Terrence, Me, Lee, Applebee's 1998

Delmar, Me, Honda, Applebee's 1997

Back in the day with Cyndi, 1987
*(This page is about three years outdated)
Kinda a vague concept, but if I mention people in my journal, or they are still a part of my daily life, this can be a reference. These are in NO order, I swear!
Cyndi - friend since 7th grade - lives in Las Vegas with her husband and two daughters. Her parents got me hooked on jewish food, and I still insist on matzoh ball soup when anyone's sick.
Greg - friend since 9th grade - lives in Vegas with his wife Corrina. A computer whiz and all around freak. He was listening to the Pixies before everyone knew who they were.
Susan - friend since I was about 2 years old. Her house was up the hill from mine in Indiana. She ended up being such an interesting and cool person - I don't think I could have asked for a better childhood best friend. She is married to Ben who is from Indonesia, and has a son named Ethan. She is now attending Johns Hopkins University to continue being the smartest person in the world.
Justin - friend since 12th grade - we had creative writing together and he was so funny! Now he's a CPA. We are confused as well. Actually, he does a lot of cool work in the restaurant industry, most recently the Coyote Cafe in Vegas. Married to Debbie with a son and daughter.
Starbucks - I spend time with some of my co-workers when I can - mainly Truly and Heidi and Kirsten, but I really do like everyone I work with. Someday when we start our own company I will steal most of this staff for my own.
Starbucks customers - which I mention frequently in my journal entries, as they are a cherished part of my daily life.
The old gang at Applebee's keeps me in the loop when they can. Honda now owns the Historic Triangle Tavern near Safeco Field. [Tell him I sent ya.]
Chris DeLay in Boulder, CO who is probably the strangest person I know besides Sean. His brilliance makes him hilarious to the mere handful of people who get it.