Later June 2006 entries

The pregnancy is getting hurty, finally. I was told this would happen by the third trimester and it's starting - it's... weighty. And it's scary to think that I'll be working until July 11. When I drop things on the floor I now kick them out of the way - there's no bending over. And putting on socks is a BIG hassle.
The baby's feet now constatly poke out of my right side. THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER. Nobody told me how entertaining pregnancy could be.
We've been watching hockey for the Stanley Cup playoffs, of course, and I thought I'd throw yet another picture up of Don Cherry. Just because.
(Also see.)
Oh! And now basketball - gotta go!

The Scott & Julie Story
First Julie writes:
On May 16, Scott rode his bike to work (which he often does on nice days) and was hit by a car. Yes, a car traveling 15 - 20 mph hit him. On mornings Scott rides to work I ask him, "call me when you get to work." That particular morning he asked the paramedics to call me.
Fortunately (or unfortunately) it occurred in Seattle, so by the time I got to work at 7:00, at the Fire Department HQ, news had already reached a deputy chief and a captain. As I walked off the elevator they told me that Scott had been hit, he had a concussion and was being transported to Harborview (HMC). Oooh, this was not good, head trauma and going to Harborview. They took me there immediately. I wasn't sure what to think. Would he be okay? I actually beat Scott to HMC. When he got there the paramedics said that Scott asked them to tell me the following: "He was alright, and he still wasn't going to eat vegetables." I knew that he was fine.
Here is how Scott remembers it:
I was in the ER for over eight hours, six of which was getting stitches, and I was able to joke with the doctors and Julie through most of it.
(Here's an example: At one point the plastic surgeon stitching me up said he would need to give me a bit of a chin-tuck for one of the gashes. I told him that with my gray hair, this would be a perfect time to give me a clefted chin so I'd look like George Clooney. Without missing a beat, Julie pops around the corner of the ER and tells the surgeon she would prefer Brad Pitt. Can you believe that? From my own wife no less! But it WAS funny.)

The docs kept me overnight for observation. All the patient rooms at HMC were full, so I was put in a storage closet with three other patients. It was good to finally go home Wednesday afternoon.
Here's what happened: I was about 1.5 miles from home riding my bike through a residential neighborhood, going downhill. There's a four-way uncontrolled intersection at the bottom of the hill with a small traffic circle in the middle to slow cars down as they go through the intersection. When I approach this intersection on my rides to work I slow to 20 mph coming down the hill to make sure any drivers approaching from another direction see me before any of us proceed into the intersection.
Well, Tuesday was no different except that I didn't see a car coming into the intersection from my right until I was too close to the intersection to stop. So I had to think, should I stop hard, should I lay down the bike on my side, or should I try to pedal like heck and get through the intersection before the car is on top of me? Stopping or laying down the bike wasn't really an option, as I might slide under the car of end up stopping right in front of it. So I pedaled like heck.
And I didn't make it.
The car caught me on my right side and down I went. This morning (May 18) I looked at my bike helmet up close for the first time since the accident and I would have to agree with the doctors that it likely saved my life, or at least some serious head trauma. From the dents in the helmet it looks like I came down on top of my head, with the helmet taking the first brunt of the impact, and then I slid onto the right side of my face.
The moral of this story is that you shouldn't let anyone you love ride without a helmet. This is the second time in my life that a bike helmet has saved me. The first time wasn't my fault; this accident was.
Fortunately I'm going to live. Unfortunately, Julie has to look at me with almost 50 stitches in my face, including on my right eyelid...YUCK.

P.S. He's a lot better already! Best wishes Scott & Julie.

Manuel's pictures from his trip up here.

Click photo for details
What an awesome day - I got a card from Mom with some money (I think I may use some of it for a car tune-up - not very fun, but necessary), Sean got his very first Father's Day card (!!) from Grandma & Grandpa Culver, and I got this package with beads from a bunch of family members.
See I'm making this bracelet with beads from friends and family and then I wear the bracelet when I go into labor and I have all of these people individually represented as my support. So each bead I get is really important to me. And it's been fun to see what each person has picked out - they all tell a story.
I'm having an Anti-Bachelor-slash-I-Hit-My-600-Hours party this Saturday night. It's Shane's Bachelor weekend then.
I haven't had a party in this house yet, which is ridiculous for me. And I better stock up on social life now, right? So while Sean and the boys plan out their weekend, I am busy picking out frou-frou appetizer and dessert recipes. SO THERE.
Last week the midwife said that Babymented's movements would be slowing down soon as it gets more squished in there. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA when?
I still owe you that Scott & Julie story!

The day started with Sean playing with his new beautiful cordless tool set which made Shane just so happen to need to come over to play. So Shane and Katie showed up and sawed some things and drilled some things and then Manuel showed up from Seattle just as we were sitting down for breakfast.
After breakfast, Manuel cleaned and Sean started putting floorboards in the living room (oh how I love his new tool set), and I gathered my list of dinner stuff.
Manuel and I hit Hastings Heights for all the groceries and got home in time for a nice nap before the hockey game, then we all went to work on making dinner.
We had eight for dinner including Colum and some Starbucks friends.
After dinner Dawna showed us some of the stuff she learned in the pole dancing/lap dancing class
she took the night before, and we all sat around and talked. The Starbucks group all pitched in and got us a gift (cloth Kushies diapers!) which was a big surprise. I love them.
Manuel left at noon today to have brunch with Andrea, then he'll take some pictures and head back home. It was great having him here.
Today I'm heading over to a park right by our house for a picnic with a bunch of other hippie Moms. (I said other!) I was all stoked about bringing cornbread casserole but then I discovered that we're out of sour cream, and now I'm kinda embarrassed that I'm bringing chocolate chip cookie bars. That's just so... normal.
I'm also stopping by my work today to find out who's working Wednesday, since we'll be having a quick celebration at the moment that I hit 600 hours. I am just SO RELIEVED about this!

They're discussing my American butter

Our Starbucks Manager is getting married!

Part of our Starbucks crew

The other bachelorette at the same restaurant
Back in my day a Bachelorette Party meant... well okay I don't know what it meant. We had a "Stag Doe" at our house which Shane, Roxanne, and Debra threw for us. They played poker, raffled off bottles of booze, and, uh, stood around and ate food. Of course, this was 1994.
Now there's handcuffs and veils and Lifesavers and blow up dolls involved. I just went for the food, I swear. Actually, I'm kinda bummed that I missed the second half of the evening - pole dancing and lap dancing lessons. Serious. But expensive. OH YEAH AND I'm 8 months pregnant.
Manuel gets here tomorrow then it's PC geekery and steak tacos. Pretty much in that order.
Oh! P.S. I miscalculated! I have 583 hours as of today!!!


This is pretty much why I haven't posted. My feet swell up worse when I sit in a chair with my feet down than any other way. Even working doesn't cause this much swelling. So. Alas. I am not at my computer as often.
We had a great time at Dave & Debra's Elopement Party, and even saw cousin Roxanne who I haven't seen in a few years.
The boys are busy planning Shane's Bachelor Weekend. They have a few ideas in the air but not much time to get it mapped out. I hope they get it organized before the wedding!!
Manuel is coming up for a visit this weekend. We sent a few e-mails back and forth about setting up iTunes (thanks, everyone!) and finally I said "Why don't you just come up here?" And he said "Okay." Which is one of the things I love about Manuel.
Jason is in town from Seattle, which sounds weird. Jason visiting us in Vancouver coming up from Seattle. Anyway. He was here doing some sort of mini tour with Bright Eyes (as their tour manager or something? I never found out) and he'll be back up a couple times in the next month for the said Bachelor Party and Wedding. Also? Our due date is his birthday, so he insists that the baby be ON TIME. He is still booking for Neumo's and also booked for the Capitol Hill Block Party this year, which is cool. While here for 48 hours, he was jousted by a homeless man and saw a cop pull a gun on someone. So he's all WTF? Welcome back? Sheesh!
Our midwife appointment went swimmingly yesterday and all is well there.
The midwife says the baby and me are all normal size although Sean begs to differ. His word of the month is "huge". I'll say "I'm tired" and he'll say "You're huge" and I'll say "The baby is squirming" and he'll say "The baby is huge" etc. Then I'll attempt to get out of bed and he'll give me a push.
I went to Motherhood Maternity to spend my last $15 in credit, and every tank top I tried on made me look like Britney Spears. The bad one, not the airbrushed one. I wanted to cry. After 45 minutes of flinging clothes in every direction, I ended up buying a dress for $50 (pictured). But you know what? I was a vision of spring.
This morning I woke up writhing with a leg cramp, which wasn't fun, but he happened to be right there at the foot of the bed putting on his socks, so he grabbed my leg and worked it out for me. MAN it sucks to wake up to a leg cramp. I really, honestly can't imagine how some of these women go through a pregnancy by themselves.
I have a Julie & Scott story to tell you when I have time. It's a doozy.
P.S. Today is 34 weeks. 550 hours. 175 pounds.