We lost Grandpa Bob at 8:15 this morning (Indiana time). He had been ill for quite some time since his heart attack in 2001, and had been in and out of the hospital quite regularly. He had his family by his side and seems to have gone peacefully.
He is my Mom's father.
We last saw him last Christmas.
He leaves his wife Connie and step-daughter Molly, as well as my Mom's family.
I am sad but like I said we knew this was coming for quite some time. There will be a memorial at his VFW but I won't being flying home for it.
I wish I knew what to say (type) but I don't. He was my Grandpa.

No news on my car yet - we may not know anything for another few days (when the estimator looks at it).
I'm going to color my hair now.

Honda Update
They found it. Parked near 600 Keefer St. in Vancouver, with the steering column ripped (it's not drivable), the windows down and the seats soaked with rain, and wires hanging about to show that a stereo system was ripped out (I had a CD player, 10-disc changer, amplifier, and 10-inch boxed woofer). It was towed - ICBC (BC's insurance) checks it and determines if it's worth fixing. I will call the adjuster tomorrow to find out more then.
P.S. Explanation: The Honda was my college graduation gift from my Dad in 1994. I imported it up here, then once Margeret gave us the minivan last fall (after we had Ever), Sean got the Honda. So it's "my" Honda even though it's now the car Sean drives.

03-21-07 2:30 a.m.
I'm on hold with ICBC so I figured I might as well try to make some use of this time and blog this.
Ever has a cold - she is sleeping fitfully and snoring loudly. She nursed at 1:30 and I couldn't sleep after that.
I heard a car pull over across the street (we are on a small residential street) and was paranoid so I looked across the street but the tree blocked my sight so I just saw headlights. But then I worried that I didn't lock the doors in my minivan so I grabbed my keys, opened the front door, and turned on the alarm, which makes my car horn honk. Then the car drove away. Which was strange.
I laid in bed fearing my Honda being stolen.
Five minutes later I heard my Honda start and speed away. I stood up and looked out the window just in time to see the back of my car driving away.
The police have been here, a report has been filed, and I've been told that since my Honda is old (1994) it'll probably be used for a joy ride or to get to the next car that they will steal.
I am so sad.
I will keep you posted.

There's no space on my C: drive so it's been No Fun to be at my computer. Sean cleared up some space, but we are holding out for a laptop, hence the crappy computer situation.
My Mom was here for ten days and we got A LOT done. We went down to Seattle for a couple days, and we renovated our bedroom in 6 days:

Northeast corner before

After - with addition of plants and crib

West wall before (after wallpaper removed)

After - with addition of quilt set

Buying paint stuff!

Visiting Morrie (Amy's Dad)

Visiting Diane (Amy's Mom)

Dinner with "Sally", Noah, Jeff, and Manuel at Azteca

Manuel & Ever
The visit with Mom was great, but it's amazing how fast it can go when you spend most of that time working and running errands. We will see her again in May (Ever & I go to Indiana for Carrie's bridal shower) and in June for Todd & Carrie's wedding (along with Sean and Tomoka: her immigration visa was approved! She gets here in June!), sometime again this fall when Mom comes to visit, and again this Christmas, when Mom & Jeff both come out to see us and do more Lynden research (they plan to move to Lynden, Washington summer 2008 if all goes as planned).
Thanks again, Mom, for the visit and the new room!
Ever is still growing in leaps and bounds it seems every week. She is saying Dada ("Da-DA!") and Kitty Kitty ("Khhhheee!"), and just today she added the letter Y to her vocabulary ("Ya! Ya!"). She's also still saying "buh buh" a lot, but it doesn't mean bottle. She loves water bottles, and she turns them upside down to sing into the hollow bottom of them - as soon as I find a toy microphone she's getting it. But it needs to have effects (remember Joe? "Mort!").
She is almost a size 3 shoe, she's been moved into her "big girl" car seat, she enjoys oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast and is a champion graham cracker monster, she loves hair and noses, she pulls herself to standing on anything that doesn't move (and many things that do move). She tries to eat with the spoon or fork by herself, she uses the sippy cup by herself, she giggles if you kiss her belly or under her chin, she waves Hi and Bye-bye, she pushes herself to sitting up as soon as she wakes up (sometimes even before her eyes open), her favorite way to pass the time is being a monkey on the bed with Sean and I - climbing all over us, and she's just starting to snuggle and hug. And there's your update!
Happy birthday to Sean yesterday - he's 39! He was 20 when we got together!