(Some of you guessed correctly!)


And... we're back again! Server issues - sorry folks.
Sean is back from Seattle. He worked with Kraig all last week putting siding on a house. When he called me at the border, I asked "Can we order a pizza?!" and he said "Uh, sure!" and my husband walked in the door, returning after a week away, with hot pizzas. Isn't life great?
Later, he informed me that every single night he was at Kraig's, they either ordered pizza or had leftover pizza. He got to visit with his friend Lee Friday night, and they wanted to jump into some online gaming right away, so... they ordered a pizza. Then he comes home, and for the sixth night in a row, he had pizza. That's love.
And a lot of pizza.


Uncle Pete came over last night to install our new cupboards! We still don't have a countertop because I'm waiting for Sean to come home and choose which kind of counter he wants (regular or cutting board countertop). Did I tell you Sean's in Seattle? Sean's in Seattle. For a week. It's been pretty boring around here. Although I've been eating all the foods that Sean doesn't like, like it's some big rebellion or something. MUSHROOMS!!!!!!!!
Sometime soon Pete will be back over to hook up the dishwasher, and although I tried to hold out and not do dishes until it was hooked up, I finally gave up today when I ran out of forks. And tea glasses. Because let's not be ridiculous. So I washed the forks and tea glasses.
Remember my friend-since-toddlerhood Susan? She had her third baby last weekend - a girl! Her name is Aviva, and she calls her Avi (Ah-vee). I heard her squeaking on the phone!
(Hey! Pete's back! And Shane's here too! They're installing the dishwasher, although we're gonna wait to cut the hole in the wall until later. Oh sweet, sweet load of dishes! Although they really aren't that sweet right now...)

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