Friday night Roth & Jen (& Sierra) had me over for their first official dinner-for-a-guest in their new home. They were the ones moving to Seattle and I took some pictures of the place they wanted to rent (since they couldn't see it from San Luis Obispo!). Roth is a chef so it was an excellent meal, and to complete the new-Seattle-home experience, we went out to their nearest Starbucks after dinner.
Today I slept in very late, and then made a batch of cornbread casserole to take to Liz's Going Away party at Golden Gardens. Liz works for Tesoro, and they are moving her to Alaska for a couple years. It was a bittersweet party. The Six Arms gang is definitely growing up.
I'm tired. I'm glad it's a weekend, but I'll be even more content when my Mom gets here Monday, and I can feel like stuff is really getting done. I miss Sean. He's working a lot with Shane but he wants to find a place for us to live so he can move in soon. My day-to-day life is really different already - it's so quiet now.
Our Going Away Party is Friday - if I haven't sent you an invite, let me know.

Busy Day
Night before last Jeff & Manuel & I gave Jalen a bath.
Yesterday at lunch my JA Homies took me to Burgermaster. It was pretty funny.
Later that night Anne and I went to Pete's for a fabulous dinner.
This morning I hit snooze for two hours. Another outing tonight.
Pictures on Flickr.
There is still no home or job. Wheee!

Did I tell you about Jon & Amy's Honeymoon?
(Yes I know I need to update their cast page.)
All the way up until they left for the airport, Amy had no idea where they were going. FOR A TWO WEEK HONEYMOON. He didn't tell his family, me, anyone. Once they got to the airport, Amy said "Um, are you gonna tell me? Or will I find out from the ticket agent?" And that's when Jon told her they were going to Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden.
They are back now, rested and happy.
He sent me this picture on the left. I don't know its reason, and I kinda like it that way.
Manuel and Jeff come over tonight for dinner and to watch Men In Black II, since you know, I'm leaving, and they need to see the second one. With me.
I'm going to miss my Seattle Blogger Homies.

Hi. It's late o'clock.
I now present to you: What I've been doing every second that I haven't been packing or sleeping (and there hasn't been that much sleeping!)
Please tell me if something looks wonky from your computer.
I packed some more today, as you can see. Sean now has two leads for a place for us to live. Standby.
P.S I'm listening to Jack FM and they started playing "Babe" by Styx and I barely heard it - I could just make out the keyboards, and I thought "Huh! They're playing Blasphemous Rumors?"

Turns out I'm a binge eater when not supervised. Who knew?
Continued to pack and work on a website that's making my eyes cross. Should be up by tomorrow though. (Thanks to my friends for their advice!)
Sean and Debra looked at apartments today - everybody cross your fingers for the one on 10th and Granville. Thanks.
I am packing breakables in clothing to save on packing supplies. Favorite packed box so far: "Winter coats and vintage Pyrex".
And: Seamus The Action Cat.


07-22-05, 9 PM
WANTED: Friend to help me pack. Bring a pizza.
I am SO LONELY right now.
(Don't I have the social life of a rock star?!? WTF??)

Thanks, everyone.
I posted pictures of our house last night. I looked through later and found it funny that I didn't clean a thing beforehand - knocked down chairs, laundry laying around. But I guess it's a realistic view of the house. I'm going to add a few more later - angles that I realized I missed.
Any suggestions to improve the house set would be appreciated.
(If/when the pool area is improved, I'll swap out those pictures.)
Sean called yesterday - he worked 9 hours with Shane. It's a start.
Thanks for the call last night Estella.
Househunting, Expanded
I appreciate the "votes", y'all, but we left Vancouver without taking any applications.
I need this to feel like home - I know I should find some temporary apartment and just keep a lot of stuff in boxes, and while we're up there we can look for the perfect place, like some suggested.
But consider that my leaving our current house is going to make me bawl like a baby, and leaving my friends, and my neighborhood, and Seattle, and USA, and my American groceries, and my American cost of living, and SO MANY CHANGES. I like to think that I embrace change and make an adventure out of it, but I foresee a lot of changes ahead of me all rolled up into one big move.
I appreciate the opinions, really, I do. But if there's any source of comfort waiting for me in Vancouver, it'll be the home I live in (Sean is a given, of course).
And for those who have suggested, online and in person, that we find a temporary space, I ask you: have you ever moved a 55 gallon fish tank FULL OF FISH? Sure, I'm cool with moving in two years, maybe even after one year, but a few months? You're CRAZY. I'll be 35 years old, and Sean 37, and I think we've lived out our nomadic years, thank you.
YES I AM BEING PICKY. I think I deserve to be picky. I may have a baby in this house. And don't say I'm looking too far ahead because dammit getting knocked up in the next year should NOT be considered looking too far ahead. And anyone who suggests that I am will get a swift kung-fu punch to the neck. We've been married eleven years this October - how much longer do you think our Honeymoon Period should last?
Okay I'm yelling at a couple people in particular, not all of you. Sorry about that.
There are issues.
I want you guys to also know that Sean is going up there again and looking around, so it's not like we're trying to do everything online. That would be crazy. He's presently not working so he has some time to invest in this.
I wish I wouldn't have been so afraid to take a picture of the 5th listing I looked at Saturday morning, on Hastings. It was spray-painted and there was a mattress on the sidewalk. I couldn't drive out of that area fast enough.
Yes, I'm stressed. Yes, Sean's stressed even more than me - that's his job in our family. You all knew that this would happen, and here we are.
P.S. No, we will not live in Surrey unless absolutely necessary - Sean will have to sell his car soon and we will be a one-car family. Vancouver or closely-surrounding, please.
P.P.S. Those of you who suggested that I not admit that we have three cats? We are not 19 years old. We don't live like that.

Start here following the pictures in order, (and the links at the end of each set) and you'll see three of the four houses we toured.


Aaaaannnnnnnnnnnnd we're back
Those of you who hang out on Flickr know that we were in Vancouver. The rest of you were shrouded in secrecy.
The purpose of the very brief trip was to look for work (at least me - I'm no longer asking what Sean's plan is, because we were up there for 1.5 days with his resumes in the back seat of the car and we never went to a Kinko's store) and to look for a place to live.
People who moved from a not affordable town to an impossible to afford town? How do you get over the depression of living in a house to living in a teeny-tiny apartment? The home search was NOT FUN. It tested our relationship. We did not score well.
We need to move on to Plan B.
So if anyone out there has a Plan B please lay it on me.
I do want to note that we had struggles on this trip but it still rocked because we stayed at Dave & Debra's awesome apartment, and visited with Shane & Shan & Katie this morning, and Danica and Jeff and Andrea rustled up our friends (and then some!) for a BBQ Friday night. (That BBQ was the reason I made those banana muffins the night before we left.)
There will be more pictures from the trip on Flickr tomorrow.