Kolja and Alexandra were here on a work visa for two years. They were introduced to the group by Fernanda, coincidentally, at her Going Away party when Fernanda went home to Brazil (Matt went to Brazil that Christmas, proposed, and brought her back the next spring - they were married last summer). In the two years that Sean and I got to spend with "the Germans" we... well as Marc Pevoto put it, we were Thick as Thieves.
I can't begin to link to all of the pages that have the Germans. I can tell you that Jon and I took them to Indiana last summer to meet my family (Sean had to work). But every month for the past two years on this site will mention them somewhere.
Alexandra went to Barcelona this spring, and came back to pick up Kolja. Soon after that they hit the road to explore the west coast for a month. They were here in Seattle for almost a week to say Goodbye.
It was very very hard to say goodbye. Sean and I need to make a trip to Hamburg someday to visit them.

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