This weekend was busier than I thought it would be. Friday was our impromptu dinner with Sean's boss and his girlfriend, then Saturday was Dave's movie premiere, then Sunday morning we had breakfast at Katie's while her Dad and stepmother were in town, then that afternoon I baked a couple things, then Sunday night we went to Debra's for her birthday dinner.
I didn't plan on that being only one sentence - sorry.
While at Debra's I saw Aunt Janet, who I haven't seen since we lived in London in 1994 (Nancy this is the aunt who has the kids the same age as yours). It was GREAT to see her again.
This Thursday is Sean's birthday, and I don't really have any plans since we'll both be working this week, but Saturday night we're having another family dinner at Debra's to celebrate, and I think we're gonna make a giant batch of pasta sauce to freeze, then use

Aunt Janet & Sean
some of it for some cannelloni or stuffed shells or some-such. Jon will be coming up this weekend as well for a quick visit. Tomorrow is a midwife appointment although I'm not really sure if we're doing anything. She'll probably ask me if I have any questions, and I'll be able to weigh myself, which I haven't done in a month and MAN there's bound to be some changes now!

Sean got a lot done today. I watched Oprah and had a nap and... ummm.... well, Sean got a lot done today. And look! He got a haircut! Let's all rejoice for a moment! He was lookin' pretty scrappy.
Tonight we had dinner with Sean's boss Jackson and his girlfriend Elda. I ate tons of food and even ordered a steak, which I NEVER do. It was fabulous (we ate at The Keg). More pics from tonight on the Flickr link above.
Sorry you can't see the belly in the picture. I swear it's there. And I swear I drank decaf coffee.
P.S. Jen? You may want to avoid the conversation in yesterday's comments.

We got the ultrasound for Babymented this afternoon - I am 19 weeks and 1 day pregnant. It squirmed around quite a bit but we eventually got a decent picture, and the proper inventory and measurements were taken.
After this, we went to Nando's for a fabulous meal of chicken and sides and I ate an entire second meal of chicken livers. Then I dipped Sean's fries in my liver gravy. Are you gagging yet? MAN it was so good. I can't wait for Mom to visit because she appreciates livers too.
Babymented Wish List is HUMONGOUS.
I have been spending most of my time in bed healing my ripped ribs, only to sneeze at least once a day, reversing all of the said time in bed. But I get to watch the Olympics, so it all works out.
P.S. I can feel the baby moving/kicking/flipping now!


Once oak, then black, now red
This week was fairly successful in getting more stuff done. Consider that the majority of the work we are doing needs to be done before unpacking, since it's hard to paint with loaded shelves against the wall, or stuff above the cupboards, etc. And it's hard to paint shelving with stuff on the shelving.
Do you remember when Sean and I had the croup? Sean got it from a co-worker in November, then I got it in December. It was awful and lasted about 6 weeks for each of us. Well since then, I've had this pain in my outer right ribs, hurting most when I cough, sneeze, or change the coffee shuttles at work (the big metal drip coffee dispensers). It's become so annoying that I take off my bra as soon as I get home and rub my ribs, and Sean and I had to give that "area" a name since we didn't know what that muscle was called. Sean named it my platypus. (I dunno - it just happened to be the first word he thought of). So my platypus has been bothering me since January sometime - I'm not exactly sure when it started, but then yesterday I was taping the kitchen floorboard in preparation to paint that wall, and I felt a crumbling sensation in my right rib cage.
It was not only scary, but also gross, and a bit interesting.
I could hardly get up. I told Sean I was out for the day (it was about 2 pm) and I would go to the doctor tomorrow if it still hurt. Sean later got me one of those thermal bandages and spent the rest of the evening and night bringing me stuff to the bedroom while I watched the Life channel for the next 10 hours. (I wasn't interested in the Olympic stuff that day.)
This morning around 8:30 a.m. I could hardly get out of bed. And once I did, it took a LOT of work to sit down on the toilet to pee. The slightest movement anywhere on my right side just hurt. I took two Tylenol and went back to bed, and after sleeping in, Sean made breakfast while I took a slow, careful shower, and we headed to our local medical clinic.
I need to just interject here and say the clinic had us in and out within 45 minutes on a Sunday and the paperwork involved them writing my BC Health number. There was no bill, no co-pay, nothing. When we got in the car Sean said "Shall I remind you? That's why we moved here."
Anyway, I tore my intercostal muscles. If you're lazy, they're the crosshatch muscles that line the ribs and go in-between the ribs. Trust me, you use them for EVERYTHING, including taking deep breaths. The doctor believes that I had some small tears from the croup, and working made it worse (I change those coffee shuttles about 27 times a shift, usually full of coffee, plus carry gallons of milk, and load the pastry case in the morning with a stack of pastry trays higher than me), and pushing, pulling, putting on my seatbelt, all those little things exacerbate it. So YEAH MAYBE MOVING DIDN'T HELP VERY MUCH. Then painting every paintable surface I could find, and well, that last twisty stretch to the right tore it like a dotted line.
So here we are. With me being told not to work or even move too much for a WEEK.
I will spend tomorrow compiling my invite list for my Seattle Baby Shower. Amy's throwing it, although I told her I want it to be a potluck get-together and not a shower, because I'd rather hang out with my friends and eat good food than play stupid games and make everyone spend $30 on me at Target. Plus can you imagine me, Mom, and Estella trying to get back across the border with $700 in baby gifts in the trunk? Yeah. "Oh those things? We just have those in the trunk all the time." Anyway, I look forward to it, even though it's not until April.
I suppose the rest of the week I'll be laying on my left side (do you know how many pillows this requires for me to stay put? Between me being folded on my side with a newly bulging belly and the cats and the propping pillows, Sean's gonna be on the couch in about one more month - QUEEN SIZE MATRESSES IN THIS FAMILY ARE A JOKE) and watching TV while my brain continues to rot.
But can you imagine what will happen if this doesn't heal? Think childbirth. Think NOT.
We still haven't vacuumed the basement.
P.S. The whole Jacobellis thing just made me CRACK. UP.
P.P.S. My mouse no longer works. Which means that I've gone through about four of them in the last year. I don't get it. Yes we clean them. Yes the connection is fine. I'm starting to blame the Vegas Insider mouse pad. It's bad karma.

During the week that we dogsat Duffy, he ate: one of Sean's socks, another unknown sock, a pair of my underwear, a detergent box, a wad of lint, a dryer sheet, a packing box, the corner of the fish tank stand, a rawhide toy, a tennis ball, a nubby teething bone, and his own leash. His parents are home now.
During the week we also painted the front entry cupboard red (it took about four coats) and the TV shelves, went to Home Depot three times, and Sean repaired the bathroom sink and shower. Next up: painting the kitchen eggshell, which is the same color it is now, only we will have patched the holes and covered the smoke film throughout. We also successfully installed a non-connected phone jack in the basement by Googling how to do it.

A word about the server, and thanks for your advice everybody, but I don't think I told you enough before.
We have a Unix server that we built, and I host six websites, not just Daymented. One site has videos and Daymented has my whole life for the past five+ years. My websites folder is 770 mb. Also? We built this computer, so I don't want to pay for hosting for all these sites, I want my server in my house with my sites.
I found what I was looking for after an afternoon of phone calls. Uniserve.com offers DSL with a Static IP for about $40 per month. We are getting it hooked up in the next couple weeks (hence Sean and I installing the phone jack downstairs), then Jon is driving up (March 5) to bring us the server. Hopefully everything will hook up smoothly and DNS will transfer over and it'll all be good.
In the meantime, the site may still be on similar to business hours, M-F 9-6, as that's when Jon goes to work and turns it back on. Plus late nights and weekends are just a bonus. Soon, people. Soon.
Is anyone else glued to their television during the winter Olympics or is it just me? I'll vacuum when it's over.

Shane's Surprise 31st Birthday Party.
More later.

Bullet points!
(And if I had a laser pointer, I'd use that, too)
We are painting the red stuff red in the living room. You know. The stuff we planned to paint brick red. It takes a lot of coats.
We are dog-sitting Duffy for a week, and we have put a lot of work into it. Duffy is crated, and still a teething pup, and has fleas. And needs obedience training. We had many issues with all of these things, so now he lives in our basement and laundry room, gets walks, gets chew toys, gets flea medicine, and sleeps on towels in the laundry room instead of in the crate. I would love to show you a picture of him just riveted at the fish tank, but every time I turn on the camera it goes *beepbeep!* and Duffy thinks "OH! It's that great toy that goes *beepbeep*!"
My server is being banished from Jon's house in Seattle, and rightly so after all these months. My server staying in Seattle was supposed to be temporary, but then I discovered that a static IP in Vancouver costs $92 a
month. Unfortunately the traffic at my sites is killing Jon & Amy's home internet connection, so if my site's down, that means Jon or Amy wanted to do something like check their e-mail. Any suggestions on how I can get a static IP at my home for cheaper than mentioned, please let me know. I already pay for DNS entry through my domain registrar. Either that, or can someone in Seattle with DSL and a router pick up my server and plug it in? Thanks.
I am so behind in my thanks that I can't keep up with my thanks. I owe JenB about four of them by now, and my very first mail at the new house was a card and magnet ("I child-proofed the house, but they still get in!") from Styro, plus all of the cards an gifts and hand-drawn family portraits (including a crab?) and even the onesie from Scott-san and Michelle ("Party at my crib"). Oh yeah and all the thank-you cards I was supposed to do for my family from Christmas and the Baby Shower and didn't. Yeah, I usually slack at this stuff but this year I didn't even e-mail or mention it on my blog so I super-slacked. I'm sorry. I appreciate it. We got kicked out of our apartment and all chances of getting organized got thrown out the window.
And on that note, our rent reimbursement and deposit from the last apartment are in the mail.
I am now drinking milk. I don't remember the last time I drank milk. And on that note, amniocentesis hurts and I'm glad it's over. And not being able to do anything for two days was pretty boring, especially while surrounded by boxes. And the Seahawks lost, although I figured they would. And I am currently 16.5 weeks pregnant, for those of you keeping score at home. Yes I'm showing. No I'm not taking a picture.
I miss you. You. Reading this. My friends. I like it here, I really do, but I can't help but spend so many moments thinking who would be with me at that moment if I was in Seattle. JA friends, Six Arms friends, my neighbors, my knitters, my blogger homies, so many people I miss. I want my family, I want my Seattle friends, and I want all of Blogaslovakia to all live within about 10 minutes of me. At all times. Let's make it happen. And let's all get a shared cell phone plan too.
AP & Tina were talking about high-hair and how Tina had to take the T-tops off of her Camaro so her hair would fit and OMG I HAVE A PICTURE OF THE SAME THING only it's me in my Dad's 300z. Must. Find.
That whole stack of clothes that I was sure got purged instead of kept? With the unicorn shirt and all of my green sweaters and my orange Old Navy hoodie? Yeah we found it. In a box labeled "mugs".
Sean's cousin Christa had her second baby, which he informed me after speaking to his Dad tonight.
"Oh! What did she have?"
"I forgot to ask."
My first day at my new Starbucks today. Busiest store in the district. THANK YOU.
From the TMI files: That whole "beautiful pregnancy hair" thing? Not happening here. My hair has barely grown, and I wouldn't call it thick and/or beautiful or full or any of that. It's still just the same hair. When I was drying off in the shower yesterday, I said to Sean "I'm kinda getting ripped off on that whole pregnancy hair thing" and Sean responded "Yeah you got a few sprouting there."

Aaaaaand we're back!
What an interesting past week it's been, lemme tell ya.
Moving in January while pregnant is no fun.
Spending all day Saturday moving with NO HELP in the mud and wind and cold and rain while making four trips back and forth while fuming over the fact that people didn't show up to help NOR answer their cell phones all day? Does not make for a romantic day. It was AWFUL.
Sunday, thankfully, our faith in Vancouver friends was restored when MJ, Mike, Debra and Dave* helped us all day. We got all of the big furniture moved, and the fish tank set up, and returned home finally at 11 pm.
We slept amongst boxes.
It's been slow-going, this unpacking. I can only move so many things around on my own, then wait for Sean to come home and help me. There are painting projects that we want to complete in every room, the first of which we will do in the living room, which is keeping us from setting up the stereo, so it's very very quiet in here.
We found out that we had to clean the carpet in our old apartment, so we are still waiting for our deposit and rent reimbursement from the last landlords, all while try to pay rent to our new landlord. I start work on Monday at a Starbucks very close to my house. Which opens at 5 a.m.
We met our downstairs neighbors, Martin and Tara, and their dog and cat (Duff and Dora). We spent some time getting all of the wireless internet kinks worked out, and when that was complete, my site went off the air. Tara is vegetarian and Martin is vegan, so I've already told Martin that he will not get much baking for me. I will accept the use of margarine on some occasions, but I will commit seppuku before substituting eggs and other dairy products. I'm a baker, not a magician.
I am on bed rest for the next two days starting tomorrow morning and tonight I am stocking up on magazines, books, and movies for the bedroom, plus later tonight we're making a big batch of Heather's Tortellini Soup for me to re-heat on a whim. There will be many whims.
I had so, so much to tell you, but now that all of these days have gone by, I'm too tired to type it all out, and really, most of it was bitching anyway.
* Dave and Debra ELOPED last week! Sneaky monkeys!