Last full day in Florida and I was already getting sad that it was almost over. And, I was very, very tired. That morning everyone was busy retrieving all of the kitchen stuff from our condo. I took everything that didn't belong to us and set it along the walkway by our front door.
The Nylunds treated me to Dairy Queen and I spent maybe 30 minutes at the beach.
We had an early dinner since many Culvers left later that night.
We had the same chaos getting into all the cars again, only this time, half of the vehicles were also packed up to go.
We found some strangers in the parking lot to take pictures of all of us again.

Alecia, Dylan, and Lukas feed the birds

Todd and I on our balcony

Us being ourselves

Four Generations

Culver Cousins

In the parking lot

Going in

(Also taken with Joe's cell phone)

That night Craig, Ben and I went to WalMart to transfer a bunch of pictures off of my camera onto a CD - we took Dad's convertible. By now about half of the family was gone.