Herb (born in 1925) & Marilyn (born in 1929) met at a church youth fellowship as kids - their first date was an ice cream soda after church choir practice. They married in September 1948.
Their first home together was in an incubator house on Herb's family's duck farm - the building housed the incubators, their apartment, and Herb's brother's apartment. They have six children, starting with my Dad in 1949. They both love music, travel, flowers and gardening, and Herb is an avid sailor. They moved to Indiana in the 1950's to start their own duck farm. The farm is very successful after many years of hard work.
Culver Corporation is the farm - although now it includes a giant processing plant, which was built in 1976. Nancy's High School Graduation party took place in that plant just as it was completed but still empty - with strings of lanterns and a live band. I was there at the grand age of five - Wes kept trying to get me to dance and I was too embarassed.
If you've ever eaten duck, there's a good chance it could be ours - Culver duck is everywhere.
My Grandparents still run the business, although they spend most of their time at their lakehouse 20 miles away, instead of living on the farm, as they did for 20 years.
Grandma & Grandpa's six kids: my Dad, then Burt, who runs the business with my Grandparents (he used to work on a cruise ship, which is where he met his wife), Herb in the Ozarks, Julie at the Rouch camp, Wes Culver (of Wes Culver Realty & Culver Construction), and my Auntie Nancy, who lives in San José.

From girl to girl: Baby Nancy, Burt, Russ, Herb, Wes, Julie.

That's Grandma's MOM on the left!

Culver Familly in 1978

Culver Reunion 1999

Culver Women