The view from the reception balcony

Cheese and bread. Loads of it.

Some Men of Six Arms
Brian, Scott, Sean, Jon, Osama, Curtis
Bill, Josh, Kolja, Matt, Scott

Some Women of Six Arms
Emily, Alexandra, Stacy, Julie
Fernanda, Amy, Me

Sean, Alexandra, Emily, Sarah, Kolja

Francesca and Luca

Josh, Scott, Emily

Osama, Me, Alexandra

Jon & Amy

Josh & Emily

Leslie & Leland

Kolja & Alexandra
(the Germans)

Sean and Seattle

Matt's parents, Ted & Sharon

Matt & Fernanda cutting the cake

Stacy & Julie

Me & Amy

Sean & Jon

Scott & Julie

Dancing around the bride and groom

Just dancing

And more dancing

Jon & Amy

Think they're in love?

Jon's getting wiped out

Fernanda & Ted

Fernanda & Sean

Sean & Osama

Dayments dancing

Scott & Julie

Dayments on the balcony

The lily thieves - on our way to Neighbors

Lily thief

Dayments at Neighbors

Dancing at Neighbors

Jon and Amy still dancing at Neighbors
Matt & Fernanda's reception was at the Chinese Room, which is on the 35th floor of the Smith Tower in downtown Seattle.
We brought our own CD's for dancing, and after the room kicked us out, we headed to Neighbors for more dancing. They shut the place down.

(I have tons more blackmail, but I'm a nice person.)

Thank you, Matt and Fernanda, for such a fun night!

There are
for the bride and groom!