My cousins planned a charming homecoming for us. The room was covered in toilet paper, paper towels, and kleenex. They had also taken every container in our kitchen, set them in the hallway, and filled them with cherry Koolaid, they wrote on our bathroom mirror with soap, and switched the box springs with the mattress on our bed.
Sean promptly threw the water onto Ben and Todd, which also flew over the balcony and onto Grandma in her nightgown.
Many cousins had to help us put the bed back together, as Jamey was saying "Doesn't this sorta defeat the purpose?!" We also heard a rumor that someone left a gift in our toilet, but Laura flushed it (also wasting the grape Koolaid that was placed in the toilet tank).
I think the funniest thing about this is: they were off by a day - we arrived Sunday night, but they thought we were arriving Saturday night, so the room was like this for over 24 hours, rendering it useless to everyone because they had to save it for when we arrived.

Strategically placed dishes

Todd was proud of himself

Sean about to hurl Koolaid

The living room

I felt so loved

The bedroom

The bed

"Here's to a White Christmas"
At the end of our clean-up, Todd and Ben and I walked the beach and talked for a while, then we went back to the condo and talked for a few hours more. We went to sleep around three, which isn't bad if you consider Seattle time at about midnight.