Last weekend was awesome - it included my birthday and Geneva's Baby Shower. I made some crappy cookies and some great cookies (with pink M&M's instead of chocolate chips), visited with cousin Christine, got a couple adorable outfits for Ever at Old Navy, got a king sized mattress for my birthday, watched Men In Black I & II for the thirtieth times, and I learned to stop eating garlic so the planets could align again.
I also didn't blog - I'm sorry. Plenty of action on Flickr!
P.S. Spike died. It's just not a good time to be a pet in our home. Actually, he was 8 years old - pretty good for a tank fish I guess. But now Little Pleco will be lonely.    :sigh:

What?!? No pictures?
Last night Ever had An Issue. We never did figure out what it was. She wouldn't sleep, but she was tired. She would nurse, but fidget. She would take a bottle, but meh, she didn't really care. She would take her pacifier then spit it out and squawk again. She bucked, she danced, she was wide-eyed as could be. We shared shifts taking her, dancing, singing, holding her, laying down in a dark room - nothing. She'd look at us as if to say "Can we go to a gig or something? Go out dancing? Catch a late movie? Something?" We kept looking at each other with giant question marks over our heads. We chalked it up as an anomaly (AH HAHAHA) and today she was fine.
Until five pm. Again.
We swaddled her (thanks again, Maggi) but can I just say? She's like Houdini when it comes to these things. One hand was out and in her mouth in seconds. We put her in her sling and went for a walk. We bundled her up warm. She was sweaty - we took her clothes off. I nursed her, we bottle fed her, I let her hang upside-down for a while (she likes that), we let her swing in her swing. She's still upstairs squawking with Sean.
I read on a reputable website (Ask Moxie) that babies prefer garlic-enhanced breastmilk, so yesterday I made a nice pasta dish with lots of fresh garlic. This afternoon I had the leftovers. Could it be the garlic? And really, could garlic have her that coked up? It's the only correlation I can find from last night and tonight.
Up until now (she's 5 weeks old today) she's never fussed. Should I just count my blessings from those last five weeks and plan for this for the next.... three years or so?
Signed, Confused and So Tired I'm Developing an Eye Twitch
P.S. I suppose this is the exact kind of blog entry you all feared when I announced I was pregnant!

Yeah the server was out - sorry about that. We were a bit haphazard with our wireless router, and once we fixed that issue, the server was mad at us. Thankfully Greg spent a large portion of today helping me get everything back online (thanks, Greg).
Ever's last midwife appointment was today - she's over an inch longer and now weighs nine pounds. She's also sleeping a bit longer now, so her schedule is changing. Yesterday she had two four-hour naps! Her Mama appreciated it greatly.
And so, I rest.

Seattle visitors!

Marc & Sarah and their son Ryan came up for a visit this weekend, and they brought with them a gift from Johnston Architects, where I used to work. It's a framed picture of Ever with a printed out copy of my explanation of Ever's name. It was very thoughtful, and they also all signed a card. It meant so much to me - I really miss them.
Tomorrow we have breakfast with them and they head back home.
Tonight we gave Ever a bath, and I filled a cup of warm water for Sean to pour over her head to rinse off the shampoo. When he poured it on it was the biggest smile we've seen from her yet. It was gradual, too, like she was going "What the - oh! Wooooo-HOOOO!!!" and Sean said "Get another cup of water! Quick!" So I did, but it wasn't as warm this time, so when he poured it she went "Woo-oh. Nah."
Last night Sean did his first middle-of-the-night feed for me, and it was awesome. The 1 a.m. feed I don't mind so much, since there's re-runs of America's Next Top Model on every weeknight from 1-2 a.m. (someone gets sent home every night!), but the 4ish a.m. to 6ish a.m. feeding sucks since nothing's on (many infomercials) so I'm stuck watching CNN Headline News which repeats about every 15 minutes. Plus that's when Ever likes to do her long, drawn out feed, where it's feed, power nap, then feed, diaper change, then feed, sit there and stare at me wide awake, then feed, etc. I don't plan on making Sean go through this on work nights, but a break every weekend is enough for me to appreciate! It's worth pumping a whole bottles-worth each day. Mama's tired!
Oh, and a note to our American visitors - we can get Chocolate Lucky Charms up here in Canada now. It's $6.50 a box, but we have it.

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