Later April 2006 entries


26.5 weeks
Requiring assistance getting in and out of bed. First I was told to learn to use my arms and hands instead of my abdominals, but then I got carpal tunnel and yelped in pain getting in and out of bed using my hands. Assistance is now Sean's foot.
It is a four-day weekend in Canada for Good Friday and Easter. Even the malls are closed Sunday. Our mall opened at 11 today. This is strange to me.
Worked at the new Tandem Starbucks for the first time yesterday. It's new and big and shiny. Spent my lunch break with a dude here on a work visa from Mexico City, and a Burnaby cop who looks like Robert DeNiro. Spilled almost an entire shuttle of coffee on the floor.
We finished our US taxes online today, then went out for sushi, then Dairy Queen. Refund of $720, but we still owe $960 from last year. But, better!
Truly is coming to my baby shower in Seattle! I've missed her so! If only Soo could be there. But I get Kirsten & Heidi there, too, which rocks. A Starbucks #3300 reunion!
I have looked on the internet to find out when I'm in my third trimester. Unfortunately it varies starting from week 26 to 29. Isn't that strange? You think they'd just pick a date. I'm gonna go with week 28.
I bought a belly bra online today. It is the very first pregnancy/baby related thing I've purchased. I mean, yeah, I bought maternity clothes, but that was as gifts from my family members. This is something we paid for. Six and a half months pregnant and it's the first purchase ever! I haven't bought a single bootie, a cute onesie, a stuffed animal, nothing. Until now. And I'm pretty stoked about this belly bra since I haven't worn a bra since February. Which you can see.
I have an Outlook Calendar pop-up reminder called "h2o plants" which comes up every 5 days. I have hit snooze on this sucker for about two weeks now. Do you have to water babies?

In the past couple weeks, three people have told me that I'm having a girl. This has thrown me off since we were thinking it was a boy until... now.
"Is that... a zit?"
"Is that a zit all the way up there by your eye?"
"Maybe you are having a girl."
I tried registering at tonight and honestly couldn't find one single thing that I wanted. I wonder what that means, since we have nothing yet. I'm tired of registering - I feel like I know every baby product out there and really I just want a basket (sans bows) for the baby and some sort of kangaroo wrap for me. Everything else seems frivilous or unnecessary until we need it, if that makes sense. Groceries. We'll need those. And sleep. And our senses of humor. Maybe I'm just getting nervous that something is going to be expected of me, which tempts me to lock my door for the first three months.
Other than that, it's been work and sleep and some mediocre dinners here and there. And the pineapples.
More later.

I should have bullet-pointed this one, too
I worked at 6:15 this morning which is pretty much like sleeping in these days. Combine that with a great dinner last night with friends, sunshine today, and working with an awesome crew and it equalled a very nice day.
Last night was steak tacos for Reilly and Miranda, who (as you may recall) helped paint the house before we moved in. We still owe about eight others dinner, but this is a start.
So Sean was making pico de gallo and he takes a spoonfull of it to taste test it, and HOLY LORD his mouth was burning - like rinsing with water and the burning, OH the burning. So I asked "how many jalapenos are in there?" And he replied "Only a couple! And the seeds of half!" It was a big concern, because we didn't have any more tomatoes to "even it out" and we didn't want to burn our guests. So after much thought and discussion and mouth rinsing, I decide (terrified) to try the pico myself, and I pick up a spoon and Sean says "No! That's the spoon I OH HAAAAAA!!!!!" The spoon he used to scoop out the innards of all the jalapenos was the same spoon he sampled the pico with, closing his lips as he pulled out the spoon. Mmmmm.
His lips hurt all night.

After a not-too-burning-at-all dinner we settled in to watch 40 Days and 40 Nights even though it's stupid and teenagery. I totally liked it. And all through the movie I kept thinking "I'll bet Todd LOVES this movie."
Okay hey I'm back - I just went through all twenty kazillion pictures from Florida last Christmas. I get easily distracted like that.
Latest debate - should I have Miranda photograph the labor? It's something I won't have the chance to do again (unless I put it back in, which could be difficult). Miranda is a photographer and she was a doula, and she's shot labors before, so I have no problem with her being there, but Sean is thinking that maybe our lives are a bit over-documented. (Nooooooo.)
Dudes, Jon and Jen sent me a care package today! It contained a jar of tahini (I can't find Joya tahini up here), Chocolate Lucky Charms (you all KNOW I can't find that up here), and the most beautiful bead for my labor bracelet(s). Seriously. It's the first bead I've received and I'm SO excited now! I hope they visit us in Vancouver soon because they are great house guests. And I miss them.
Last night the baby had moved for like four hours straight and I finally said to Sean, "What do you think it's DOING? I mean, four hours? I don't do anything for four hours. Is it cleaning house? Dancing to the same song in it's head? Does it have a list of things to do in there? Does it kick the uterus to make it bigger?" We never figured it out. Whatever it is, it's doing it again today. ALL DAY.
I love you Erika. Even though you've eaten my brains like FIVE TIMES now.

I've gained 18 pounds so far. 25 weeks along today.
I now have carpal tunnel in my right hand. I wear a wrist guard when I can, but I can't use it at work or when I type, so really I don't wear it much.
STILL craving pineapples.
I am picking up many more hours and working at two Starbucks stores now through the end of my pregnancy. My feet are a half-size bigger now. This is not a good combination.
Comics are so gay.
Sean & I hung out with Porkbone when we first moved to Seattle and worked at Applebee's. Chris + Sean together = Scary.
Babies move around in the belly quite a lot. A lot.
West Wing had me giddy the entire time it was on. I'm sad the show is ending but it's interesting to see how they clean it all up. And by clean it all up I mean OMG JOSH AND DONNA.
Get well soon, Estella.
P.S. Chris where is the picture of you and I at your wedding? I still haven't ever seen it. I recall I was wearing a stupid hat.