See the page I made for Halloween! We were pretty lucky with our candy count - the Miso Soup sat by the door, waiting, but only about 25 trick-or-treaters stopped by this year, so we made it!
I'm off to NYC for Jamey's show and to play with my family while I'm there, so I'll see you all next week!

Greg, Jason, Gabe, Arlie
Friday night, Jon (while downing numerous gin & tonics) made Bleu Cheese Broccoli Casserole and he baked salmon drizzled with honey and cayenne pepper, served with sourdough bread. Can you say oh baby?
Later, we rushed off into the sheets of rain to Matt's to celebrate Fernanda's birthday. We got her a book and Sean & Jon gave her a coupon good for hooking up her DSL this weekend.
After Jon drank what he could at Matt's, we trodded in the rain to catch the monorail to see Juno perform at the Experience Music Project (EMP) in the Sky Church. It was great seeing them on such a big stage, although Arlie immediately asked that they turn most of the stage lights off or down. Their new bassist, a fan from Boston, performed with them for the first time, and this means that Jason is no longer playing with them (but we did see him there). The show also aired live on a webcast, so Sean watched the show from home on his computer!
Sean & Jon are playing with concrete in the garage again tonight, avoiding the World Series. I have been warned that I will be helping them later.
Oh, I almost forgot! Thursday night I parked on the Hill for ASL class and when I got back to my car, my driver's-side mirror was completely sheared off of my car. Pieces of it were along the street and sidewalk. The rest of the car is fine; basically, I'm just mirrorless. For those of you who know the history of my Civic, you won't find this surprising at all.  [It's still the best car in the world.]
Today I bought some catnip from the bulk herb section at Cental Market (I can spend hours in Central Market) and when Sean & I were unloading the groceries, Hobbes did a full body dive into the grocery bag, pulled out the sealed baggie of catnip, and struggled with his claws and teeth till it was ripped open. He then proceeded to dry-hump the scattered catnip on the floor until he passed out, upside down, tail curled.

Too much fun with a camera in a giant hardware store.

And here is Quincy, as promised, owned by beloved Starbucks customer Anne. He is quite handsome!
Bad phase at Chez Dayment - Sean's unemployment is up in 5 weeks and the billions of jobs he applied for aren't coming through. I'm still applying for a few jobs a week as well, even though I don't want to leave Starbucks. This sucks.
Tell me 2002 will be better.

Heather lived above me in our apartments in Las Vegas when I was in Jr. High and High School. She just found me via Classmates.com. Isn't that so cool? I love when that happens. When I changed my name to Stace she changed hers to Heath. Pronounced Hehth. She's married with four kids and a slew of pets in Texas.

Sunday we (Josh & Emily, Matt, Jon, Sean & I) had a lovely brunch, then some of us went to the Seattle Gay & Lesbian Film Festival to watch eight local film shorts (they were so funny!). Turns out Josh's co-worker starred in one of the films, which was reason enough for us to go!
After the films, we all walked around the modern furniture shops along Western and oohed and ahhed and got some creative ideas. The big thing right now: huge ottomans. Like 5x5 feet. Cool.
We then watched that horrible, horrible Mariners/Yankees game.
I just had a terrible interview at Starbucks corporate headquarters today, where they wanted me to tell them how much I look forward to working in their Payroll Complaints Call Center with a phone headset and a monitor, staring into my cubicle box, working Saturdays. Instead, I told them I had much bigger goals within the company, which they frowned upon for this particular interview, because I should instead be saying "Yeah! Pass the headset!"
.... I wore a suit to this interview.
I wanted to say "Listen Sister, this suit is too small and I can hardly breathe in these pants. I know I can make a pissed customer feel like a million bucks. I can make a pissed employee feel LOVED. I'll tell you if there's a piece of tape or something stuck to the ass of your pants, or a piece of food stuck in your teeth. I'll remember your birthday and notice when you've spent some extra time on yourself, or if you lost some weight. I'll complement your new expensive boots.  I'll take the heat for you. I can write, type, talk, file, and sell. I can blush on command. I greet customers with honest enthusiasm and end up knowing their names. Sometimes I end up knowing their DOG'S names. How can you NOT want me working for your company?" Payroll Call Center?!?  Sheesh.
I'm grumpy now. Drat.

Who Dumped the Pop Rocks into my Eye Sockets?

Okay, that wine drinking training?  Canceled.

We had Truly and Chris over for dinner last night (lovely, by the way) and I had less than half of a bottle of that wine I was so happy with (see the 10-18-01 entry) over the course of five hours. I went to bed at midnight and at seven I had what I can only describe as a hangover. So I got up (pound pound pound) and took two Excedrin - which was NOT what my body was ready for. Within 15 minutes, I was so sick I dragged my pillow and the fuzzy blanket (and my parade of cats) to our bathroom and tried to rest on the bathroom floor (with Jalen on my pillow, Dominique under the blanket, and Hobbes at my knees, all three purring rapturously at the fact that we were having a bathroom floor camping expedition). I got sick three times. I crawled back into bed a couple of hours later only to have Sean wake up at ten and tell me I was late (I'll explain below). I was still clutching my head.
....The first time Sean ever saw me drunk was the night of our Stag/Doe party in London in 1994. This was after six years of being together. Rob and Roxanne threw this party for us at our house and we had Jello shots and big bottles of booze to raffle away and lots of food, and a whole slew of people showed up for it (even Joe drove up for the party, from Indiana!) Anyhoo Shane won the raffle for the giant jug of Osco Drug brand Gin and I ended up in the kitchen with him (the kitchen in this old house was about a 1/2 mile from the living room) and he was pouring the gin down my throat, frat style. I was funny for about 7 minutes (ha! ha! I'm drunk! ha! ah ........ oh.) I started shaking and Sean kept forcing me to drink these huge cups of water and I had cold sweat and, man, it was bad. And this lasted for hours. The next morning, Sean said "Please don't ever do that again."
So my point is, it's obvious that my adult body was not meant to have alcohol in it. Even small social amounts. [Remember when I said I got tanked at Soo's Baby Shower? It only took one Café Nudge.] Considering I'm not smoking either (eight months! not even cloves!), I have nothing to do when I go out but wring my friggen hands. What do you do at clubs and gigs and when you're just hanging out and talking at a bar for three hours? Espresso isn't cutting it for me anymore! I need a habit!

Back to my day....
It's a special day because Jon has a Bachelor's Pad again, so we went shopping! Even though I was a whopping 2+ hours late this morning (pound pound pound) we got the chair he's wanted from Area 51 for months now, then we went to a store called Seva. What a cool store! Jon bought the couch we've been admiring from afar every time we drove by (also for months). We also talked with the owner and his two employees and they were such a good time! Then we made it home in time to watch the M's game.
During the game I made a strange sandwich and it turned out really good: sliced apple, brie cheese, cheddar, and Walla Walla sweet onion on a crunchy baguette. It should have had another sweet ingredient, like pear maybe. But still, excellent.
Do they offer stocks of cheese on the stock market?  [This is my favorite cheese ever: Cougar Gold]
Tomorrow is the brunch party at Jon's, which we planned before remembering that he gave me his futon. We will all be sitting on his floor. It's a common themeSee?
Oh hey! I almost forgot - on Thursday I got an eye exam and three pairs of contacts for my co-pay alone!  So you contact-wearing Seattleites, go see Dr. Hafferman at 14000 Aurora Avenue North.

Sold!  The wine I'm drinking tonight is Columbia Winery Cellarmaster's Riesling - it's as sweet as a California Cooler, baby, and $4.99 a bottle at QFC. Wee-hoo!  This lovely 2000 vintage will pair quite nicely with macaroni & cheese and West Wing.
Oddly, I called Grandma about the flight to New York and she eased my fears and gave me the blessing to rearrange the dates.... only to find that my original flights were canceled anyway and American Airlines had been trying to find me (it's my flights on Grandma's miles). Turns out that AA isn't using Kennedy airport anymore, and I will in fact fly out on November first. Huh.


I feel like a nimrod. I want to change my flight from Seattle to New York on Halloween. I'm terrified of flying as it is (this is just in the past few years - I had a lot of bad flight experiences stack up on me) and now there's all these rumors about attacks in public places on Halloween. I'm representing Jamey at a Design Show in NYC that weekend and was going to fly out the night before (check out that pop-up message on the design show link above..... how foreboding). Since when have I ever believed this rumorous terrorist crap?!? So I want to change my flight, and I feel stupid for doing so.
I actually have homework tonight for my sign language class. I had two deaf customers today that I was able to (somewhat) sign with and it was great! Very minimal, but I was happy!
Jon sold his liver to get into the Mariners game Monday. [He drank too much anyway.]
Oh, and "Hi" to Richard Venti Mocha, who said he'd visit the site today.

Check out my cousins' baby - Ashlyn Mackenzie! She's got to be a holy terror if she came from Jenny - I just know it.
When Jenny and I were kids, we'd dance around Uncle Steve's living room singing along to Barry Manilow albums and jumping off of furniture.
Now that she's grown and has a baby, I'm sad we won't be able to do that anymore. *sigh*

Mariner's won and Sean and I are still married after 7 years, so today is a good day. Sean's cousin Linda had a baby Saturday - a boy. His name is Gareth.
Sean made the most exquisite pasta last night. It's in this November's Martha Stewart Living magazine. I looked for it online but it's not there yet. It's the "Fettuccine with Brussels Sprouts Leaves, Brown Butter, and Toasted Walnuts" on page 108. Although I recommend a thin pasta instead of fettuccine. And we got fresh thyme and sage which made it especially sweet.
Tomorrow is our anniversary, but I'm working anyway. I don't think we'll be doing anything (*that costs money) this year. Pretty humdrum weekend - lotsa TV.  Mariner's won, therefore Jon will be in front of Safeco Field tomorrow with a sign markered on cardboard: "Will Design Building for Ticket."

I have never been so addicted to something online as this. Join me.

I'm drinking wine straight from the bottle, because I've decided that I need to start boozing more often. So I'm in training now. It's 4:57 p.m.
Work was crazy today, we had huge wind gusts* from the south, and our drive-thru window faces the south, so I was wind-crazed.  And punchy on just 3 hours of sleep. I'm usually much more entertaining on less sleep anyway.
* [Our web server is in our house, and the power was out earlier today, so if you visited
the site and it was down, I apologize.]
Our customer Tricia (who has a tree in her car) gave me this picture of her cats to compliment the pictures of my cats. Here is her excellent bio about them:

Shadow & Taz
Adopted them @ around 2 years of age from a kid that worked as a butcher @ Safeway. Lost his apt and moved into a place where his new roommates were allergic. It wasn't quite love at first sight. Taz (with his fluffy 3/4 length tail) spent the first month and a-half under the toilet. (he doesn't like change)...Shadow, however, did everything but get on the phone and order himself some pizza. He tested every boundary that first day. I was exhausted and HE was soaking wet from being sprayed .... water was just dripping off of him and he defiantly stared me down and jumped on the counter AGAIN! But wherever I am ... there is Shadow curled up as close as he can get. Best thing .... THESE are roommates I never had to get a protection order against. And THAT is a good thing!
[Hmmm.... not quite sure what to make of that last line....]
Another customer of ours, Anne, has convinced me that her labrador Quincy needs to grace my page as well, so expect to see his smiling mug here soon too. Anne, you hear that? I'm waiting....
Marc is no longer living with Jon as of Wednesday night. (It was almost eight months.) And of course, it was gross and rainy that night.
The important thing here is that I inherited his futon!  My office will now have much more space, and the cats have something new to trash!
The wine just made me shiver and I don't think it's from being cold. ~*yeow*~   It cost me $7 (what-a-bargain). It's called Bookwalter - Chenin Blanc. Tastes like granite and tinsel.  And maybe some grapefruit. Like I said, I'm in training.
I went to get contacts today, with my eyeball prescription and insurance card in hand. After waiting 20 minutes, I was told I need to pay a $30 "fitting fee" just to buy some contacts, where they figure out if the contacts fit me right. I've been wearing contacts since I was ten. In eleventh grade, I wore a ripped contact for a couple months. I had colored contacts when they were still testing the damn things. I slept in contacts before it was trendy. Trust me, honey, they'll fit. I ended up walking out. Hmph. Maybe I'll get them online (Have any of you done that? Using vision insurance?)
Emily just sent me the pictures from the fondue party so I made a fondue page. I also added pictures to the entry for September 16.

Sean had his second interview with Aramark. They are a food service company, and they will be managing the concessions at the new football stadium going up next to Safeco Field. That's all I know about that....
I watched the Mariners playoffs game on TV only to see my boss in the seats directly behind third base, so whenever there was a right-handed pitcher, he was right behind him on the TV. It was so exciting: "Hey!!  There's Chris!!"  "Chris is on TV!"  "Oh look! I saw him again!"  "I saw him - didja see him?!?"  "Hey there's.... eh.... whatever."
  I mean, nine innings is a long time to get excited. Even for me. AND it turns out those are his season tickets, so he's sitting there all the time. Pfft.
Okay, so by now you all know that a car drove into our store. The [even more] annoying thing is, 83 people asked about it yesterday (Monday) as if it just happened, even though it occurred over a week ago. I'm so tired of telling customers that a car drove into the store. But it's not their fault. I'd ask too. What's amazing is that Starbucks has let the place look so ghetto (the whole front is boarded up with wood, and the door is bent so it goes "eert!" whenever someone walks in or out) for so long. This situation harbors the same chat every day due to the obvious conversation piece. It's just too dang easy. And old.
Sean's cooking right now. Have I told you how good my life is?


Mixing concrete with their hands.... eeeew!
Sean & Jon started playing with concrete last night. I was involved with this too, of course. I got the discounted Starbucks to get us through the night. And I stood there with the flashlight and commented. They made a practice red concrete "disk" which will sit, buried in my back yard, for at least a week. After this test, we will make.... things.

Last weekend was one of those weekends where family members call to check in. It sucked because
I didn't have much to tell them, which is why I haven't checked in with anybody lately. I'm still trying to get into Starbucks corporate and Sean is still looking for work. Kinda makes it hard to plan Christmas....
[Speaking of last weekend: for breakfast Sunday we had cinnamon french toast stuffed with whipped cream cheese and blackberry preserves with fresh raspberries.  It was so good!  Saturday's brie and fruit was grand too.  Ahhh, weekend eating..... they are both added to the recipes page]
I think Seattle's autumn has officially kicked in. The smell is almost here too. It just needs a few more fireplaces burning.
Grandma told me that Nancy & Steve's Auntie Dessa is in the hospital. Hope you get well soon Dessa, so you can kick our butts in euchre again!

We skipped Death Cab for Cutie because it was sold out, so we rented Unbreakable and hung out on the streets of Capitol Hill. The freaks were out.  It wasn't even a full moon. But it was a Friday.
At about 1 a.m. a group of about twenty kids were on their bikes, yodeling and such while taking up the whole road. I'm not sure just what they were protesting/proving, but anyway, just as they got close to us, one biker went down and the next bike smashed into him. The whole group was skidding into a bicycle quasi-pile up. It was a horrid sound. What's with these crashes happening around me?
Jon's over here so I'm using his camera:

If it's cool in Cat Land to
have litter on your forehead, then Hobbes is a stud.
Jalen climbs up my jeans.
Hobbes and Jalen greet me at the door.
Our house  [See? No stop signs.]
I was waking from my (fantabulous) nap when "CRASH!" (and I don't mean "EEeeerrrrt-crash!" Nobody even hit their brakes). Our house is on a corner with no stop sign on either side (it's just a little residential street) but this is the second major accident in this intersection in recent months. I can tell you that it was SUV 1 - Saab 0. We are gonna try to get a round-about for that intersection. Today I made my Greg page and added pictures of the car that drove into our store.
Nordstrom is laying off 1600 people. Ugh.

Briazz called Sean to tell him that they've decided to not hire anyone at all for the position they've been interviewing him for. It took them a full month and three interviews to decide this. It was getting fishy a couple weeks ago, I thought. No more Briazz for us! We're boycotting.
See my Starbucks page regarding the car driving into our store.
We've decided to have a pumpkin carving party in my driveway the weekend before Halloween. I'll keep you posted on details.
To celebrate my sign language class, and simply because I remembered it, we rented the Addams Family (the movie), just for the scene where Thing (the hand) is trying to tell Gomez that Morticia is in trouble, and tries signing it (he gets too exhausted and finally grabs the cereal spoon to tap the morse code).
Per everyone's request, here's the rabbit page. I highly recommend you minimize the pop-up ad and hover the pictures to read the translated captions! I think September 27 is one of my favorites.