The Black Saint takes apart the love songs that you thought were "your songs."

The Week in Pictures

Em & Langdon

Largest cat in the West

Seagull at Occidental Park
Apparently had improvements
(big .pdf)

Mom & Bonnie at the Central Library
Now, I can tell you that the park does not look like this. Unless I walked past flowers and tables and chairs and didn't notice them. Maybe they only do this in the summer?? This is how it usually looks. Cement and old trees. The Christmas lights are a nice touch, though. Um, where is this (big .pdf)? Bocce?!? Have I not been paying attention? (Osama? Is this happening and I just.... missed it?)
Hey, while Googling Occidental Park/Pioneer Square, I found this page, which lists cool things to check out in Seattle, and the very last thing mentioned is Brian's bar! Sean & I worked with Brian back in the Applebee's days. So if you're ever in Seattle, go to the Triangle Tavern by the stadiums and tell Brian that the Dayments sent ya.
Anyway, I dropped Mom off at Pioneer Square on my way to work Friday morning and then joined her at Elliot Bay Bookstore at 12:30. Bonnie joined us at 2:00 and we hung out for a while in the cafe, then headed over to Central Library and were bewildered by the building. It's always a pleasure seeing Bonnie. She has stories.
Mom also went to see the eagles in Skagit County with Josh's Mom Terry and they saw 28 eagles! Then they headed to LaConner and shopped like women.
It was a great visit from Mom, but as always, it was too short. She left this morning.
The boys planned to leave Thursday, then Friday FOR SURE. They left today. I miss them already. Shane will be back Tuesday for a few days, then it's officially quiet again at the Dayment household. Because you all know how quiet the Dayment household usually is...

Colum & Pete pack it up

The state of my garage

Shane's b-day Feb 10, Colum's Feb. 14

Good-bye picture with Colum

Good-bye picture with Shane

Sean cleaning the fish tank
Sean's knee is healing slowly. He's moving around okay but there's still pain and he still can't comfortably bend his knee. He had his follow-up and they removed the stitches. They asked how he felt and he said "It hurts" and they said "Yeah that's about right."
We also found out that he does not qualify for short-term disability. Which sucks.
And now for some pictures from work....

Above is Peter, who works at our office building doing maintenance. A couple years ago he had really long bushy hair and he looked just like Casey Affleck, but he's not sure who I'm talking about, since he never saw Drowning Mona (from my web research, I see that I am one of the few that actually adored this movie). The dirt pile above is a mainstay of our building - it's been there since I started working at Johnston Architects, which was the fall of 2001. It just sat there with no explanation. You kinda have to climb it to get to the dumpster, or at least have a good side-hook when throwing garbage. In the spring it sprouts some lovely flowers. And now, it's finally going away. And Peter has a lot of shoveling ahead of him. Below left is a dog that was "parked" by our building and as soon as I went to say Hi to him, he leaned into me. I could have pet him all morning. Beautiful.
To the right is Hobbes. His favorite spot in the morning is this bathroom rug. He's usually there from the second I wake up and get in the shower to the moment I leave, then he starts making his morning rounds. I hope my cats like our next house. I seriously spend time worrying about these things.
Also? I took a nap this afternoon and had TWO fish dreams - both plecostomus dreams, actually. One was me petting a pleco and it suctioned to my face and we took pictures of it for my site. I pet it and it was furry (same as my last petting-a-plecostomus dream), and the second dream was the usual fish dream for me - where I have bunches of fish dying and gasping for air and I'm scrambling to get them all back in water. Only this time they were all plecostomus in bowls of wet rocks in my car and I couldn't find any water to add to the rocks. I would say about 90% of the dreams I remember for the last couple years are these fish dreams.
But at least I'm not dreaming of all of my teeth falling out. Or a block of wood.
P.S. Eee gad! When did Casey Affleck look like this?!
P.P.S. Look!



Who can? SHANE CAN!
I'm SORRY but she goes to bed at like, NINE.

(For Cyndi)
Last month Graceland became El Corazon!

New lounge with booths

New main room (larger stage, raised ceiling)

New bar!
I wanted the chance to see this club's remodel since I'd heard so much about the grand opening Friday night (featuring the band Clutch). It still has a bit more work to go, but it looks great! So much more open and clean! And new floors! And new bathrooms! Nice work, El Corazon!
After this I headed over to Jon & Amy's Superbowl Party while some watched the game and others learned to knit. I taught three more people how to knit! Heather! Josh & Emily learned with your yarn that you made for me! You should be proud!

Emily, Fernanda, Liz, Stacy

Amy & Jon

Dawn keeps hoping that it gets easier (it does)

Sam & Cathy entertain Iggy
It doesn't look like much of a crowd from the pictures, but actually A LOT of Six Arms showed up for the party - I never got a picture of the whole crowd but my point is I didn't get a chance to catch up with anyone. Bill and Curtis? Hadn't seen them since Fernanda's birthday party on Halloween weekend. Julie? I don't even remember when I last saw her! And she lives up the street from us.
And I got an e-mail from Alexandra! She & Kolja are coming back to Seattle this summer to visit! Only we may be settled in Vancouver by then - but we will certainly see them at Jon & Amy's wedding. So Xa I'm just letting you know that I got your e-mail and I will try to write you back soon, even though you know I am horrible at getting back to you.

Now where was I?

Shane's exhausted. They're all exhausted. I would tell you why but I can't - it's a covert operation. If you were in Seattle you'd probably figure it out. It's done now but there's still another week of tidying up and such. Then the boys all go home and I mourn.
Mom's here so I've been avoiding all of you - I'm sorry. I told her I wouldn't keep her busy and keep her from relaxing by filling up her entire schedule but that's pretty much what I've done. We had facials done on Saturday and had falafels at Cedar's before hitting Half Price Books for an hour. I think I got about eight books that were on my wishlist (including Minotaur, Styro!) After that I headed down to John's Birthday party with the Blogger gang at Olympic Pizza.

The party

John cuts the cake

Wilma (long story)

Tara, Ryan, etc...

John narrates his gift-opening
After the Pizza Party, I brought Manuel and Jeff home with me to watch Men In Black because neither of them had ever seen it. Which I think is CRAZY. I love both Men In Black movies. I made them hot chocolate, which is now customary, for reasons I can't explain. I mean, sure, I like hot chocolate, but it's not like I always make it when we have people over. But Bloggers? They must have hot chocolate. It just seems right.


Me & Tera
Saturday morning I looked out my window to see a class on my ditch again. See, a long time ago we had this horrible ditch on the side of our property, but then the city came along and did this "SeaStreets" project (this is called the "Seattle Green Grid") where the drainage going into the Puget Sound (at the bottom of our hill) is cleared of the majority of its sediments and it saves the salmon (Tera? Is this pretty much it?) They planted native plants all around it and these big holding tanks (swales) were installed to hold the rain water and.... do you care? Anyhoo once in a while I'll see a class having a tour of my ditch which is pretty cool, only this time Tera was in the class! Tera and I worked at Starbucks together although we never shared shifts. And she just so happened to be taking this Environmental Science class and started thinking "Hey... isn't this Dayment's house?" when I walked outside.
(Oh, and Tera? Here's those winter pics I told your class about.)

Produce display at Central Market
(lemons, wheatgrass, garlic, tomatoes, avocados)
Today: Knitting and coffee with Mom, Maggi, and Meredith, then a Superbowl Party at Jon & Amy's. Later tonight the boys come home - just in time for my work week to start. Tuesday Mom watches eagles in Skagit Valley with Josh's Mom, Terry. Wednesday Natasha comes over to visit. I thought Thursday was First Thursday but that was last week so I don't know what we're doing then. Friday is Elliot Bay Bookstore with Bonnie and Saturday Mom leaves.
And I'm leaving off about five things that I still want to do. But it's always like this when people visit us.
Sean is working his first day back at work. We are looking into short-term disability since he didn't work for 2+ weeks.
Okay I'm done now.

Here it is: The Roboshow from Saturday night.

Tonight Sean and I went to Azteca for our free monthly dinner. It was quite the ordeal just getting Sean into the car and settled into the booth. He's calling his surgeon tomorrow to figure out why he still can't walk.
Due to our dinner out tonight, the boys were left to their own devices. Colum made a peanut butter and cheese sandwich.
Mom gets here tomorrow at noon, which should be helpful for Sean. And the boys. But this means that I need to vacuum my house. Hmpf.

02-01-05 again
Sean's hobbling along just fine - he does need to take the pain pills, though (so much for selling them on the street). As you can see, the surgeon initialed his knee (so they wouldn't hack the wrong one) and after Sean was under the anesthesia, they shaved his knee (he was quite surprised when we got home that night and he unwrapped it for the first time), and then they made three incisions - one of which is hidden in the picture. We think the yellow stuff is iodine but we aren't sure. His leg is yellow all the way down to his toes.
Tonight I got my hair cut by Stephanie (just a trim), and we decided that I'm going to teach her and her sister how to knit in a couple weeks. Then I met Natasha at Starbucks and.... taught her how to knit.


Husband of a blogger

Sean is home and well, thank you. We appreciate the e-mails and phone calls!
He was all set up by 4 pm and they wheeled him away and knocked him out. They didn't tell him that they would be shaving his knee! Just the knee!
About an hour later the doctor came out to tell me that they found quite a bit more damage than was shown in the MRI, but they are happy with the end results. Another 45 minutes and I was able to visit Sean in recovery with an ice pack on his knee eating crackers and drinking apple juice.
They were all calling him Chris.
It should take a couple days to heal and it stays wrapped for a while (he has three sets of stitches!) He's also not allowed to shower for three days WOOOOO GOOD TIMES!!
Tonight is oven fried chicken and roasted vegetables with feta. Unfortunately I got a good roaster chicken which is not "frying" as well as I had hoped. It's still in the oven so we'll see.
The boys are on their way home now.
I took too many pictures from the show at the Comet Saturday night. If I had more than a few minutes, I'd post them, but for now, I'm sorry. Maybe tomorrow.
Here's a preview for the meantime.