You guys, this is page 20. Let's check in - who's still here?


Todd & Ben W.

Joel & I

Drinks with breakfast
(Note that Todd's drinking a margarita with a plastic knife loaded with olives - proof that we are not blood relatives)

Dylan, Bradley, Craig, Todd
Jamey, neighbor Jake, Ben, Ben

View from my balcony to the left - Brit

To the right and below - Craig

Alecia & her Mom Susan

Knitting class! The scarf I gave for the Dirty Bingo actually wasn't finished - I used it to teach the "class"

Yayy! Lukie knits!
Todd assisted Lukas while I was teaching because it's hard to watch what all three people are doing - so while I helped Nancy and Julie, Todd was helping Lukas - even though Todd doesn't know how to knit - he was just paying attention.
Sure enough, later that day, Todd picks it up and starts knitting. And knitting. And knitting. He's addicted.
I am so proud.
So by the end of the trip, I left with seven new knitters and multiple Settlers player - on both sides of my family.
My work here is done.

Our knitting projects

Todd knits!