have decided to start another sewing project. Because the knitting project and, um, MOVING TO CANADA weren't taking up enough of my time.
Plus it was a weekend.

"Mommy come back!"
This was the first project started yesterday. But it's boucle. Whatever that is. It's woven couch fabric is what it is. I had BIG plans for this skirt. We were going to job interviews! We were going out for drinks after work to make new friends! We were traveling in style! WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THIS BOUCLE SHIT?!? How do you keep it from unraveling?!? I had clumps and clumps of loose threads no matter what I did - every spot I cut just fell apart. It's a thick loose weave. Tell me the trick, please? Man I really wanted this to work. Thankfully I already had the pattern from that green skirt that I made, although this one is a different version/style.
Not to be deterred by the 3/4 finished skirt that made me lose my mind, I went to the fabric store today and chose TWO more projects. Because that's how I function. One is a skirt I'm saving for later, the other is a dress for now.


Dress fabric
This is probably going to make my Mother weep, because 1. I never, ever, ever wear anything cute and strappy and flowy like this, and 2. It's not black or red or orange. And it's flowered. Although I drew the line with the dumb flower stuck to it. (Overkill. My boobs will more than make up for it.)
I spent a few house laying out the fabric, pinning down the pattern, and cutting the pieces out. After this I was exhausted, so I'll start sewing tomorrow evening. My evenings are free most of this week - it's this weekend when ANARCHY 2005 strikes. I am SO EXCITED. Saturday is Jon's bachelor party, and that same evening the Germans arrive! That Monday evening we are making dinner for TWENTY-FOUR to celebrate their return (we are serving Alexandra's Feta Pasta, of course). They will stay with us for a few days before heading out to travel, then will return in time for the wedding (July 9). Then they leave right after the wedding

He's happy with the PJs
In the middle of that I'm going to Indiana/Michigan during July 4 weekend for my Grandpa Culver's 80th birthday (the whole fam damily will be there), and to see Mom. Sean has to stay here since we can rarely afford for both of us to travel.
On to other things... did any of you catch this article on CNN about "Google Tinkerers'? I found it interesting because Sean and I have been using to look for a place to live in Vancouver - it combines the listings on Craig's List to Google Maps - and it's in a lot of cities!
I e-mailed this home this morning.
This timing thing is getting really difficult. I have about a week of vacation coming at JA after my trip to Indiana, and Sean has none. We want Sean to somehow get up to Vancouver at least a week or so before I do to find us a house and get settled in a job (any job - whether with Shane or with Kinko's again) while Mom & I (and whoever wants to join us) pack the week before the August Everything/Going Away Party on August 5. But the timing! How can you just say "Okay I need to have a job lined up for Aug. 15"?
I'm starting to feel the stress that I knew was coming.
And we need to re-do Sean's resume. Again.
P.S. Yeah I know the comments don't work - they are Enetations comments and there's always something or other wrong with them. Just hit F5 to keep refreshing and maybe they'll show up. I'm too lazy to export my bazillion comments to another system so we're all stuck with it.


Hobbes & Dommi
Things here are good, don't worry, it's just that I usually blog at 7 a.m. and now there's these strange kids sleeping in my office. Then when they wake up they call me at work and say "Where should we eat?" I tell ya, there's just not enough days for them to do the list I gave them.
Their car is fixed! And shiny and clean! I wanted to take a picture but we were off to Six Arms for a "surprise" party for Amy, who finished her Masters, and Matt, who got his architecture license, and Emily and Josh, who have decided to start their own architecture firm!

Matt's parents and cousins, Monica & Noah, Matt

Cutest family portrait ever
I fear that Jon & Jen are leaving tomorrow. They are stealthily packing, and they have assured me that they can, in fact, shove all of this stuff in the car. It'll be like Tetris though. And just when they head out to do some more camping? It's supposed to rain for the next 4 days. But it won't rain when they visit us in Vancouver. Nope.
Many more pictures on Flickr as usual.


Queens of the Stone Age (EndFest)


Jon, Jen, Dommi
Sorry for the gap this weekend - Saturday Jon and I went to EndFest (all day), then Sunday I was lazy, and now Jon and Jen are in town after an unexpected fender-bender in Oregon - so we get them for four days while their car is in the shop! Don't worry - they are okay - but their car does need some work done before they continue their cross-country trek. As I type this, Jon is in the living room posting some trip pictures on his Flickr page.
Hobbes was at the vet's office all day being treated for a urinary infection and thyroid disease. Yayyy hundreds of dollars! And wrestling with antibiotics! And then I get home tonight and Jalen can't walk on his front right paw and it's horribly swollen and we can't tell why.
Arrrrrgh. Cats.


Just a fraction of it

Lauren in the tiara and Sara in the wig
Lauren and Sara were given full reign of my office closet and bathroom, as well as most of the living room cabinets. This means that I said "Don't tell me, don't ask me, just do it" and they did.
In the end I had an overflowing box for donations, a box of recycling, and three full Hefty bags of garbage. And plans for The Big Purge Part Two.
I can't begin to tell you how helpful this was.
Tomorrow is EndFest. I am trying to talk Sean into making another giant dining/living room table while I'm gone all day, as the one we have now doesn't seat enough people for our lifestyle. Especially for the Germans Welcome Back party in a few weeks - with dinner for 22 (so far). But Sean has plenty to do all day tomorrow as it is. And really. I just want another big table.
More notes and pictures regarding the Big Purge of 2005.

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Keep in mind, some of these are on Google images, and some are just searches. The most obvious images that I know of on Google Images are "Hot Hot Heat", "Pixie" or "Pixie Stix", and "Armpit Hair" (you'll want safe search or moderate search set if you're at work).
I was pointing these out to Sean last night to show what happens when your site's been online for five years - Google seems to love this site. Those above searches are since June 2005 started, so about 30 hours.


Where was April? Did we have an April this year? Because, really, it can't be June. It just can't.
I remember once telling Lauren at work that I was afraid of spring approaching. It was unseasonably warm that February and they were going "Yayy! Springtime already!" and I quietly said "No. I'm not ready."
I knew that this spring would be when all the shit hit the fan. I knew this would be the time that I would be trying to figure out the whole Canada move and jobs and cats and fish and immigration and money and the stress involved. I kept quietly thinking "it's too warm out" or "it's too light out too late" and now it's June and, well, here we are.
It's time.
Friday, August 5.
The last party at our house (it may even be empty by then)!
And Estella and Styro (edit - no Styro this year) and my Mom will be here to help with the throwdown. Will you be here too?