So Jon says he wants to make a cake, and who am I to argue? I mean, we had all day Sunday. He chose the Lincoln Cake from my recipes page, (which was actually stolen from Anyhoo, he knows he'll need a couple things from the store, plus a cake pan, a mixer, and a sifter. The couple things from the store weren't too bad, but compile that with the bundt pan, sifter, mixer, and our lunch, and things started adding up. And we were driving all over the place. I wanted to get something for Soo for her birthday and it was at the Broadway Mall, and we had to get something for Jon's parents for a Thank You gift, plus some stuff for Sean, plus parking downtown, blah blah blah. Okay, so we finally get started on this damn thing in the afternoon and MAN you should SEE how much work went into this crazy thing! Like seven steps AFTER all of the running around!

Oh, and did I tell you? Jon's kitchen is about 4' x 5'.
See? I'm not kidding. That's the whole kitchen.

Jon was the baker and I assisted by eating almond paste and reading the directions outloud for him a couple times. We changed some minor things - using ground espresso instead of instant coffee (Pause here, and consider the differences between the two. It did have.... um.... an effect). I think it should have baked for 50 minutes instead of 60. Otherwise, what you see above is the actual creation. Not bad, eh? It was our dinner (by the time all the steps were done, it was about 9:30 p.m.)

I took it to work and a few people enjoyed it, and Chris LOVED it. We even posted our comments to here. If you make the Lincoln Cake for yourself, lemme know how it turns out for you! And how many hours it took!

We also saw the band Cake at Bumbershoot a week later. ......Coincidence?

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