Johnny (lead singer of Rock'n) and Mark (drummer for Robosexuals) come over to visit
(I finally got to meet the guy who slept
on my floor)

Debra's car was wedged into my garage
(with a drum set in it!)
Debra is letting Shane and Pete borrow her car
while they are here.

"& Friends"? Where's the CRED??

Vancougar! They were pretty good!

Colum, Me, Jason, Shane

Sean & Jon

Shane & Jay

Shane & Sean


Sarah & Marc (Ryan's parents!)

Vancougar at rest


This one slays me

The hair is flying
Imagine Spinal Tap but American (Cincinnati, Ohio, actually). Now imagine it performed by Canadians
doing bad fake Ohio accents.
(Oh, and EVERY SONG has the word "Rockin'" in it)

Dave on the floor being dramatic

Dave scooting on the floor between my legs as I take a picture

Then he scoots past me and scoots between this guy's legs

Dave was everywhere
I can't believe how well these guys played the crowd
Some guy suddenly goes nuts and starts Rock'n - I think he thought they were serious
(look at Johnny and Dave laughing)

Johnny takes off throughout the club with this Rock'n flag, then runs outside and does a lap on Pike St. - during the show - while Marc was out there calling for a cab - he almost died laughing and the
cab operator's going "Hello? Sir...?"
This can't surprise you by now

Robosexuals got to follow Rock'n

Shane & Mark

Then Shane broke a string and borrowed Dave's guitar

They tried that for a while but....

Jason helps play a new song called "broken string" while the
sound guy from Neumo's across the street sets up Shane's guitar

Shawn tries to keep the
crowd's attention

Shane at some point singing under the bench

This may have been the scream that left
people clinging to the ceiling
After the show we went to Frites and ate a medium AND a large order of frites until I felt all of the salt absorbing my insides. Mmmmmmmmmm it was worth it though. Then we pranced back and forth across Pike as the bands packed up and I heard that some of the guys would be staying elsewhere that night, so I was all "K, so check ya later bro" or whatever.
That was the last time I saw both Dave and Shawn ("Shan").
They got rides back to Vancouver before I could say goodbye. Dave's stuff is still at our house. Every time I see that electric cord by the washer (that he used as a belt) I want to bend down and cradle it.
HAHAHAHA no I don't. I'll miss those guys though. It was quite the January.
P.S. "This one goes out to my mentor, Anthony"