Later November entries

My trip home was wonderful - I needed one more day to visit with eveyone that I wanted to see, but it was also nice to be home for a full day to do laundry, buy groceries, and relax. Also? I'm never taking the bus to Seattle again.
Special thanks to Steph and Samantha who waited TWO HOURS for my late bus to arrive Friday night. Jeff and Todd also carted me around.
I bought two sweaters at Target, many, many pounds of butter, 12 boxes of Jiffy corn muffin mix, and 3 bags of Nestle Toll House Morsels.
All is well.

Me, Jeff, Manuel, Viv, Mike (although Mike's site is down)

Anyone in Seattle who can pick me up at the bus station Friday at 4:30 and give me a lift to my landlords' in Shoreline (175th)?

Debra & Dave stopped by after their birthday dinner and Dave got a Key Lime Pie (I know, you're so surprised).
We lost out on the kitchen expansion. Serguei is concerned with other repairs needed for the house in the near future, and can't invest in the downstairs quite yet. Hopefully it'll be possible later - I think I'll bring it up again after the holidays. He did, however, approve the small work to hook up the dishwasher and make a custom cabinet/counter which will improve things greatly. Once we have that dishwasher in use, our messes should go down significantly.
Today I made a roast chicken and tried to make a copycat Swiss Chalet sauce (which proves that I am the wife of a Canadian). It wasn't exact, but it was pretty good nonetheless so I was proud of myself. I also went to Granville Island earlier today to back up this statement. It was fabulous.
(Girlie TV night again this Wednesday! I'm psyched!)
Overheard earlier in the Dayment household:
So I just found this piece of food in my mouth, and it kinda freaked me out, since I haven't eaten since lunch.
Yeah, but then I remembered that I tried a bite of your cake a minute ago.
Oh. That's not so bad.
Yeah. If I wouldn't have remembered that, I wouldn't have said anything.


Isn't it amazing how you can spend $150 at Costco and you come home and there's nothing to make?
"What's for dinner?"
"Three whole chickens and 90 pounds of top sirloin!"
"Um... what else?"
"I dunno - I gotta go to the store..."
The bed is offically decked out and ready to rock. I finally got matching sheets AND a fleece blanket. It felt SO GOOD to put away Jon's old futon blanket, Nancy's quilt (no offense - it was a WEDDING gift - meaning it was 11 years old, dyed indigo 5 years ago, and started ripping all over the place a few years ago). Now when the cats jump on the bed I say "Wait!!! Did you wipe your feet?" Yeah. That'll last.
Yesterday the landlords gave us their great, wiiiiide stove/oven, and I rejoiced. Until we realized that the dishwasher (which we couldn't USE as a dishwasher, but was still THAT WHOLE SQUARE of counter space) no longer fit against the wall. So we rolled it over to the other side of our kitchen creating an even weirder, more squished kitchen space.

Note the pajamas match the bedding. Thank you.
After much discussion, we came up with a plan for a new custom cabinet/counter top, and some plumbing work for the dishwasher to be hooked up (!!), but ALSO, while we were AT it, we drew out an option for an entire renovation of the whole front room and kitchen, making the kitchen three times bigger. For $3000. But that's two months' rent for a LIFETIME of rentable apartment, so the landlords are thinking about it until tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

Odd set up
Serious, you guys. We need to make this place work. I mean, yeah, we could get a cheaper place, but would it have in-suite laundry, a deck/patio, a storage shed, storage in the basement, a two-car driveway, a landscaped yard, and a great neighborhood where the cats can run safely? THE CATS. You may recall the horrible time we had trying to find landlords that would allow the cats. All I ask for is a kitchen. Is that so wrong?
Tomorrow I'm making two more Key Lime Pies because I'm a Key-Lime-Pie-Baking addict. Well, there's a birthday, you see, so I have an excuse.
Did anyone else think the live West Wing debate was kinda boring?

I know. I'm sorry.
It's just that the whole server was all up and ready to go, then we hit a snag again and I was too depressed to update a site that wasn't MY WHOLE SITE. And now it is. Thanks again Jon & Greg.
And it's not like you missed lots of news. I've been baking, and baking, and oh yeah some baking. I learned how to do a flip at the end of a lap in my swimming class, and I was so sad watching that chimp scene on ER. I had a lovely girlie dinner with Danica and Andrea and we watched America's Next Top Model (is that right?) and Martha Stewart Apprentice (best opening credits on TV), which made the girlie dinner complete.
In the middle of all this crazy excitement (woo.), Sean finished our bed. I have been sleeping through the night again! Something about being two feet above the ground makes SUCH a big difference. Plus we had a mattress on the carpeted floor, and now it's on a platform, and MAN what a difference there too! Our bouncy thin foam mattress is now firm and comfy!
I haven't put the new comforter on it yet (which arrived by CAB, by the way) because I'm still working on cleaning up Jalen first - he's like PigPen. Wherever he lays, he leaves his gack. It's really quite disgusting. Hence his spa treatments.
Today was a fun day - Dario & David took me out for sushi, then the rain finally cleared up just in time for Beer Friday. We now get kegs every Friday afternoon, and we get the keg direct from R&B Brewing. This time when I got there they were gluing labels on bottles - and note that Rick's t-shirt and beer label are the same. They like my cookies so I like them. (I don't drink beer - which could be why my work trusts me to pick it up.)
That's all. I'm so happy to have my site back.