Later October entries

I have that kind of cold where I have to sleep with my mouth open. And when I sneeze? My nose squeaks for a couple seconds afterwards.

So I maybe kinda sorta cut the tip of Dominique's ear off - so now one ear is pointy and the other is flat across the top. And yes I want to be a mother.
Dominique loves to be put up on high shelves - and if those shelves are in a closet then she's in HOG HEAVEN. Last night while putting away the laundry, as I was standing at the closet hanging stuff up, she did her ceremonious FREAK OUT until I lifted her up onto the top shelf of the closet. Then she purred rapturously and paced back and forth asking me to rake her (petting is for wimps - she wants NAILS). As I'm scratching her neck I find a big fat mat - because she has tons of mats because she's so fluffy and apparently because I'm such a bad Kitty-Mom. So I go get the scissors because what better place to take sharp objects to your pets than two feet over your head? While the pet is pacing?
She LOOOOOOOOVES the scissors and usually tries to rub her gums against them.
I cut the hunk of fur out, threw it away, put the scissors away, and went about my business.
Later on I got ready for bed and went to take Dommi down. There was this smeary red all over the inside of the closet and I said "Baby? Did the closet always have this red in there?" and he looked at it and said "Uhhh... maybe? I don't remember." But it was EVERYWHERE. And inside the closet doors. Along the back wall. On the ceiling. AND DROPS OF RED ON THE SHOULDERS OF MY CLEAN CLOTHES HANGING ON THE RACK BELOW HER. I got up on a chair to look around and OH MY GOD THE BLOOD. There are a lot of capillaries in ears, lemme tell ya. And there's Dommi, purring, pacing so I scratch her butt, and there's bright red blood running down her ear. It didn't stop bleeding for hours.
Dommi slept on the futon and even though she had a couple layers of blanket under her, there's still a quarter size blood spot that soaked through. Thankfully it's not bleeding anymore. She's still constantly purring. She let out no clue that I hacked the tip of her ear off. And no - I haven't found the tip yet - but I have a major cleaning to do on that shelf now, and I fear that I may find it. Eeeeewwww.
The clothes are clean now - after a good soak and wash.
Oddly, Blizzard, back in his day - okay, way after his prime but I mean when he was alive, had a scratched ear from the tip going through the middle about a third the way down, and it was a big dry scab, and I picked it off. And it never healed and Blizzard had a split ear for the next few years until he died, and Sean never let me live that one down. And I've done it again. I go after the ears of my old cats. It's how I do.

Me & Guerman

Loads of food
Today was Thanksgiving with the neighbors and everything was wonderful and beautiful and I'm still stuffed even though we ate 4.75 hours ago. Then we watched hockey. Duh.
I can only imagine what my bosses Dario and David are making for the Potluck Tuesday competition tomorrow. Probably "Leftovers Loaf" or something. The Tuesday after that is me & Ryan (my other boss). We have Big Plans. It's a secret.
I can't believe that I didn't mention Tanya's Fondue Party last Friday night. Not only did it rule, but I also finally met Roger. And a lot of other cool people.
Next party is a bunch of us cuddling up to watch Galaxy Quest. Just because a bunch of them haven't seen it.

Canadian Thanksgiving is Monday

Happy Birthday Uncle Pete!
The Russians/neighbors/landlords upstairs are making the turkey, gravy, bread, and supplying the booze. We are in charge of sides and dessert, so we are making Something Different Green Bean & Corn Casserole, Kim's Sweet Potato Casserole, Double-dairied Creamy Parmesan Mashed Potatoes, and Mixed Berry Cobbler (although the recipe calls for peaches). I was going to make Pumpkin Streusel Snack Cake, but I realized it was really similar to the sweet potato casserole. But I will make it sometime soon.
Last night was Pete's birthday celebration, and the first time we've seen Debra & Dave since they returned from Italy all engaged and shiny. I made a Texas Sheet cake for Pete and the above Parm Mashed Potatoes (we make them a lot). There was loads of food, and then we crashed while watching hockey.

Shane & Katie

Deb & Dave


Sean & I
I also spent a lot of the evening moaning and groaning because I had a very annoying headache all day long. After trying peppermint oil on my pressure points, willow bark capsules, and juice and food (per Debra, the homeopathic cousin), I finally came home defeated and took two Tylenol. Later that night/this morning, I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and the headache was gone, but I wasn't able to fall back asleep until 6:30ish. Which is a REALLY long time to just lay in bed trying to fall back asleep. I hope it doesn't happen again tonight.
I also developed a sore throat yesterday and now it's almost a head cold. Actually, it's more like a sinus headache with a sore throat and lots of sneezing (Doctor?) and I don't have medical coverage up here until November 1, so on top of all the groceries I bought for Thanksgiving, I also got zinc lozenges, Emergen-C, and the stuff to make Matzoh Ball Soup.

Starting the soup

All chopped up
One last note: Jon & Amy are moving starting this Thursday, and when they do, the server is going with them, making my websites go offline for a bit. I will try to sweet-talk Greg into hosting mini-sites for me in the meantime, but if for some reason it's completely dead, trust me, I am working on it, and it'll be back up soon. Jon & Amy don't get the DSL hooked up again for about a week because Qwest sucks.
And the reason we don't have the servers here is because DSL with a static IP via Telus (the provider here) costs a whopping NINETY-TWO DOLLARS A MONTH and I laughed and hung up. And no I don't want any advice for cheap hosting services - we (Greg & I) like having control over my sites, plus you don't realize the many, many GIGS involved.
More pictures on Flickr. And further immigrant butter issues (scroll down).

I'm sure Styro already knows where this is going
I'm still on my Canadian Immigration e-mail list on Yahoo. Some people drop out once they are done and landed, but I'm sticking around in case something is needed of me. I'm not posting anymore, but I will if I have any questions later (tax time or whatever).
Susan posted today. She landed about a week after I did, and our timelines during the whole process were very similar. She settled in Ontario, though, so it's not like we can hang out.
Susan posted wanting to know if any others had suffered from depression from such a big move. She thought that maybe she wasn't appreciative enough, and stressed repeatedly that she really does love her Canadian husband, and she's thrilled that she can be with him, but she's still sad - and is that wrong?
Needless to say, a slew of people responded saying that it took 6 months, a year, whatever. For me, it's been, what, 6 weeks? And I moved right in and started working in 6 days.
But MAN I miss Seattle. I miss my friends, the bloggers, Graceland, Neumo's, the Space Needle, KEXP, and the crazy awful traffic (I'm kinda still afraid of driving here - it's SO offensive AND pedestrian oriented and both of those things are a bit foreign to me).
I'm adapting to the city, yes. It happens with time. I can figure out most shopping cart locking systems, and I know what fourteen degrees is going to feel like, and it no longer surprises me when I encounter ANOTHER Australian here. But if there's one thing that will set me back - one thing that will make me lose countless days of progress - it's the (say it with me now) NAZI SOCIALIST BUTTER.
It comes in a solid one pound block (and thank the Lord Baby Jesus that it's a pound and not like a kilowhatever or I woulda just turned around and GONE RIGHT BACK). So now when I get home and unload the groceries into my converted-closet-of-a-kitchen, I then have to slice the butter into quarters (yeah yeah I know there's kids starving and death and destruction but I BAKE A LOT). Not only is the butter in a solid block, but
1. Quartered butter does not fit into a standard sandwich baggie - so I cram it in there and the bag and I are all slimy.
1A. I'm throwing away a lot of baggies because they are too buttery to wash and they usually rip by the time I get all of the quartered sticks out because THEY DON'T FIT.
2. The foil wrapper is not meant to be sliced easily like American wax-paper-wrapped butter sticks, so when you slice it with the wrapper on, you then have to use your fingernails to dig out the miniscule bits of foil out of the edges of the butter.
3. There are no measurements drawn on my newly sliced quarters. Sure, the one pound block has measurements telling me that half of the block is 1 cup (THANK YOU DERRRRR DERRRRRDUURRRR) but I have very important measurements needed for tablespoons of butter (example: Kraft mac & cheese) and what? What do you Canadians do?  Guess?!?

Susan. There will be battles.
Chin up, girl.
Stay tuned for next season, when I cover "in hospital", "jewellery", and "grade four".

I know I haven't written in a few days, which is unheard of for me. I apologize. I'm not in a slump and I'm not depressed so don't you worry. I'm working, I'm swimming (!!), I'm baking, and I'm watching TV again (YAYYY!).
I will back up to Friday night - we had Uncle Pete over for dinner and then went to see the Robosexuals (Shane's band) play at the Railway Club. Saturday I went to the downtown Sears (OH. MY. GOD.) and the dumpiest, messiest Old Navy I've ever seen. I was even warned that the Old Navy stores here would depress me because they are so trashed and I thought maybe some people had some bad experiences or something but... TRASHED like a thrift store. I got some khaki pants. Then the mall closed and I got lost trying to get out of the mall and back to the garage and once I got out, I ended up going the wrong way and somehow found myself in this neverending loop going around GM place. And I thought "This is one of those things I'm going to laugh at years from now, when I have this city CONQUERED." Then I got a spider roll and a Dayment roll, because they told me I could name it. It's deep-fried tofu and avocado with a little cucumber and extra sesame seeds.
Does anyone else think that a spider roll tastes like potato chips? Anyone?
Sunday we did laundry and made Rice Krispie squares and headed to Travis & Laura's (after stopping at the Cupcakes store) so we could visit with their newly adopted kitties and play Settlers.

With frosting on his face

Luigi conked out in my lap during Settlers
Their apartment is beautiful and I am jealous of their soft lighting. And hardwood floors.
Monday we went swimming before work at the local community pool. We were panting! And I inhaled water twice. Like I actually forgot to get out of the water before inhaling and just exhaled then inhaled underwater. Those moments weren't great, but we did decide that we want to keep going here - especially since we can do laps from 7:30-8:00 and still have enough time to get to work (Sean works whenever, and I work at "Nine-ish" which is 9:10 for me and "by ten if I can" for everyone else).
For dinner that night we made Dayment Surprise, which is two boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese, fried hamburger, frozen peas, and cheddar cheese. It was fabulous.
Today was not only Potluck Tuesday but also the Chin-Up Challenge, which has been in the works for, I dunno, a day? Anyway, it was our own version of House Gymnastics replete with a soundtrack (Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" on repeat).

We watch Ryan crawl across the loft

David warms up - Dario was the champ
Then I came home and ate leftovers while watching Threshold. (What did you think?)