Later September 2006 entries

But I don't know what else there is to talk about
I have no car right now, which is a long story*, so when Debra called to see if I wanted to head on over to the mall I jumped at the chance. She picked us up at 11:00 and I bundled Ever in her Toasty Toes wrap and off we went.
I found a bunch of Levi's jeans on sale at Zellers and tried them on with Ever stuffed in her sling but it was a bit difficult so I took off the sling with her still in it, and set her on the fitting room floor. And there she sat, content, for about 15 minutes. I was so proud.
She is not, however, always content anymore. We've had a couple phases where she's gotten upset like a normal baby.
I assume these are growth spurts or develomental phases or whatever, but at some point, I may have to admit that she's a baby and sometimes behaves like... a baby.
Just tonight I said "Why is she spitting up?" And Sean said "Because sometimes babies spit up." "....But why is she spitting up?"
* Two Thursdays ago (Oh! Happy 8th week Ever!) I exported and imported my car. While at the Canadian side, the patrol officer said I would receive paperwork from the government which I take to Canadian Tire, then once I get work done at Canadian Tire ("Canadianizing" my car) I get more paperwork from them, and then I can officially register and insure my car in BC. She said if I didn't get the importing paperwork from the government in 10 days, I should call this 800-number. Yesterday I called the 800-number. She said "Dayment? Yeah, we received an illegible fax." Meaning that 10 business days have gone by and nobody there in Toronto thought to call the border and say "Can you re-fax what you just faxed?" Thankfully I have a ghetto-booty fax machine (it faxes out but not in) and was able to fax the same paperwork to her myself, but ARGH! They work for the SAME TEAM can they not communicate??? It may now be another ten business days until I have the paperwork to do this stuff to my car.
In the meantime, I can get a temporary permit for insurance for my car but it's $72 for three days. So I'll do this Monday when I meet Margeret at the border (to import our minivan!) but I can only afford it so many times, ya know? And once I get all of this stuff done, I'm just going to turn around and pay the taxes and sell it (the Honda) so it's an awful lot of work for about 4 more weeks of owning it, but whatever.
I'm telling you this so you sympathize that my baby is behaving like a baby and I CAN'T LEAVE THE HOUSE except to go for a walk, and IT'S RAINING.

Ever met Bill & Curtis and Stacy today! And we went to Cactus Club Cafe because that's what we do out here with visitors! Since Brian & Christine got married way up high on Vancouver Island (you were correct Xa!), a handful of Six Armsers passed by - although, sadly, Jon & Amy never made it over here since they had a lot more traveling than planned. It was great to see them and I look forward to being able to travel down to Seattle in my Honda SOON.
This weekend, by bizarre coincidence, both Sean's Mom AND Dad, who are divorced, arrive to visit us the same time. Margeret is driving the minivan up to us from Palm Desert, California (where she lives) and Randy is flying over from Edmonton where he has a business convention (he lives near Toronto). They both already have their flights booked and paid, and Sean and I never noticed the matching dates until last weekend. Mental note: mark everything in the calendar. (Along with "h2o plants" even though I snoozed that one so many times, they died.)
Did you know that yesterday was Grandparent's Day? I didn't. So, sorry to all of the new Grandparents that read our site - we weren't prepared! This is still new to us!

If you open up a bag of M&Ms, no matter what the size, you will eat them all

I'm spending every day with Ever and taking tons of pictures. If for some reason you didn't know, if you click the "Flickr" link above, you will see tons of daily shots. I know it seems like overkill, but Ever has many Grandparents and Great-grandparents that don't get to see her every day, so this is how we make due. We are also getting a web-cam for those who want to see Ever live-and-direct.
I have exported and imported my car only to be told by border patrol that I can't sell my car for 1 year, which is exactly why I finally imported it - to sell it. We are getting a minivan from Sean's Mom later this month.
So now after all that work (Ever didn't really have that much fun spending 6 hours to export and import my car at the border, although she was beaming at me when I changed her diaper on the trunk of my car in front of Canada customs - which made me want to cry as I was saying "Thank you, Ever"), I have to go back down to the border and pay 15% sales tax on the value of my car (a 1994 Honda - so maybe $500 in taxes?) before I can sell it. Whatever we get for the Honda we are giving to Margeret for the minivan. Oh and we'll have to pay the taxes at the border for the minivan too, since it's coming from California. Good times.
But it will be worth it, and you will all be able to make fun of me for owning a minivan.
She is starting to shuffle and I haven't even taken a shower yet so I better get going. She meets Aunt Amy & Uncle Jon tonight as they pass through town for a Six Arms wedding! Yayy!