Goofy picture of Ben

Settlers! I taught my cousins how to play Settlers!

In the rain, on the beach
Okay here we are. Remember the idea that the cousins would spent the night on the beach that night? To save the chairs for our family before the other family could take them all? Well while a few of us played Settlers, the rest of the cousins went room to room gathering blankets and pillows, and by about 3 a.m. we were all bundled up in the freezing, windy cold to save the chairs for our family. It was a mission.
Chelsea and Brittany had the portable DVD player, and we were stocked with multiple layers of clothes and blankets. There's better pictures out there (Herb? Laura?) - I think there were ten of us? Twelve? Anyhoo - it started to rain. And the wind was whipping in so many directions, there was no shielding possible. It was miserable. And it's so cold we're all cocooned head to toe so we couldn't even talk anymore (the ocean is LOUD - especially combined with wind and rain).
I lasted until 4:30 a.m. - I dragged my wet blanket and pillow up the stairs and crawled into bed with Laura with my wet socks on - Dylan lasted until 5 am - and the rest of them gave up by 8 am.
An hour later, that other family was stretched out on those chairs.
Mission failed.
Where was Todd during all of this?