It's hard to make one specific wish list when you're all in the States (well, most of you) and I'm in Canada, but there are some things I have picked out. Anything worth under $60 should get through customs just fine, but still, it's best to be very descriptive when filling out customs forms if you are mailing me anything (i.e. not "baby clothes" but "2 baby onesies, 1 baby jumper, 5 cloth diapers..." etc.).
Registered at under Stace Dayment in the state of Washington.
Registered at The Children's Place under      name: daymented             password: everdayment1
Cableknit bundler or onesie from Baby Gap, size 6-12 months
Winter Coat from Baby Gap size 6-12 months
Just a couple baby things on our wishlist. All the baby books are registered at
From Old Navy: Ruffle shirt (solid or flowered) size 12-18 m, Brown cords 12-18 m, Jumper (black) 6-12 m, Lace trim top in any color size 12-18 m, unicorn tee 12-18 m, Boots, size 7
Any cool puzzles, music CD's, brainy fun stuff
Fun Canadian Baby Stores:
Modernkid, Crocodile, HipBaby, JamTots
Fun American Baby Stores:
Baby Gap, The Children's Place, Old Navy, Pink Gorillas, Pacifier, any soft toys from Ikea (I love their 99c stuffed minis) and dishes/tea set, any toys at all from Construction Site
Plain nursing shirts in XL
The rug 5x8 (available at Home Depot in Canada for WAY cheaper).
A Dyson.
WOO HOO! This was FUN!