Oh yeah - it's officially the third trimester now.
I'm tired. I lost my ankles last Friday - there's now a fat roll above my feet. Really. It's a fat roll where my ankles used to be. I get winded if I do something crazy like get up from the couch because Pineapple Head is up so high I don't have full lung capacity. It's kicking organs that I've never felt before. It also likes kicking my butthole a lot. A LOT. Especially when I'm talking to a customer then OOF! It can make my belly move all over from the outside. SO entertaining. My left foot falls asleep all the time, whether I've been laying on my back or on my feet or sitting in a chair - Babymented must rest on that nerve - you know, that nerve - that requires me to sleep on my left side. It wakes up at 6:00 every day that I open except for last Friday when it wouldn't wake up so I was doing squats and pliés and yelling "BABY WAKE UUUUUUUUP!" and poke-poke-poking my belly. Then right at 8:00 I got about four swift kicks in the butthole and all was well again. Two hours it had me paranoid.
Yeah, yeah, I'm pregnant. Blah blah blah.
This is me at 28.5 weeks. Oh yeah and I got my hair cut Friday night.
Sean plays World of Warcraft online and belongs to a guild ("Dark Destinyyyyyyyyyyyyy!") online and many of them have these microphones (TeamSpeak) so they can all talk to each other and it's HILARIOUS. I just wanted to point out to you that one of them is named First Sergeant Smellmyfingr and Lee's online name is Garic and they keep accidentally calling him Garlic. One of the dudes is from Texas and has a strong southern accent and I heard him say "Hey uhh, uhh, Smellmyfinger..." and I LAUGHED SO HARD. I thought the dude was trying to say something, but then lost his train of thought, and that was what he said when he forgot what he was saying. Sean pointed out that he was actually talking to someone with that name but I still vowed to say OH, SMELLMYFINGER whenever I lose my train of thought because... it just works.
Back to the pregnancy, well, I mean the Seattle Baby Shower - I haven't posted much about it because it was so... bittersweet. Some people never responded to the Evite - people that I thought would be thrilled to come, some RSVP'd yes but never showed, others came by Amy's before we got there to drop off a gift and bail, etc. So I missed a lot of people and the ones who were there... it was so hard. I mean, here I was with my Mom and we got there via rental car from that morning and we were... visitors. It was just so foreign. People got me awesome, awesome stuff - stuff I didn't plan on getting! Amy is in the process of shipping quite a few seperate boxes to me (problems with customs) and Mom and I managed to drive just a few things home that night. Seeing Maureen and Sylvia and Kim, and we were in a foreign place in a foreign situation, just seemed so removed. And seeing Truly after all these years made me realize that I should have set aside time to hang with her alone so we could catch up. The Starbucks reunion never happened because Kirsten and Heidi never showed (and still no word from them either, although Amy said Kirsten called the day before to talk about the food she was bringing). So... now I know that it's just hard whenever I visit Seattle because... I'm visiting Seattle. The food was great, the party was great, the people were great, but it made me happy and sad at the same time. I also didn't get pictures like I normally do so it's not even documented as well as I had hoped. I am still searching for my cards so I can start writing Thank You notes.
I'm now at THREE different Starbucks stores trying to get my 600 hours of Employment Insurance for maternity leave. It sucks. I may start working 6 days a week just to be sure. I presently have 343 hours and getting an 8-hour shift is like pulling teeth around here.
Last week Erika sent me a package loaded with pictures of Sophie, a box of Chocolate Lucky Charms, onesies that say "Mutha Sucka" and "Babymented" (because she is the one who named the baby Babymented), very cool rock beads for my labor bracelet, and two bottles of hyperthyroid medicine for Hobbes. Because she is a great friend. And I love Blogaslovakia.
The nursery is sanded and primered and empty. Many steps to go, but Sean says it will be done in two weeks tops. I'm thinking of having an Open House party in May to (1) see if my Vancouver friends still remember us (I got pregnant and moved to Burnaby and *poof!* they were gone), and (2) force us to have the nursery ready.

Bunches of stuff on Flickr for now, sorry I don't have time to update more. Mom leaves tomorrow morning.

Mom arrived Tuesday afternoon and it seems like there's a list for every day. Even today, the goal was to just "stay home" which actually meant Mom scraping another two walls of wallpaper while I went to the grocery store and then baked three different treats. She showed up with a BIG and I mean BIG (it's hard to tell in the picture) suitcase full of nothing but baby clothes from my cousin Jenny (who has three kids) - all coded by size and compacted to fit into one suitcase. So that was the first night - just holding up onesies and realizing that I'm going to have a thing to wear these things.
We also went to Nando's to have livers (natch) and Home Depot for nursery redecorating stuff and we still have more shopping to do before she leaves.
The wallpaper is unfortunately cemented to the "wall". The wall is some sort of weird drywall on top of wide plank boards. Or something. It's a mystery. A mystery that was once coated in a bizarre green paint. Anyhoo, it's become a lot more work than planned, and Sean will be prepping the wall for painting while Mom & I are in Seattle tomorrow for the baby shower. Which means that Mom will be rushing to paint the walls (dark brown and... would you believe? A color called "Little Boy Blue". [No, we still don't know.]), organize the room, and drive all over town with me looking at furniture and rugs.
I'm sure you can all guess how excited I am about tomorrow. We are only going for one day, though, even though there's about twenty other people that I'd love to see while I'm down there. Alas, too much to do up here.

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