While perusing Pitchfork Media's 100 Awesome Music Videos (thanks, Tara), I got to thinkin' about what videos stand out in my mind as the epitome of MTV back in my day.
I am embarassed to say that this, my friends, is in my car to this day, and I listen to it often. Loudly.
I was a product of my environment.

Aunt Nancy was here for five days but it went by in a flash. I had one full day off with her - not enough. In her time here she took me shopping with budgets from multiple Culver family members, and she also decided that it was time to paint our horrific, tiny bathroom. I am waiting to take the after pictures once the new fixtures are up. It looks fifty times better. But it's still tiny.
The last midwife appointment went great - I took my Strep B test and I get the results Tuesday. I got the low-down on all the vitamins and herbs I should be dosing up on during the end of my pregnancy, and then we went to see cousin Debra who stocked up on all said vitamins and herbs for me (she works at an organic store).
I am waiting for Nicole to come over soon to help me organize all the baby stuff, and Nancy and I compiled all of the home birth stuff in one area - so that's all good to go. Now I just work another two weeks and two days and then... wait. Unless the baby decides to show up sooner than that.
Is it wrong to feel a little depressed that I won't be pregnant soon? Because I'm not sick of it yet - I'd like it to stay there a while longer. Besides, it's really easy to take care of now!
Time to re-arrange the bedroom - more pics of that later, too....

36.5 weeks

Starting the bathroom

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CONGRATULATIONS to my step-brother Todd and his girlfriend Carrie - they are engaged!!!
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