How Can We Be Out of Pudding?!?
The picture of the cats is your hint that I have nothing exciting to post, except for tonight's dinner. Breaded Ranch Chicken, Parmesan Mashed Potatoes, and oven roasted asparagus. Perfection.
Well, it would have been perfection if I could have had chocolate pudding for dessert, but what can you do.
I knitted, watched the Academy Awards (I loved Jamie Foxx's speech), moved most of the stuff on my C drive to my F drive, did more work for Dad's site, and did some super-secret stuff in preparation for Sean's birthday. Which you will know about later....

02-24-05 again
Tonight I made Dad's temporary site (until he tells me what changes to make) and updated my links page. Note the new sites: Plastic Porkbone, Ennui, Sweet Georgia, and yet another new best friend who I've never met: Not Well Planned. And if you moved down in the hierarchy, it's probably because you aren't updating enough for my liking, and if you weren't "family" you'd be OFFED.
I had a chocolate donut for dinner, and I'm quite happy about that.

This Month is Becoming a Rita-Rama

Talaris Conference Center

Which Rita and I enjoy

It's a Duck and People Paradise!
Rita and I have been walking to the Talaris Conference Center campus in the mornings - what a great way to start the day. Especially when Seattle has been in a state of spring for a few weeks now. I keep waiting for a freak snow storm or something because it's just been TOO nice outside for too long. And it's February!
Last night after work I had my face zapped. There was once this horrible infomercial that showed women applying some apparatus to their faces and it zapped electronic currents and got rid of wrinkles or something. Anyway, Sean and I would just howl at this commercial showing these models with their faces twitching as their muscles react to the pulses.
That's kinda what it was like last night. She has a tiny needle with radio wave currents shooting through it, so every time she tapped my face (maybe 50 times?) the zap would shoot through all of my facial nerves and it was kinda painful but very interesting as well ("Woo! I felt that one in my eye!"). She had one of those magnifying mirrors with the bright light, found every little red mark on my face, and started shooting away.
The marks were white and puffy until last night. Now it's gone down and it's just a bit light brown colored. You seriously wouldn't even notice it unless I Photoshopped an arrow onto the picture.
Supposedly it gets worse before it gets better - my face may be crusty next week. Yayy!
My Post Procedure List of What I Can and Can't Do mentioned that I couldn't take a hot bath or have sex for the next 24-36 hours. There's a pretty big variable there. Is it 24 or 36?? Either way, I looked at her and said "What am I supposed to do tonight?" I had the rest of my evening free! I get antsy if I don't have plans for the next four seconds!
Amazon and Netflix saved the day. We got our DVD player that we bought with Dad & Kay's gift certificate for Christmas, and I also got my Maiden Voyage Netflix movies. Yep - we finally signed up for Netflix. So if someone could kindly tell me how to make the most of Netflix, that would be super.
I am pleased to tell you all that the DVD player was Christened with Urban Cowboy (see the review by one of the actresses!). I can think of nothing better.
I should start getting ready for work. We stayed up until 11 to watch the movie, and these days, that's late.


(Hopefully the last picture of) my dot

Architect's dog
Tonight, after work, I have my dot on my nose burned. Or electrified. Or whatever they do. I have a broken capillary in my nose which started as a tiny pink dot (the blood pooling) in 1994, and over the years it has grown (can you see it? I should have had Sean take a picture from the left. But it's also a good image to show you how my left eyebrow is always in a state of surprise). I know it isn't that noticeable, but over the years it will just keep spreading, so it's best to take care of it now. Plus I'm tired of spackling it with makeup every morning.
Last night we used our "Two Free Dinners" coupons at Azteca, and Sean ordered a margarita, and I drank about half of it. Then I couldn't drive home. Then I went to sleep at 9:30. This is why I don't drink.
But it was nice to be wide awake at six this morning!

Saturday Night's Stitch `n Bitch

Michelle, Sylvia, Stephanie, Samantha, Sara

Sara & Jalen bond
We got Michelle going with knitting, and had excellent food, and spent more time bitching than stitching (as usual). The other Stephanie isn't pictured, but she was here and we continued with her knitting lesson as well.
Sara is part of the Six Arms gang, and she recently got a job at Johnston Architects, so we work together now!

Amy's shower gifts
(A vase and kitchen doo-hickies)

She will soon be Amy Hall!
(I got her that key chain in Florida)
After Amy's Shower I headed down to the Phinney Starbucks for Natasha's second knitting lesson. I regret not taking a picture because she's adorable. Although her yarn drove me crazy.
After this Nick requested my presence at their home so he could record me "being funny" because I'm the funniest person he knows. Hrm. And of course I was just there that morning to leave the rent check (they weren't home) so I wanted to visit with them anyway (Nick's parents are our landlords).

Emily and Nick

Maureen and I knit
I just so happened to have my knitting in my car, and after I rambled on and on with Dan and Maureen, Maureen mentioned that she learned to knit but it wasn't comfortable for her yet, and you all KNOW what I did. Minutes later we were both knitting with ease.
Then Nick started filming me and said "Okay! Be funny!" and I wasn't very funny. I'm sorry. (Where's my motivation?)
Monday morning we had a client meeting at work, and they brought their two sons. This is the LIFE for Rita. This boy, Cole, pet Rita THE WHOLE TIME they were there. Over an hour. She was in heaven.
After work I headed home briefly to change into more comfortable clothes (the pants fit, albeit snugly, when I left for work. Unfortunately I hadn't tested that whole "sitting down" thing, and by the time I drove home that afternoon, they needed to be unbuttoned and unzipped).
I went to JonandAmy's for a lovely mac `n cheese dinner, then Jon and I went to Neumo's to see Hot Hot Heat. It was just like old times.
Neumo's was crowded but not awful. I wasn't on the guest list but this happens about 80% of the time with Jason, and thankfully Grace walked by when I was at the door and she whisked us in.

Louis XIV opened

Hot Hot Heat

Paul, Me, Dustin, Steve, Jason
After their set, I got to visit with Hot Hot Heat and we talked about my upcoming move and immigration and when we'll be there. I promised we would have them over for dinner soon after we got settled. So far Steve has had my matzoh ball soup and all of them have had my homemade cookies, but they've never tasted Sean's cooking. Which should happen.
After this brief talking-a-mile-a-minute reunion, I excused myself and left them because Jon was waiting for me outside and I have to work this morning. And here I sit. This morning. I sent an e-mail to my work saying I'd be in at ten.



Molten Lava Cake

Me, Kraig, Jen, Gabe
I came home with a longer To Do list than desired, and about 4 loads of clean laundry wadded up on the bed. I walked in the door after coming home from work, took off my shoes, and crawled right onto the laundry. Then the cats crawled right onto me. They LIVE for moments like these.
After I woke up I went to the grocery store and stopped by Starbucks and inquired about the new chocolate pastries that they're carrying. They talked me into the Molten Lava Chocolate Cake and lemme tell ya: IT'S HEAVEN ON A PLATE.
After a lovely dinner by Sean, I picked up Sean's boss Kraig to go see Henry Hanks at the Rendezvous. As usual it was a nice reunion, although Kraig and I bailed after the show since I have to get up early so I didn't socialize as much as I wanted. But no cars were hit or people punched, and that's a plus I guess.
This morning I met with Amy & Laila for our bridal dress fittings. There are no exchanges! So the size I am now HAS to be the same this July. They order them now and the dresses don't arrive until MAY. Yikes.
Stitch & Bitch at our place tonight - making Salmon Pie and the dang Crumb Cake again because it just RULES.

Henry Hanks

Shane's New Guitar, etc.

Shane do your laundry
Long day today. Nothing bad, really, it just started out crampy until Sara told me to take five Advil. So I took six. It works!
Top that off with Hamburger Helper with extra salt and a big mug of hot chocolate with too many marshmallows and I'm just fine. I may go to bed soon and it's only 8:45 but that never hurt anybody.
This weekend is suddenly packed. And yes, I did it to myself. Unfortunately the first official Johnston Architects curling meet for Saturday morning was cancelled, but that just opened up more time for other plans. It's going to be a busy weekend.
I went to Crate and Barrel and ended up buying six of these. I think I need about ten more. That and the unicorn t-shirt (the PERFECT summer shirt), and I'm SET for the WEEK.

Jalen digs it

Dave makes Hamburger Helper

(told ya)

Seattle Blogger Meetup

Some Blogger Boys

And Blogger Girls
I AM WRITING TO YOU INSTEAD OF WATCHING WEST WING. Okay, so I'm taping it. I walked in and turned it on and saw Mary-Louise Parker talking through her teeth and decided to tape it.
I started knitting a scarf with Magnum yarn on 35s. If you don't know anything about knitting, sorry. But the 35s! It's like knitting with.... well, dildos. Sorry. But really. HUGE knitting needles with, um, kinda rounded tips.
Which makes me giggle when I knit with them.
I frogged Mom's new scarf twice now - but lately it's looking perfect so I think it's gonna take this time.
Boys are home - time for pizza and antics. Shane bought a new guitar. Pictures tomorrow.
P.S. IKEA chaos via Jake.

The Boyyys Aaare Baaack iiin Town

Dave and Shane

Shane was looking at his cards

Tonight I taught Stephanie and Megan how to knit. It's like an addiction to me. They are coming back over Saturday night.
Aunt Nancy sent me some pictures of their knitting success, and I wanted to show you this picture of Lukas - this is the scarf he learned how to knit with in Florida last month. It's done! And awesome! Think of all those stripes he had to sew in! I'm very proud of him. He is already working on another scarf.
On the right is Sean because I've had a few e-mail inquiries regarding his beard. Yes, he grew a beard. His very first ever. It's adorable.
Last night I went to bed at 9:30 and right now it's 10:20 and I'm TIRED. I have no explanation for this except for the last six weeks in general.
My new CulverDayment.com page is up. It's plain but I just wanted something up, so it's up. I am working on a site for my Dad & Kay (they are going to start boarding at their shelter), plus I still need to figure out what to do with Chad's pictures so I can continue with his site, plus a page for my Aunt Rosanna once I get those pictures, plus a family reunion page.
And working. And knitting. And Canadian boys.