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Just a fraction of the mess we made in Noah's kitchen.....


Artichoke Ambience
Josh and Emily
Jon fills the living room with smoke to get the party started.....

Noah and Kate


Josh ponders the grub on the floor, wonders if this is what it's like in Little France in West Seattle....

the Mighty Artichoke brings us all together

- Safety goggles and knee pads required

While (frantically) drawing, pencil lead went flying!

Marc and Kristin

Kate and Kristin

Me, Jon, and Matt (the WINNING Pictionary team!)

This precarious box of cornstarch had somehow fallen forward against the glass door - to open the door to get it would cause it to fall. Noah couldn't put a broom in there to catch it because, well, the brooms are in the same closet. After much deliberation, Noah and Emily safely saved the situation, and all is well.

*Thanks for taking the pictures Kristin!*
*And props to Sean who can't stand artichokes, so he didn't attend the party
- but he still made artichokey food for us!!*