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Tomoka has been here since last Wednesday night. We went to Graceland to see Automaton (who cancelled) and later went to Nation, where Jason was the Celebrity Bartender. Thursday night I took her to Six Arms and she joined Marco from Finland and Kolja from Germany, as well as the rest of the 6rms’ers. Friday we went to Noah’s Roast, and Saturday went to Golden Rings to get her belly button pierced! It was done by the same guy that pierced my tongue a long, long time ago. After she came down from her pain, we walked all around Pacific Place (where I ran into Bob, our ex-assistant manager-in-training from Starbucks. He now manages the café in the middle of Pacific Place.) with Tomoka’s friend Amanda. Old Navy was having some amazing deals. I whimpered throughout the store.

She was a trooper 
Saturday night we rented Amelie, which was easy for Tomoka to follow with the translation written on the bottom. She can read English faster than hearing and understanding it.
Sunday we met Marc at Rudy’s Barbershop and walked around Fremont. Tomoka got a chunky, choppy haircut. She kept pulling on her hair like she wanted to stretch it back to its long length again. Tomoka made all of us dinner that night and Marc and I made a webpage for her party, which we are having this Saturday.
Our Joe comes home Monday morning, as few days earlier than I expected. It will be good to have him home, but things will certainly be different, with the impending divorce and all.

I forgot to mention in my last entry – the Hot Hot Heat and Hint Hint show at the Showbox was great. I schmoozed with Paul from HHH and he invited me to hang out with them while they recorded some tracks for SubPop and I called them too late that next day, so I never went. Next time.

All you Seattleites, go to the I-Spy this Tuesday night to see Shane and his friend Sean performing as Robosexuals at 9:30. I’m afraid I may miss the show – we’re having a dinner for my Starbucks customer Pete and a few other friends. Shane didn’t find out about the show until just recently.
Chuck Palahniuk is reading from his new book, Lullaby, two nights this month – and I’m afraid I will miss both nights. The first reading is this Thursday, when I get my wisdom teeth removed. The next reading is next Friday – which is the night of Noah’s Roast (we are Roasting him for his 30th).

Tomoka should with us by the end of next week. I’m hoping we can have a party while she’s here – maybe right after Truly & Chris get back from their honeymoon so we’ll have two excuses for a party.


Tomoka will be here in a couple weeks!
I had quite the week and weekend. The fun never stops.
Wednesday I had my stitches removed from my face. Thursday I went to Six Arms and went to eat my fish burrito and …. the scar ripped open. It was so nasty. I went home and paged Dr. Strother, and he called me back to say he was in Chicago, and to go get stitches again, pronto. So I got to spend my evening in the ER of Northwest Hospital with none other than Dr. Hook (yes, his real name) who made me cry he was so horrible. When we finally got home, I noticed that there weren’t any stitches in the center, but we just dismissed it.
Friday evening we helped a certain someone set up a certain after-hours club and that’s about all I can say since I’m friends with cops and they read this. Let’s say it was a warehouse party. Or are those illegal too? Okay a really big party with a DJ. Okay, disregard. Whatever it was, it required a lot of running around and setting up and covering the windows and painting and security and and and….. by the time we opened the doors I was exhausted, but it was too crowded to get out, so Sean and I hung out and danced instead.
Anyhoo, we got home from this certain place at almost 4 a.m. and I noticed that my stitches were opened up in the center and I was so tired I figured “gah, I give up, I’ll just have a scar.” 
Saturday night we had two parties to attend – one for Marc who is an architect at Johnston Architects, and the other for Julie which I mentioned earlier (were you paying attention??). Marc’s gathering was at Six Arms (of all places) and he had a birthday cake and quite a few friends – it was very nice. He and Sarah just bought a house, so Sean & I got him a tool belt. He will need it. Sarah introduced me to a friend of their's who is a – CLOWN! A real one! (No, he wasn’t in uniform for the party – they are friends with him.) He went to college for this and even toured with Barnum and Bailey by train for two years! He loved Seattle, so when he was done touring, he moved here and got an agent. He recently finished training for stage hypnotism, and he gave us some examples of how that works. His name is Bob and his current title is Hypnobob. I found the whole discussion fascinating. We were late for Julie’s party because of him, so when we finally got to Julie’s, I said “Sorry we’re late – I met a clown – I couldn’t leave.” Julie’s party was kinda winding down when we got there, but we stayed for quite a while anyway. The conversation was intriguing.
So this week finds me with stitches again, and trying to get both of my lower wisdom teeth pulled this Thursday with said stitches. I also need to see Dr. Strother to figure out when to get these stitches removed.
Saturday Truly is having a Margarita Party, just days before her wedding. She’s crazy. I don’t even remember the last week before my wedding – it’s one big panicked haze.

My application for school is now turned in – everyone cross your fingers for me – they decide by September 23. Keep your fingers crossed until then.

I know my birthday was a couple weeks ago, but Fernanda gave me this picture and I thought I'd add it on here. Once again, it's been so long since I've had a chance to update, I have to consult my Outlook Calendar just to see where I've been. And oh, I've been.
Nanda left us Thursday morning so I dropped off a sappy goodbye note at her house on my way to Jessica's Going Away party, which was a raging karaoke brawl at the Mandarin Gate. There's blackmail pictures floating around somewhere, I'm sure. I sang "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" by the Beatles. Well, okay, not really sing. Errr....I'm denying everything.

My living room full o'love.
Hot Hot Heat played at Graceland last Friday. They were fabulous as always, and I'm going to see them play again tomorrow night with Hint Hint (cousin Jason's band) and Wire. I don't remember what I did Saturday because it's blank. No, wait. I think that's the day M came over and we messed with Shane's website, which resulted in us playing on the Teletubbies website for way too long.
Sunday we (Me, Sean, Shane, Jon, M, Marc, Sarah, Emily, Josh) spent the day at Bumbershoot. We saw Modest Mouse, Sonic Youth, and Death Cab for Cutie. We also looked at the art displays and sat in the grass and ate. It was a wonderful day.
Tuesday night we had Marc and Sarah and Alison over for dinner on the new patio, since they all missed the birthday gathering. It was a beautiful night for a candlelit dinner on the verandah. Marc and Sarah brought wine, Alison brought cookies and sorbet, Sean made his yummy halibut pasta, and Shane cleaned.
Wednesday I went to see a great dermatologist named Dr. Strother at Island Dermatology. He decided that it was, in fact, time for my mole on my face to be removed. We toasted to it Thursday night at Six Arms, and Friday at 12:30 my mole was removed. I'm still shocked and stricken, and I have stitches on the inside and outside. It's the first time I've EVER had stitches and I'm now 32. Wow. The stitches are removed Wednesday, and I will slowly adapt to not having my face look the same anymore.
Saturday afternoon Sean and I went to Chris and Truly's Ring Casting Party. The whole explanation of it is on the page. Sunday I focused on completing my application for school and then Jon and Amy came over for Yahtzee and we made peanut butter hugs cookies. Amy leaves today for New York - she's doing a bunch of really great stuff for the Girl Scouts out there. I'm glad they were able to stop by before she left.
Our Julie has been laid off from her job so she's having a Layoff Party this Saturday. BYOEverything, of course.