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~Mar 4 
Leanne got a job with a Cruise Line, and Soo came back to Seattle early, only so she could pack and MOVE BACK to Korea.

I quit Starbucks in May, shortly after I was in the newspaper for that Best Barista thing.
With school completed, it's time to get some clients and work on websites.
I am sad to go, but enjoying sleep (I woke up at 3:30 a.m. to open).

I miss my homies. Some of them miss me.
~Feb 23
Happy Anniversary to our Starbucks store!
Two Years!

We had dinner at Romio's on Greenwood, then headed to Leilani Lanes to sit in the bar and listen to karaoke.
Arnold and Stephanie joined up with us, and I called Sean and told him to come down too.
Our store's anniversary was actually last October, but it took us this long to get organized and find a night when we could all get together.
Excited about free food
Harmon does a bc for Muller
Starbucks wenches
the bar
Steph & Arnold
Me with Heidi's hair
Is there porn on my PC?
Rach & I

Sean and his famous "looking somewhere else"
They actually sang "Hangin' Tough" by New Kids on the Block. ("We're Rough!")

(my rack) Mole, Kidd, Heidi, Rachel, Amber, Erica
Yeah, that's my rack. I was sitting too close to the girls to get a good picture of them, so I had Chris take the picture (he was sitting across from me). I said "Did you get my boobs in there?" And he looked at the camera and laughed and said "Yeah! I did!"

~Jan. 22
We got a new manager, Heather. Chris went on to greener pastures (get it?) at Starbucks corporate. We took this picture for him as a going away gift. Soo couldn't make it because she's in Korea for 7 weeks. (Rachel is also not pictured.)
I'm only at Starbucks on Tuesdays and Thursdays now, and I miss it.
And I miss working with Truly. She laughed at everything.
Below are some pictures of my cops, who always give me a hard time, and I give it right back to them.

CONGRATULATIONS Truly!   You're edjamacated now!   A Bachelor's Debris!
~June 11
The girls decorated the store with streamers, balloons, and photocopied enlarged pictures of our cops for Erika's birthday. She was thrilled.
The two in back have left us - Tera and Cassondra.
In front are Robin, Chris, Heidi, and Nicole.
Heidi cut off a foot of her hair and donated it. It's still long!
Robin's car got hit Sunday when someone tried to reverse out of the drive-thru, got caught on the curb, and floored it right into her car. It's such a bizarre story, I'll have to convince Robin to type it out for us.

~November 2001

Our crew at Beppo's

Happy Anniversary to our
Starbucks store!

In one year we've memorized hundreds of names, pet's names, drink orders, and price totals.
[....and two Starbucks babies have been born!]

~Nov 5
Soo's Baby!
Kyle Junhyuk Yu
birthday: October 26th, 2001
7:39 pm pacific time
7lbs 2.7oz and 20 inches long

~Oct. 20
Suzanne is accounted for - she was sick.
Ann gave us a store review and we did pretty well.
We finally got the glass replaced in the front of the store - it only took three weeks. Now we can begin the repairs on the inside.
James's birthday is October 21 - the same day Soo is due.
That is all.

~Oct. 09
The missing regulars: Trevor is accounted for. Still missing: Suzanne (grande vanilla soy latte) and Jon (triple grande vanilla latte and a [various] cookie).
I remembered a couple others this morning, but it was like 5 a.m. and I am not the same person right now, so I'm satisfied with what I have remembered.

Don't regulars realize that they come to the same place, and get the same thing, at the same time, every day, and they think they can just stop showing up, and we won't worry?  What's wrong with these people?!?

if you are going to take a vacation, you need to let your Starbucks crew know. Nothing formal or written required (hmmm..... but that's an idea, a "Regular Customer Vacation Form" with Name, Drink, and Vacation Dates). And for Chrissakes, if you move, let them know! Shame on all of you who have deserted your Starbucks Crew-of-the-Past!  Call them.  [Make sure you call at the time you used to go there, or they'll have no idea who you are.] Look them up in the phone book and say:  "Yeah, Hi, I'm the guy at 7:12 a.m? Tall-nonfat-no foam-chai? Yeah! Hi! Well, I moved/got a new job, so I go to another store now, and I just wanted to let you know that it's not personal, and I'm okay."

Is it too much to ask? Sheesh!

~Oct. 03

We got more Anniversary Blend in!  Woo hoo!
Has anyone seen Trevor (iced venti americano no water)? Did I stalk him too far? Or how `bout the triple-grande extra-hot no-foam breve latte guy? .... Okay, he can stay away.  Or Jessica (iced single-venti caramel macchiato) in the Audi? Or Lisa's Mike (iced grande americano)?  What other regulars have been missing lately?

A car drove into our store.
~Oct. 2
I thought having a car drive into the store would create some interesting conversation with clientele. Alas:
What happened to your store? Someone drove into it.
• He really wanted coffee, huh?  HAHAHA
• He made a new drive-thru, huh?  HAHAHA
• He made it a drive-in instead of a drive-thru!  HAHAHA
• Didn't he know the drive thru was over there?  HAHAHA

Ninety seven *&%@$$# times I had to laugh.

Michelle is leaving us to go work for Headsprout. It's perfect for her!
We also welcome Jennifer and Amy!  We can't really call them fresh meat since they're both transfers.....

Chris Muller is back!
(We're impersonating her dog - don't ask....)
~Sept. 17
Today was Thomas' birthday and we didn't even remember until he was almost off (he worked all day!) He's 26. It's been determined that we are all Virgos or Libras. There were too many Virgo birthdays so we need to compile them into a birthday party for everyone.

~Sept. 11
Starbucks Snow Line: 206-318-7669 - so far it says we are open as usual tomorrow.

We closed today around noon. All Starbucks stores did. It's the first time I've ever "closed."
It was so weird hearing bits & pieces on radios in the drive-thru. The first person to tell us anything was Robert (quad venti not-too-hot mocha) at 6 a.m. so we were informed pretty dang early. It was also strange telling some regulars to put on their radio because they didn't know yet.

Our Truly is stuck, relatively speaking. She works at 5 a.m. tomorrow but I believe James is covering for her. She & her man Chris were stuck in San Francisco. Last I heard they actually got a hold of a rental car. Truly, please check in with us.

Also looks like Chris had to cancel his trip to Italy which is terrible - I guess a bunch of his family was going. Also, Heidi and Kirsten were scheduled to fly to Iowa tomorrow. I doubt it will happen.... at least not tomorrow as scheduled.

~Sept. 10
Hi Y'all here's the page so far.
We can list "events" (like Michelle's stuff), parties, birthdays & what-not here.
Truly, isn't your birthday Sept. 13th? Any other important dates coming up?
I'm still working on Soo's Shower -sorry I don't have more details yet. Just keep Saturday Sept. 29th at 1:00 pm free.

From what I remember, Michelle's volunteer program is having it's first meeting at the Holman Road Starbucks at 9 am this Thursday. Speaking of Starbucks Literacy stuff, I think we should all bring in a children's book to put in the donation basket since it's empty. Even from a thrift store. We could get it started this weekend.....

Chris was supposed to work today but I didn't see him - maybe he'll be in tomorrow before he takes off.

Chris Muller are you gonna write to any of us this summer? When do you come back? And what will your schedule be like? Lisa Relth is back and she's dating Iced Grande Americano.  Ahhhh Starbucks love.

And Hello to Shelley... please let us know how you're doing and I can post it to this page. We all miss you!

Best wishes to LeAnne moving to Korea and Amber leaving us for college...........

Over and out.