Youngest of three. Cheerleader. Started dating Dad when she was 15. She & Dad had me right around age 20 while attending Indiana University. They moved to Vegas in 1980 and divorced about a year later. She went back to school and got a PhD in Psychology and continued her work in Special Education. She's now the Director of Special Education for her school district. She lives in a giant bird house in the trees and has a pond full of fish. She also has flying squirrels that live in the big tree by her front door, and she feeds them peanut butter every night. She is married to Jeff as of 1985 and he makes her laugh all the time too.
Her eyes are sparkling blue and she dances to eighties music, but she also likes Nine Inch Nails, which makes me so proud. She is now officially in her fifties, but I don't think anyone has told her yet.

Dad & Mom, Prom
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Mom & Grandpa Bob

Mom & Jeff at our wedding, 1994