Threshold - CBS Fridays 9 pm
(Watch it with me!) (Ok no don't!)
1. I've been Bit Torrenting episodes of Threshold (can I get arrested for saying that?), because I missed the first three when they aired. I'm thankful to the bloggers who brought the show to my attention. It's not the best show, but it has Data and Peter Dinklage, so I'll watch it until it's cancelled. And oooh! When did TV get so scary?!? Also? It's weird to sit at my computer and watch TV.
2. Today at work I had to call our hosting company to find out a very basic piece of information, and after 42 minutes and 03 seconds, I hung up without an answer. They're supposed to e-mail tomorrow. Uh-huh.
3. Last night when we were leaving Rugby Club, someone said something which made MJ respond "Some guys have all the luck" and I yelled "AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?!??" Sure enough I had only two thoughts on the way home after dropping him off - "Some guys have alll the luck - some guys have alll the fame(?) some guys have all the ??? some guys will ???? ??? ???" and "WOW I really gotta go pee." Now, it only takes the voice of Rod Steward to spend about twelve minutes looping in my head for the song to eventually morph into what haunts me regularly. The end of "Young Turks." Not just the song "Young Turks". No no my friends. That would be too easy.
What I get in my head at least monthly - maybe more - is the whole voiceover-filler stuff that he says at the end. It works okay with the song, but then one day you only hear what he's saying and it's just so dorky it doesn't leave. "Young hearts be free tonight" is perfectly fine, but then it's followed by "ToNIGHT toNIGHT toNIGHT toNIGHT yeah" then the next one is him just going "OOOOooOOOOOooooOOOOooOOOOooo" and then the one that is always in my frontal lobe "Time, time, time-time is on your side is on your side is on your siiiiiiide". My point is DO NOT SING ROD STEWART AROUND ME PLEASE.
4. I've forgotten four.        Wait.            Wait.                wait....                        Nope. It's gone.
Oh! Found it. I was just gonna say that I had a Swiss Chalet whole chicken that I was able to pre-order online to pick up at 5:30 and then brought it home to rip up with a salad and oh-hey don't that make me all Canadian but then after all that waiting I don't suppose it's that interesting. But our salad was GOOD.

Hey! another post about food!
Apparently I only have something to blog if I go out to a restaurant. Therefore....
Here are MJ, myself, Miranda (who just moved here from Edmonton [JenB! I met her!]), Tanya, and Nelson.
I also went to IKEA AGAIN, spent $100, felt ridiculous for spending $100 and returned $50 of it, and got lost for an hour while trying to return to IKEA (they really know what they're doing!). I have a mirror in the bathroom hallway, coat hooks, and two shoe racks by the front door. I did see a Lush warehouse while I was lost, though!
And now it's 11:00 and I have to work tomorrow... so more later, I'm afraid.

Stream of Consciousness
I believe the focus for last week is gonna look like "food", but other things were done as well.
Sean & I found ourselves off on Wednesday (the both of us!), and although it sucks monetarily, it was nice for Sean to say "Hey let's switch bedrooms" and then we had a whole day to get it done. So now the front, larger bedroom is our room and the basementy smaller room is the 2nd room. Our guests will be banished to the dungeon.
Sean also had Thursday off, and what better way to drown your no-workin' sorrow then to load up on french food with your lovely wife?!?
Friday evening I finally got to meet NetChick and we worked out a plan to meet (along with Yael & Birgitte and MJ) at Death by Chocolate, one of my favorite old haunts from when I used to visit Vancouver back in the day. Although it's now a restaurant called "Seven" in it's location, and although they are still serving some Death by Chocolate desserts, they actually failed to deliver the goods. But I thoroughly enjoyed the company. As we were walking out, someone mentioned Go Fug Yourself and I expressed my pure joy over this entry. For some reason in just made me all sunshiny inside. As soon as I see Britney say "Y'all" I'm clapping.

Me, Birgitte, Yael, Tanya, MJ
I've also picked up on all the talk about some TV show called Threshold, and without TV I am without TV commercials, so I didn't even know about it. But Peter Dinklage and Brent Spiner in one show? I don't even know the premise and I don't care - I set up my computer for Bit Torrent so I can see for myself. To test it out, I downloaded Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, and while it's kinda chopped off on the left side, it's still the movie!
Do you remember when I complained about my mouse like six months ago? Yeah. I still haven't replaced it. Which reminds me of this (tiny movie - right-click, save as) for no reason really.
Anyway, after all this, Sean and I rearrange our rooms and Sean decides to see if the cable line coming into our new room is live - and - IT IS!! We have cable from upstairs in our room. Only the basic stuff, but that's all we really wanted - my U.S. shows and Sean's Food Network. Which means that I got to watch the West Wing tonight. And I think that EVERYONE on the show needed a haircut, which makes NO sense for the first show of the season. Was everyone running to their trailer at the last minute? Should Josh really look like Kramer? And who put the bangs on Donna?!? No no no. It accentuated the bags under her eyes. All I know is, someone is working overtime around there blow-drying all of the men's hair curled under in the back of their almost-mullets. Toby! He could almost have a pretty curled-under ponytail! Who is doing this?!?
This weekend I also brought in all the houseplants and set them up indoors, after laying a few to rest. The patio looks much better without 27 dying houseplants displayed on it.
I made a chocolate chip snackcake last night that I threw away this morning (eeeew. eew. The sugar and cinnamon were dry on top and the chocolate chips were wayyyy too much), and later made PB Hugs cookies tonight. I over-microwaved the shit out of my leftover spaghetti for dinner (I over-microwave the shit out of everything until it's boiling and has become one with the dish it's in) and it wasn't what I wanted, so I just had four cookies for dinner instead. Because it's Sunday! And also because I have no supervision!
Thursday I made special maple leaf cookies for my bosses since Ryan brought in one of those cookie-mix-with-a-cookie-cutter sets. I added all this extra stuff to the mix because the mix sucked, then made a super-duper maple flavored frosting loaded with red food dye (Mmmmmmmmmmmm) and frosted those suckers as carefully as I could and spread them out ALL OVER my tiny kitchen to dry to perfection. Which they did. So I stacked them neatly in the baggie Friday morning, making sure not to break any maple leaf stems (I honestly don't like making rolled cookies much - what a pain) and delivered them to work. Then David said "Hey let's get some coffee!" and when we returned Dario said to Mica "Whaddya got there Mica?" and what she had was an empty, torn baggie and a major sugar high.
More pictures of our apartment arrangement here on Flickr.

09-21-05 again
Bats at Hummingbird Feeders
(thanks, Mom!)

I tried to reply in the comments, but Enetation considered it spam ("insurance"? "credit card"?).
We were offered a "real" credit card at our bank, providing we show our U.S. taxes for the past two years to prove that we don't owe on our taxes. And Sean & I shifted in our seats uncomfortably and said "We'll take the pre-paid card."
And I called the Pet Insurance place today - apparently old-cat yuck-mouth is a pre-existing condition, and therefore it's not covered. Whereas if they break a tooth in an accident then they cover extractions and root canals. I said "Thanks" and hung up.
I also mentioned that we own exactly enough Starbucks stock to pay the $1300 for the cats to get their teeth cleaned, and how it broke my heart to cash out my Starbucks stock when it's so low right now. Then I hopped on my stock site and found out that Starbucks is splitting their stock on Oct. 3, to be paid Oct. 21. And I told Dommi, "Wait a month, darlin, and we'll take care of ya".
Note to everyone with pets: PLEASE get their teeth cleaned at least once before they are old. I don't know what vets recommend, but I would say between 7-10 years old. It may keep them from getting rotten teeth infections later. Start a savings account for it now.

How will these children grow? (Courtesy Mimi Smartypants) It's so awful it looks like a joke site. Please pass the bag lunch.
Today was a yummy smoothie for breakfast and a yummy dinner for dinner and in between was EIGHT HOURS OF EXCEL HELL where I tried to breathe calmly while having visions of doing wrong and dirty things to Microsoft Excel and maintaining my utmost administrative composure. Relatively. I was saying so many swear words in my head that I actually dredged up an old one from junior high that I thought I had forgotten.
Dominique and Hobbes need their teeth cleaned. 15 years and not brushed once, so you can imagine. So I call around and get some quotes and they actually charge $650 dollars. And that's average. For one cat. I actually asked one woman "Okay, how `bout if I brought them in just to get all of their teeth pulled?" and instead of calling the ASPCA she calmly said, in her Australian accent, "We'd still have the same charges, maybe more, due to all of the extractions." and she didn't hang up on me. They have to include blood work, anesthesia, the IV, the actual cleaning, and then something like $7.44 for every 3.7879876 minutes for extractions, or something mathematically putrid like that. When I pet Dommi on her jaw, she smacks in pain. I hate this.
I looked into pet insurance next. For all three cats, with the multi-cat discount, it's only $125 per month for the super special insurance* that actually covers dental work. Um. Not sure if that adds up right. After the deductible.
Speaking of deductibles, Sean and I bought our first Canadian credit card Saturday! (Bought! Credit card!) Since we have zero credit up here (it's as if we've just dropped in from the sky), the only way we can get credit is to buy a pre-paid credit card for $500. Which is not exactly how we wanted to spend $500. We gave ourselves a loan! With interest! Why?
The ham & cheese pita really is the funniest/saddest one.
* Hoo boy, you shoulda seen the section where it asks "any medical problems?" on Jalen's form.


Me & Butter Chicken
It's all good, don't worry. I just didn't post for a few days. I was crampy and tired, but I'm okay otherwise. Thanks for your concern. Ahem.
Friday night Andrea, Danica, and I went to Jolly's Bistro for their Butter Chicken special, and I also tried their famous chai (I liked it so much I had two). And, yes, that's all one serving of Butter Chicken, thankyouverymuch. And it was GOOD STUFF.
After dinner we went to my place and watched Sideways and I made white pepper shortbread. It was a lovely girlie evening.
Saturday I did not much during the day, but Saturday night I went with MJ and Andrea to Richmond Night Market, which is a huge outdoor swap meet with tons of food vendors in Richmond. The whole thing is Asian - even the entertainment on the outdoor stage. I ate and ate and ate some more, trying strange little deep fried things and gelatinous goo and... man. It was awesome.
Today Uncle Pete & I fought the crowds at Costco so I could load up on bulk red meat and salad mix. Pete also bought me some baking ingredients, too, so I would remember him the night few times I baked. He's a smart man.
I planned to make banana cake with bourbon cream cheese frosting only to find that my two airline bottle of bourbon are still packed - and I have no idea where. It could be with the invisible box that holds all of Sean's glass mixing bowls. It has disappeared from the household. And since today is Sunday, there was no bourbon to be had. So I made Hello Dollies instead. Not bad, but not the same effort. And it was effort that I was looking for.
I don't have any plans this week, but my work seems to be ramping up nicely, so maybe it's just as well. We are still trying to figure out if cable is worth it - I know I'll probably falter soon. And what is Sean without the Food Network and hockey games? I also plan to pick up my knitting again soon, since the weather is telling me to.
More pictures of Flickr.

MJ & Andrea
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