Wednesday was the day that the boys volunteered to do the dinner. They barbequed hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, veggies, and a big batch of potatoes. We also decided to stock up on supplies for Sean's dinner the next night since it was New Year's Eve, and the traffic along the beach on the holidays is unreal.
I also called Amy that afternoon to find out how to make Cosmopolitans, since we were making pitchers of them (and margaritas and mudslides).
I had a brief nap, due to my two mudslides, between dinner and Dirty Bingo.
At 7:30 we had our Dirty Bingo/White Elephant gift exchange then we headed over to the pier to watch the midnight fireworks.

Stocked up on booze and groceries

Brit on the balcony

Wes, Steve, Herb III

Rouches entertain other people's kids

Culvers at sunset (white shirts for Chad)

Culvers again

Boys BBQ...

...and men just show up to help

The chefs

They got it under control

Looking for lizards?

Setting up dinner

Dinner with a spectacular view