GREG got married!
The Ryans
The Greg I know
Ain't it grand?
Greg & I have been friends since we were 14. His Mom makes the best pumpkin pie in the world. He left me at Mt. Charleston in the middle of the night after the Hawaiian Dance. He came back later to get me. We smoked cat nip (with Jonny! See below). He likes salsa and animals and music and .... Corrina.

Mr. Ferguson

In 11th grade, Jonny sat behind me in French class. School had just started, and Jonny just moved to Vegas from Colorado. Mike Strozzi was stuck in LA and wanted to move back to Vegas and needed a ride. My Dad said I could take his 300zx (is my Dad strange or what?!?) to go get him.... but I wanted someone to go with me. So I walked up to Jonny that Friday and said "Hey Jonny, wanna go to LA tonight?" and he said "Uh, okay." And we've all been friends with him ever since.
And the Sizzler thing.... it's confidential, but I can say that Jonny truly, physically loves Sizzler.

French class 1986
Downtown Vegas in 11th grade
Senior Year at the House of Rockabilly