Cary sent me an e-mail this morning with some pictures of the JA company trip, while they were still there. That's dedication!
Do you readers recognize these people? That's Andrew, Emily, Ray, Jeremy, Todd, Sally, Someone, Alison & Sonia, and Julie & Caitlin's backs. Caitlin! Your hair is so long again! Everybody looks great. I miss them so much.
We've had pretty continuous rain since Friday and I hope it stops soon. This, combined with the time change makes me sensitive to Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Anyone catch the end of this week's The Apprentice? SCANDALOUS!!
Tonight I made Key Lime Pie for Dario since it's his birthday. I was told that he's not into cakes, and I definitely need practice making pie. It turned out good! So good, in fact, that I also made two little mini pies for Sean & I tonight because there was NO WAY I could sleep knowing that pie was sitting in the fridge.
Crust*, Key Lime Pie, Faboo Whipped Cream.
*This crust was good, but the second batch (ahem) was fixed - don't bake the graham crumbs - they just burn. And it would help to chop it in a processor so it's not chunky like mine was. Oh, and I added a couple tablespoons for brown sugar because the first batch wasn't sweet enough. That, and it was burnt. But that whipped cream recipe? That's what I'm making from now on.
Johnston Architects is having another trip to Mazama and I'm horribly jealous. I miss the crew, and I had a great time on the last company outing. Once in a while when I'm feeling blue, I look through all those pictures from the 15th Anniversary party and sigh. That was a fun week. I had a lot of fun weeks at that place. I was lucky.
For those of you not in our Blogaslovakia circle, Erika had her baby - a girl. Go look at the wonder of it all.
Tomorrow night is Danica's Housewarming party, then Saturday Sean and I have BIG PLANS involving cleaning Jalen's feet.
I'm totally serious.

I've just got to stop working part-time. Today I made a (crappy) cake and two full batches of cookies (some are still in the oven). I also started reading The Handmaid's Tale (thanks, Estella) and cleaned the apartment and did laundry. Sean is presently playing volleyball so I just keep on baking.
Starbucks stock finally split, so now I'm anxiously awaiting for it to hit $30 a share. When it does, I am unfortunately cashing it out to get Hobbes and Dominique's teeth cleaned. I am thankful that Jalen had all of his teeth removed all those years ago. I can't believe I'm cashing out our only savings for MY CATS' TEETH. (Everyone! Buy Starbucks stock! Do it for me!)


Shawn & his cake
Happy Birthday Shawn!
Friday was the usual beers on the patio at work with the addition of Michael's birthday celebration. Later that night we went to a party at Jen's house (friends from work) - the place is HUGE and they have a fire pit in the side yard, so we huddled there for a couple hours and met some very funny people.
Saturday I made the trek to the downtown Vancouver Sears where Laura in the Bedding department handled everything with grace - the new comforter and sham should be here by Thursday, and they even said they'd sent it over in cab (!!!) if I'm home that day. Sean finished painting the bed today, and it should be assembled and completed by this week, so it looks like our bedroom will be quite improved shortly. Finally. We pulled away the bed to wash the sheets this weekend and found black, wet mildew on the floorboards (where our mattress rests) and sure enough, one of my pillows had mildew (on the side that was against that wall). I used a Magic Eraser to clean it up, gave up on the pillow, and purchased a dehumidifier for $250 while I was at Sears. We had NOT planned on spending $250 that day, but since we plugged it in, it's pulled in a full bucket of water (in 24 hours) so obviously it was a necessity.
Saturday night, upon returning from Sears, Sean informed me that it was Shawn Bristow's birthday, and in the next 70 minutes I rushed like a madwoman to make a birthday cake. It ain't too pretty, but it did the trick. The Fringe Cafe provided a mere few plates and forks for about ten people - by the time we left, people were just digging in to it with their hands. So it was well received.
Today Sean, Uncle Pete and I headed for the Sunshine Coast, only to miss the 1:20 ferry, so we had lunch at Horseshoe Bay and headed all the way back. I sat in the back seat on the way home and was a sleep zombie for most of the ride. Ever since I was a little kid, if I'm in the back seat of a moving car for more than a few minutes, I'm out.
My site is currently down as I type this - I have no idea what's going on with the server - I just hope it'll be back up by tomorrow morning.
More on Flickr.

Thank you for taking the time to contact Sears.
The following items were shipped out after schedule the date being 17th Oct/05 you shoud recive them anytime now.
96 08 75662 QUILT,QN REYNAR 74.99 1.0
96 08 75664 SHAM,STD REYNAR 19.99 1.0
If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for choosing Sears.

P.S. Those misspellings are his.

I'm proud to tell you all that Potluck Tuesday went without a hitch! Ryan and I made duck tacos for about 16 people (I never did a final count). It took the full hour to get it done, but thankfully everything finished at the proper time. With the duck from my family's farm, we managed to stay within the $50 budget and everyone walked away full.
I finally started watching Estella's DVDs of Arrested Development, and I just want you all to know that it's HILARIOUS and I watched the whole season in a couple days. Because I do that. I have moved up Season Two to the top of my queue at Zip.ca, which is Canada's Netflix.
Today I finally received the shipment I've been waiting for - a gift for Sean & I for our anniversary that coincided with the bed he's building. It was supposed to be a surprise but instead he came home to me, flipping out. I'm angry on multiple levels.
Here's what happened:

Me & Ryan
Dear Sears.ca & Purolator:
I made a purchase this weekend at Sears.ca for a comforter and pair of pillow shams to be delivered to my house, as the items were not stocked at my local Sears store. Although I never received an e-mail verification from Sears, I hoped it was on its way.
Two days later I received two separate Purolator notices on my door for two missed deliveries, which stated that I could pick up the order at the airport in Richmond unless I called to set up another attempt to deliver.
I made this call and went through a surprising list of things I had to do just to make sure the drivers would leave the packages by the front door.
Here's what I found this afternoon:

Road Rash Included
The little bag above is the single pillow sham. First, who sells single pillow shams? I had no idea that I was paying $20 for just one pillow case - I've never heard of pillow shams NOT being sold by the pair.
Second, is this is kind of packaging you trust to deliver your bedding in the Pacific Northwest? Are you crazy? Also, why were the packages shipped separately? Did I have to pay more for that?
Next, note the ripped plastic bag that holds the comforter. It's light, flimsy plastic with a shipping label stuck to it. And since the packaging ripped before its arrival, I now have a muddy comforter (the ripped part was placed face-down on my wet, muddy patio). I actually considered just trying to wash it, but what if it's stained? And who will replace this for me? Sears or Purolator?
I am disappointed in the product as well - on the Sears website there's no sign of this country-looking cross-stitching. The description mentions "whipstitch detailing" and I guess that translates to "big X country stitching".
I am curious now who can help with my complaint. I would like a clean, well-packaged comforter and two pillow shams delivered to my house unharmed and unstained. And that includes the stain on the sham that had nothing to do with the shipping:
This was found after unwrapping the grey bag which held my loose pillow sham in it. So now I have not just one return, because of poor packaging, but two, because I received a stained product.
I am willing to re-pack these items and take them somewhere to be sent back to Sears, or I can go to my local Sears store and re-order these items. I would prefer that I have the new items sent to my local Sears (Pacific Place, Downtown Vancouver) instead of dealing with Purolator, since I called Purolator this afternoon, and Gladys informed me that I had to file my complaint tomorrow, as that department has gone home for the day.
A Customer Waiting for a Much Needed Response
Sears order #2030261511-00001

I have a picture of Sean & I from Jon & Amy's wedding rehearsal that I was going to scan to put on the front page of Daymented for our anniversary, but then I realized that I currently don't have a front page, so instead I'll just tell you all that it's our anniversary - 11 years married and 17 years together. And we did absolutely nothing to celebrate it, but that's not because it doesn't deserve celebration, but because it was raining, so Sean couldn't work on the bed he's building, and the gift I ordered for us online won't arrive for a week or so.
Wow, that was two long sentences!
It's been dumping rain. It started Friday afternoon at work and hasn't let up since then. I hope this isn't the start of the monsoon season - I'm not ready yet.
Today I had a bizarre craving for fried chicken. We went to Church's on Broadway only to find that it shared space with a gas station and the menu grossed me out, so we went down the street to KFC and really - I don't need to ever go there again. And I don't think I'd been there in 10 or 15 years so I don't think I'll miss it. Did you know that they don't have corn on the cob or mashed potatoes anymore? But since we're in Canada, they do offer poutine as a side order, which Sean got. I wanted to show my American audience the art form that is poutine - a French Canadian delicacy comprised of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy - best eaten when highly intoxicated and preferably after midnight. Or at KFC at three in the afternoon, I guess.
Also note the PFC for Poulet Frite Kentucky - which confuses me, since I thought KFC went from Kentucky Fried Chicken to just KFC, so why would the KFC be translated? Wouldn't KFC translate to KFC in french? Is this a legal thing?
Hey I just found this online. That's our cousin Shane in the back. And Shawn in front - and right about now is where I'd link to the whole month of January 2005 IF IT WAS ONLINE. * sigh *
JenB "Where the Lions Are" by Bruce Cockburn is on. I just want you to know that. Sean put it on the stereo computer from your Canuckistan CD. I'm sure you can imagine how much I appreciate this right about now.
Time to make a bowl of Corn Flakes for dinner.
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