Later May Entries



Pollen Craziness in Seattle.

I'm going to Blue C sushi next Friday, then Kung Fu Hustle if you wanna see it again.
Him: Uh, next Friday I have plans I think.
Me: You?!?
Him: Yeah. Work party. (You may recall he works at a Kinko's store)
Me: For what?
Him: Our store won a contest and we got a thousand dollars to throw a party.
Me: Oh! Where is it? Ugh, down by Southcenter?
Him: Farther.
Me: Kent?
Him: Farther.
Me: Auburn?
Him: Farther.
Him: Kinda - it's ----- (I think it was "Westwood" or something?). Really far.
Me: Is it a restaurant?
Him: No, it's Someone's house.
(Yeah, you know... Someone? That guy at work, Someone, that he talks about all the time.) And I don't think spouses are invited.
Me: (blink. blink.)
Him: I think it's just a work party.
Him: I don't think so.
Me: Is it catered?
Him: (laugh) No.
Me: WTF is the thousand dollars being spent on?
Him: Well there's thirty of us.
Me: We had a f--king wedding in our back yard for fifty people for about two hundred bucks.
Him: I think they're hiring a guy to bring karaoke.
Me: (thinking: well there's two hundred bucks.) Is this an orgy?
Me: A THOUSAND DOLLARS - Sean we could have a steak and lobster party for thirty people for a thousand dollars. Then they'd bring out a dessert that's set on fire. What the hell?
Conversation dropped.
I'm thinking about giving him a disposable camera and saying "Take pictures of this "party" for me, will ya?" but I know that wouldn't fly.


I'm going to have sushi at Blue C then see Kung Fu Hustle again next Friday and I'm excited about this. I also have four (four!) knitting dates, a Blogger meetup, a mammogram, two sewing classes, and two bridal showers in the next two weeks. After all that, I go back up to Vancouver for two (two!) parties.
Jalen is still hangin' on. Looking haggard as can be, but still purring, so no D date set for him as of yet. He loves me.
I bought flannel fabric covered with moose to make Sean a pair of pajama pants, and he's quite happy about it.

I've been knitting lately. And sleeping off cramps.
Sean and I saw "Kung Fu Hustle" (previously "Gong Fu") Sunday night:
Man I loved this movie. And it's nearly impossible to describe. "Warner Brothers Cartoon Kung Fu" is about right. With some "Airplane!" type humor and "The Matrix" effects.
I liked it so much that I made a big ole Evite inviting about 20 people to join me in seeing the movie again this Thursday night. So far? One maybe and five no's. I'll probably cancel, because really, I've seen it already. Jerks. Who needs ya.
But go see Kung Fu Hustle - it's.... interesting.


Manuel visits

Jeff, Me, Mike at Samantha's Party
I made birthday shortbread for a friend of mine only to have them turn out just so-so. Thankfully I had a backup of chocolate cookies that I made Friday AND yesterday to cover. Such a shame, too - it was SO MUCH BETTER as a dough.
(I should have just eaten the dough over the next week.)
(Did I just say that out loud?)
Last night was Samantha's Spring Extravaganza. (<-- pictures!)
Today was a call from the Germans - we're throwing them a Wecome Back party in June. I am SO EXCITED to see them again!!
I have to pack cookies now.

05-06-05 later
My photo of chocolate popovers was the random Photo of the Day on Recipezaar today! I'm famous!

Cinco de Mayo dinner at Julie & Scott's. We brought our corn casserole and sugar-free lime Jell-o, remember? Well wouldn'tcha know it? Sugar-free lime Jell-o tastes like bathroom cleaner too. So it must be the sugar-freeness combined with lime causing this phenomenon. We added whipped cream. It just made it more strange, IMO.
The weather was beautiful for hanging out in the front yard and playing with the dog.
And for those of you (millions) who have asked me the status of my immigration? Let me assure you, the SECOND I hear ANYTHING from the CIC I will be standing on a mountain to announce it. Be it good or bad. Sean and I went to Vancouver for a visit. We called one two-bedroom apartment out of pure curiousity just to get an idea of costs (it's
only $1700 hehe no big whoop dear Lord Jesus) and otherwise visited with friends and family. I turned in my resume to the US Consulate and got buzzed through to the office (!) only to be told by the admin supervisor that they're on a hiring freeze, which may thaw in May or maybe not until September, and they have an admin staff of five, but they need to hire four more. That could be good. I guess.
Can't find out any more info from CIC unless we fill out this form which is kinda like a "Right to Information" thing like they have here in the States saying that you have the right to anyone's public file (including mine) and any CANADIAN get get it. Just fill out this simple form. Oh wait, you're a Canadian OUTSIDE of Canada? Oh well then here's another easy seventeeen-step process for you to fill out. And we get this info in 30 days. But all this info will really tell us (they don't send like the whole file) is when they set my next Bring Forward Date, (which is "When We Will Look at Your File Again"). And if it shows my BFD set for six months from now? Then I'm pretty much stuck with that.
You see.
But at least we'll KNOW that they're "working on it" or "not looking at it for another six months". And I still have no idea if they've accepted my court-documents-are-non-existant-so-therefore-let's-just-skip-it or how that'll work.
And that, kids, is all I know.
The SECOND I know anything, you'll all know. (I mean, come on, take a look at this site.)


Johnston Architects

Sally's shaved head!!

I told you that Sally was gonna shave her head, right? Because her friend has breast cancer - remember?
Tonight is Julie & Scott's Cinco de Mayo party, so I'm making corn casserole at 7 a.m. I made the lime Jell-o last night. I don't believe I've ever made Jell-o, and I'm 34. I may have helped my mother with it in elementary school, but I don't believe I've made it, or eaten it, since then. Also, thanks to Sean's relatives in Vancouver, I am now hopelessly in love with Annie's Goddess dressing (not to be confused with Green Goddess dressing, which they also make), which I avoided the whole time Shane had it around when he stayed with us. But now I'm hooked and the other night I bought four bottles when it was on sale. I pack a small container of the dressing and a baggie of carrots (which I don't even like really, but I just need a vehicle) for lunch at work, and by 9:30 I've finished it all at my desk. This has happened every day this week now. I'm eating pounds of carrots.
On the flip-side, lime Tic-Tacs sounded good, but these suckers were so atrocious, I made everyone at work, including Rita, try a few. To show them how surprisingly bad they are. Go ahead! Dare yourself! Get some! They taste like bathroom cleaner - lemon and pine bathroom cleaner.
You've been warned. (Or dared.)

First, work pictures:


Then, to the symphony

The Parks Family

Joshua Bell & the Orpheus Orchestra at Benaroya Hall

Me, Sean, Mike, Viv
Bill Parks' cousin is a violinist in the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra so he got a bunch of tickets for our office in appreciation for our work with his project, Boulders at Green Lake (or Latona Cottages, as we still call them). It was short notice for a couple people, plus Ray is out of town, so I was left with tickets to distribute! Mike and Viv were easy - not only are they cultured enough to be interested, but Mike actually went to church with Joshua Bell, so they go way back. Like ages 12-16 way back.
Lauren And Kyle got a set of tickets as well, and sadly, a third set of tickets went unused. Bonnie, I thought of you, but there wasn't enough notice! I was calling people at 6 pm!
But I want you to know - the whole time I was sitting there, I was thinking that you should be there.
The performance was beautiful.
If we didn't have to wake up so dang early, we woulda gone out after the show. But alas, it was home and bed.
This week had four parties and a symphony scheduled, but I did some re-arranging and now it's only three parties and a symphony. And tonight's the night that I have "off"! And I have a list of things to do!
It's presently drizzly and cold and not very easy to wake up. I think I've yawned about twelve times while sitting here and typing this out. Why did I get up so early? Oh yeah - to update this here blog.
More/bigger pictures on Flickr. Including Chris N's bloody, blistery leg after knee surgery - guaranteed to be gross!
P.S. Mom? Are you out there?
P.P.S. Happy picture Manuel took at Carkeek Park.

We were in Vancouver!

Cousin Debra

At Marcello's Restaurant


Mick, Andrea, Me

Sean at Tara's

Tara & I

Tara's cat Suki, who I LOVE

White Rock on the way back
Jon & Amy were there because Jon ran the marathon. Matt & Fernanda were there to celebrate Matt's birthday and cheer for Jon. (Everyone else was there because they live there.)
More pictures from the weekend here.