Last night I watched Heroes because it came on before Studio 60. I liked it in an X-Men sorta way, meaning the whole time I thought "Man, Sean would love this." But Sean has volleyball every Monday night, so I may just have to get the first season on DVD next year.
Today I signed up for Mothers Unfolding because Debra's in the class and I wanted us to do something together. This woman also taught Deb & Dave's birthing class. We didn't take a class. And I still wonder if a class could have possibly helped but OHMYGOD I'm still not ready to talk about it yet.
This afternoon I met Michelle only to give her the royal shaft by saying "Yeah I have a dentist's appointment in ten minutes, nice meeting you." I spoke of my embarassment to Sean tonight. What a way to make friends, huh? Her daughter is 18 days older than Ever, and she lives near us - we should be hanging out. But I made the appointment right before leaving to go meet Michelle, and I really wanted to get my teeth cleaned.
The dentist is Dr. Sarika Anand, and anyone in Burnaby should go see her at Metroplex in the Metropolis Mall*. While getting my teeth polished, she walked around with Ever. Before that, while getting my teeth cleaned, Ever sat on my lap.
They were very understanding there.
*Not a paid advertisement. I swear.

Ever & my Dentist
Also of note, Mark finally proposed to MiHwa, his long-distance girlfriend of, um, years. Longer than we've known him (<-- will take about twelve minutes to load that stupid page). I am so very happy for them!
Also, Travis & Laura are pregnant, and marrying later this month! (All this local news!)


Margeret, Ever, Sean, Randy

Ryan & Margeret
Sean's Dad was here last Sunday through Wednesday and the time just flew by. Sean's Mom Margeret and brother Ryan arrived Tuesday morning and I met them at the border to import the minivan. We had family dinners at our house both Tuesday and Thursday nights. It was a busy week, but I like it that way.
Did I tell you that Sean got promoted at work? He got promoted at work. And the new position includes a company van, and within two days we both had "new" vehicles. Vans, no less. We will be selling both my Honda and his Kia soon.

The Dad van

The Mom van
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the minivan. It's like an apartment on wheels. It has power everything and that key chain that locks and unlocks the doors. It's so open and spacious that I don't worry that Ever can only see the back of the back seat of the car. It has dual sliding doors which makes for easy loading and unloading and it's the extended model for easy trips to Costco. Although parking it feels like parking a school bus, but I'll get used to it.
Sean has signed up for volleyball again this fall all the way over at our old place in Vancouver at Jericho Beach so tonight Ever and I made his favorite cookies (Dad's Oatmeal) and had a fun bath before hunkering down to watch Studio 60. Bring on the autumn!
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