Halloween 2001
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The crew at Chubby & Tubby where I got our pumpkins.
Halloween at Chez D:

Trick or treat!
Well Hello! Aren't you all so cute?! What are you dressed as?
Of course you are! And what would you like? Earl Grey or China Green Tips?
Uhhmmmm.... China!
O-KAY! There you are! And how about you? Are you a skeleton?
And would you like Miso Tofu Insta-Soup or a can of button mushrooms?
Eeeww I HATE mushrooms!
O-KAY! Here's your soup cup then!
Mommy what's Miso?
Walk faster Jason.
What an incredible Bee costume! Did you make that yourself?
She's three.
Oh! Here's a jar of chicken bouillon then!
She's three.
It's okay, it's vegetarian - it's just chicken flavored.
Hey boys! Aren't you a bit old for trick or treating?
Well fine, then - you want some Pumpkin Ale?
You bet!
[Sean & Dayment high-five each other for getting rid of the year-old bottles of beer]
Oh how clever!
Are you a junkie?
She's a punk rocker, you jerk!
O-KAY! Here you are sweetie - a pound of Starbucks House Blend - keep it away from Mommy, okay?
Sean! What's left?
- Matzoh Ball Mix and a box of CousCous!
Well keep `em comin! The popsicles melted!

Drunken pumpkins by day....
.... drunken pumpkins by night
Making Culver peanut butter & hugs cookies
(no no Jonathan, put that down)
Rough night.
Ohhh... I don't feel so *BLEGT!*

[ Happy Halloween Everybody! ]